List Of Top 10 Most Strongest Armies In 2013

A strongest army tends to be hosting the position of its country in the whole world. So, it is necessary to have a strong army for the safeguard of the state. This subjective list of top 10 most strongest armies in 2013 is basically based upon the army number, power and strength but it excludes the strength based upon the atomic power. Larger the number of the army men in a state, the stronger it will be to protect the state. Lets have a look upon which army force is hosting its state on the top list.

10. Israel


10 strongest armies in 2013 , Israeli army

the army of Israel is also called the Israel Defense Forces. Its army enrolls its men after the age of 18. It has 565,000 reserve personnel and 187,000 active personnel. It has approximately 48 rocket projectors, 350 towed artillery pieces, 706 self-propelled guns, 1,775 armored vehicles and 3,870 tanks.

9. Turkey

List Of Top 10 Most Strongest Armies In 2013

Turkey also has the strongest front line to safeguard itself with its large army. Its army enrolls its men after the age of 20. Its total army headcount is 1,041,900 which is comprised of 429,000 active personnel and 612,900 active personnel. It has a well equipment of 570 helicopters, 1,512 total aircraft, 406 rocket projectors, 7,133 armored combat vehicles, 1,500 self-propelled guns and 4,460 tanks.

8. Iran

top 10 strongest armies in 2013, iran

Iran is also called the great troop strength as it has the most powerful army in the Middle East countries. Its active personnel are divided into 15 air force groups and 14 lands groups with the total of 545,000 personnel. Its army is composed of 800 helicopters, 1,858 aircraft’s, 860 rocket projectors, 310 self-propelled guns, 1,500 armored vehicles and 2,895 tanks.

7. Pakistan

top 10 strongest armies in 2013 Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the biggest armies in the world. Its front line is always active with approximately 515,500 reserve personnel and 617,000 active personnel. It has 3,197 towed artillery pieces, 1,065 self-propelled guns, 5,745 armored vehicles and 3,490 tanks in its ground force. Whereas, its naval force includes 8 submarines and 11 frigates. Furthermore its air force is composed of 589 helicopters and 1,531 aircraft’s.

6. South Korea

top 10 strongest armies in 2013, South Korea

South Korea is the neighbor of North Korea and its army is known as the Republic of Korea Army. It takes the men of ages between 18 to 35 years and has a compulsion of 21 months service in army to every man. With 506,000 troops it has approximately 1,240,000 ground force, 5,300 artillery pieces, 30 missile systems, 2,600 armored vehicles and 2,300 tanks. It has the best military equipment which is imported as well as produced domestically.

5. North Korea

top 10 strongest armies in 2013, North Korea

North Korea with its active front lines all the time is placed in the top ten list of strongest armies. It has a formidable army with 8,200,000 reserve personnel and 1,106,000 active personnel approximately in 2011. It has massive warfare resources with 1,600 rocket projectors, 3,500 towed artillery pieces, 1,600 self-propelled guns, 2,580 armored fighting vehicles and 5,400 tanks. It’s much of the military technology is outdated but still it is a threat to the world’s stability.

4. Russia

10 strongest armies in 2013 , Russia

Russia’s army is known as the Ground Forces of Russian Federation. Its army is composed of men with the ages of 18 to 27 years. Its front lines are always active with 754,000 army men and 1,200,000 members. With such huge manpower on the front line, Russia has made itself secure from the threats. The military education has been made compulsory for the army personnel and it has 2,155 towed artillery pieces, 2,646 self-propelled guns, 10,720 armored vehicles and 2,867 tanks.

3. India

top 10 strongest armies in 2013 , India

India is located in Asia and has the capacity to compete with the internal and external threats. It is one of the world’s largest importers of arms. It has an approximate 1,325,000 soldier count. It spends a lot on the military. It has a well trained army and also long distance hitting missiles on earth. It has been placed in the list of the world’s strongest armies of 2013.

2. United States of America

United States of America

United States of America is one of the largest and strongest armies of the world. It was found in 1775 and has 1,458,500 reserve personnel and 1,447,896 duty personnel. It is known as the second largest army in the world with 1,330 rocket projectors, 1,791 towed artillery pieces, 1,934 self-propelled guns, 18,539 armored fighting vehicles and 8,325 tanks. With its strongest nuclear power this army can come to the top of the list.

1. China

10 strongest armies in 2013, China

China is the most populated country of the world also has the most powerful and largest army in the world. Its army was established in 1927 which composed of the PLA Navy, PLA Ground Force, PLA Air Force, Second Artillery Corpse and Armed Police. China’s army is also the strongest army in the world with 2,285,000 personnel, 54 surface ships, 61 submarines, 4,000 fighter jets and 8,500 tanks approximately. Its manpower is between the ages of 18 to 49 years old.



  1. Good sir, I believe that you have purposefully failed to notice that China is much weaker than the US. For instance, you did not state what armored vehicles the US had, but instead only the number of “armored vehicles”. The US has more Carriers than the rest of the world combined, 41% of worldwide military spending, more jets, higher grade weaponry, etc than China. It also has more allies, a much higher GDP, more growth, and much higher standards of living and training than China. You were incorrect on the number of Chinese soldiers, but the majority of Chinese soldiers have very poor supplies. If the US were to attack China on it’s home turf one on one, there may be major risks, but not on neutral grounds.

    • List of strongest armies is different from list of largest armies. There is a huge difference in quality and quantity.

  2. I’am sure Turkey have more stronger army than Iran or India.Turkey should be at least second strongest and i think U.S.A strongest than China.Also you can’t measure an army with how much armored vehicles he has.Country’s climate and geography is also have important role in measuring an army’s power.As an example Turkey has an ruff climate and it’s a country that sees some of the iconic wars like Trojan war and Turkey’s army trained for that sort of climate also and India has known with rainy climate and because of that rainy and wet climate Indian army known as the numbest army in the world.So your argument is invalid

    • i dont think pakistan should be on the list. they have lost many wars against india

      • Sir its not about your thinkings, its all about facts
        We are working on facts. So stop thinking like that. They are in this list because they deserves that rank.

      • pakistan zinadabad

        for your kind information pakistan have won 3 wars against india and have lost only one war

        • ha ha ha…. joke of the day.

          • reaper is a fake bastard

            Ok, reaper. Let’s set this straight. YOU are the one with twisted facts. I don’t think you’ve heard of the fucking internet, so I don’t know how you got here. If you use the INTERNET, you will see lots of TRUE sources saying how India are behind 99% of terrorism in Pakistan, and Pakistan is ANNIHILATING all these terrorists’ asses to the fucking cow-infested ground called India. So… I don’t know where you are getting your information from (probably from the biased-news-cow-dick-worshipping country), but I think we can both agree that this a little kind of own war in itself. The only POSSIBLE reason India can think of itself as stronger that Pakistan is because they have about 900,000,000 more filthy people than Pakistan has. And they STILL are not able to defeat Pakistan. What have you got to say about that?

        • Maybe you recall in each of the wars pakistan got annilated ignorant bastard yeah I said it what

      • Dear Can your explain which war.? if you are talking about 1948 at Kashmir sector or talking about 1965 how india attacks at night and defeated by Pakistan.
        yes we admit this reality in the war of 1971 east Pakistan (Bangladesh) surrender in front of india
        and what about 1998 kargal war we stay 13 km inside india.this fact is admitted by indian cheif…:)

        • Since 1948, during the winters Indian Army would leave the border posts and would return after the snow melted. In 1999 when Indian Army returned to its post, it noticed Pakistanis had occupied it. Its Pakistan’s character to enter Indian territory chori chhupe. India asked you to leave our posts and territory and Pakistan said it has not occupied it. So Indian Army pushed Pakis back. If you had courage and conviction you could have fought us and stayed there. You were holding superior positions. But the so called best field army was defeated in kargil War. If you are the best army then why could you not push Indian back from Siachen despite fighting for 20 years?

          In 1948, you were a few kilometers away from Srinagar and about to capture it, so why you are so far off now if not pushed back by Indiian Army. In 1965, despite our military setback in 1962, Indian Army foiled your Operation Gibraltar and Operation Grand Slam. India had almost captured Lahore. So you failed in 1948, you failed in 1965, you failed in 1971, You failed in Siachin, you failed in Kargil…. your army is nothing but holding world record of failures. What else can you expect from a failed nation?

      • India is at 3..?? U must b kidding…Pakistan is much better than India…nd History tells it…
        Infact Russia Lost the war against Pakistan when it tried to rule on Afghanistan…
        Pakistan is much much better

      • mother Fucker you dont know any thing you only know how to eat and how to release a gas or liquid or semi solid …… you are right that pak. should be on this list but Power is with truth and the truth that you dont know you ….

      • Endian Rat Detected, Using failed camouflage of Endian Dad.
        We fucked you a lot in every front…. But we lost only one war (1971) and that was only because of betrayal of our own bangali brothers. otherwise in same war (1971) we fucked you badly form your west front, even we captured some areas in Endia.

      • who cleaned Pakistan from terrorists… on the other side the whole english countries can’t take them out of Iraq…

      • Mr you live in fool’s paradise. Go through our war history and then comment what had happened in the past (Sep 1965).

      • Dude this list is not about who is strongest or powerful this list is about the size of the army as you can see that the china is the No 1 cause the population of china is No 1
        who says that china is stronger than USA NO this list is based on size not power..!!!

      • Are You Dreaming???/

    • Dear, who are talking about Pakistan that Pakistan army should not be in this ranking. For ur kind information This ranking is about the size/ number of army. So India is 3rd and Pakistan is 7th. Otherwise search out about the top ten armies according to abilities, Pakistan is on top ten means 1st. And you will also be surprised that Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI is also on 1st number of top ten agencies. Don’t go through my words just search out the Google. And then Zip up your lips. Specially Indian brothers.

  3. sorry i disagree this numbering. Because Pakistan is a strongest and unfeared army all over the world

    • in ur dreams…..

    • Only Pakistani Army is credited with surrender of 93,000 soldiers in the history of any war. Major General Jacob Farz Rafael Jacob, the jewish General of Indian Army with just 3000 soldiers at the door step of Dhaka (then east Pakistan) made Lt. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi of Pakistani Army to surrender with his 26,400 armed soldiers in public.

      • Bangladesh surrender infront of india.and can you remember those words of our major which come to sign the contract.My wish is to fought against you until last drop of blood in my body. but Mujeeb ur rehman and one general dont want it..:)
        and also check the World strongest army in feild 2013 listing.
        paksitan is at the Top and india Not in Top 25..:) Goli sae darte hain..:)

        • Pakis always live in perennial denial. Those 93000 soldiers didi not return to Bangladesh nor Bangladesh sought their release. It was Bhutto who sought their release under Simla Agreement.
          Which Major?? He could have chosen to fight till his death rather than surrendering shamefully and uttering nonsense to save his face. He could have shot dead Gen Niazi and taken the lead.
          Have you forgotten Kargil War??? Despite your troops occupying dominant positions, Indian soldiers climbed steep unclimbable heights to recapture our land. Thats called Jazba, thats called bravery and sacrifice. We reclaimed our posts within 2 months but after 20 years, your so called best field army known for surrendering with 93000 soldiers, have not been able to push Indian Army an inch back. And now you have given up. Keep it up.

          • Dear Read the chapter of kargel carefully not in your books…:D they were dammm..:D as i already explained..:P
            visit google and gather facts how you attack from back..:) darbook..:)

  4. Where are the gorkhas come and fight single with gorkhas without weapons then u will know what is the strongest

    • Agree, in 1 on 1 battle no one can compete with Gurkhas. I think only Nepal, UK and India have Gorkhas in their army.

      • Hahaha…LOL feild Craft queata was the first setup in Whole aisa and central aisa.who traianed Gurkhas..:P Bloody Indians

        • Please learn to write understandable language, i am fine with english and urdu both. As regads to Gurkha, i still stand by my comment. A platoon of gorkhas with khukri and 3not3 can hold up a whole infantry regiment in a mountain battle.

  5. I think USA would be Number 1. Factually because it has the best navy in the world, more aircraft carriers than all other countries combined (China just recently built their first carrier) and you based them off numbers. All those numbers are meaningless, if you don’t have a navy, considering the Earth is covered 70% of water.

  6. pakistan zindabad

  7. pakistan army is most powerful army in the world

  8. It is not true.we do not think so india and america is more powerfull than Pakistan.

  9. zeeshan i agree with you

  10. pakistan army is on number one in the ranking.
    which has gaven above is lie and fake and not true..

    • Why Pakistan should be on number one facts please ???

      • Well, Admin, I believe Pakistan should be above India’s due to Pakistan’s Intelligence agency ranked #1. Pakistan’s military technology far exceeds India’s. Furthermore, in cargal war low level militants were deployed by Pakistan and defeated a huge number of Indian militants, many of which also destroyed Indian Helicopters. Pakistan is far advanced then India in Missile technology & atomic defense. Pakistan is the producer of Highly powerful military vehicles “Al-Khalid” Tank (also known as The Immortal), weaponry and battle-crafts -With great assistance from China.. Um, but it doesn’t matter what some people think. But facts are fact, so I provided some.

        • pakistan and intelligence…are words with opp meaning…indians banged you in 1947,1961,1971 and lastly in kargil. you lost east pakistan(bangladesh) .you all are good 4r nothing useless fellow. america attacked your land secretly to kill obama and all your men were sleeping dumb headed . you people can only be no.1 in terrorism.

          • truth is bitter but it is good

            i just say nothing more then this if indian people or army think that they are stronger come and snatch just 1 meter of pakistan or conquer it ….hahahahha IN YOUR DREAMS so make foolish comments and enjoy

          • in presence of great technology of pakistan in every field about 100 people of pakistan came india for different type of surgery. pakistan railway stopped electrical traction and have only 70 engine in working condition many trains are stopped dew to lack of traction.mostly pak missile has old liquid fuel technology old inertial navigation system and do not have any satellite system for navigation and satellite for military use. no indigenous car truck etc.

        • in presence of great technology of pakistan in every field about 100 people of pakistan came india for different type of surgery. pakistan railway stopped electrical traction and have only 70 engine in working condition many trains are stopped dew to lack of traction.mostly pak missile has old liquid fuel technology old inertial navigation system and do not have any satellite system for navigation and satellite for military use. no indigenous car truck etc.

    • given fact please

  11. pakistan army is should be the no# 4 Fact is ! Pak Army is the worlds best army

  12. i think peoples opinions are set on where they come from or live.

  13. India+Russia= all world Army.. In land to land fight no one force face the Indian army..especialy the Laddakh fighter force.

  14. pakistan should be at the third

  15. Pakistan should not be on the list they couldn’t defeat a few hundred taliban who enjoy a safe haven inside the country

    • Mr Pathans Father

      Well you talk much crap without proper thought. How about Pakistan deploy just a few of its Intelligence Army into Your country and then lets see if you’re country can hold up from the chaos. Remember the attack on Mumbai Hotel? They were un-trained, unknown individuals and were about 10 or 12. That made your motherland cry. Now, what would happen if powerful combatants were deployed? India would shit bricks.

      • Don’t mention stupid events here. Killing innocent people is crime, whether it may happened in Kashmir, India Pakistan or in any else countries. Killing innocent citizen does not mean that the person who is doing this is powerful, It shows how much coward they are ..

        • Logical Reply to Admin

          Yea your right, but I said Pakistan did not. I was pointing out what happens if a country gets attacked by unknown enemy. India should stop picking fights with Pakistan. We don’t like it when people pass false facts. Pakistan has been fighting hard against Taliban. And we now have little to no problems now.

  16. Admin is wrong in India (lack of accuracy). Pakistan has the worlds most powerful Nuclear Missile Systems that have the longest range. Their have been many unsuccessful missile attempts by India. But Pakistan’s missile are devastating, it would be foolish to under-estimate Pakistan’s Army. And if India (mr pathan) thinks that our army is weak. Why not try to come to our territory? And watch how India’s population goes down in numbers.

    • India entered your territories in 1965 and then in 1971. In 1965 we returned your territories but “sorry” we could not return your territory in 1971 but we did not capture it either. your east Pakistan became Bangladesh.

      You are right that Pakistan is most feared nuclear country by the world not because of your weapons but because of your immaturity, support to terrorism, selling the nuclear tech to other rogue nations etc.

      Just imagine what happens when US stops military aid to Pakistan..

      • They shouldnt get military aid from us .I dont know why our policy makers see pakistan as an ally especially when they are helping the insurgents in afghanistan

        • Pakistan was US ally during the cold war. US used Pakistan against Soviets in Afghanistan. After Soviets withdrew from Afghan post disintegration of USSR, Pakistan used the US aid, weapons and the mujahideens against India by invoking islamic fanaticism to incite mujahideens against India. However, there is no place for non-muslims in islamic fundamentalism and also US intervention in Iraq had annoyed these mujahideens against the west. Thats when Taliban and Al Qaida began targetting Indians and the west. West ignored when India cautioned them against Pakistan’s involvement. Ahmed Shah Massoud of Northern Alliance Afghanistan had warned the west about 9/11 attacks but that too was ignored. When US decided to take action against Osama and Al Qaida, it expected Pakistan to partner. Pakistan could not have said that they were supporting the terrorists and in return of dollars, they agreed. Also they had no choice. Indian warnings were again ignored. It took time for CIA to understand Pakistan’s involvement as intelligence shared with Pak always resulted in subsequent operations’ failures since Pakistan passed on those info to Al Qaida. Please google “secret pakistan a BBC documentary youtube” to know how Pakistan cheated west and double crossed.
          Pakistan’s double role annoyed a section of terrorists who are now up against Pakistan. Pakistan wanted Afghanistan to be an Islamic Emirate under its control so that it could shift its terrorists camps to Afghanistan so that it could continue playing proxy games.
          Abdul Qadir Khan, Pakistan’s father of nuclear weapons, is wanted by Netherlands Police for stealing nuclear related blueprints. He was arrested in Pakistan at the behest of Interpol and US pressure but was subsequently released by public sympathy. They also sold nuclear technology to North Korea and about to sell it to Col Gadafi of Libya and Iran. Once US is out of Afghanistan as its forces there need supplies via Pakistan, US policy towards Pak will change drastically.

      • Hahahaa LOLZ Check the CIA report that “we don’t even know the exact Location Of atomic weapons in PAKISTAN”..:)

  17. Simple-End-Of-Story

    All these country will bring End of World if War occur from small disagreement. Some countries mat even use Nukes and end one another’s worthless competition.

    ALSO: Indian & Paki commenters should just shut-up. The world already has problems, don’t end up waking world war 3.

  18. Muhammad Atif Noor

    Pakistan Army No.1 in the World!

  19. Muhammad Atif Noor

    Pakistan Army No.1 in the World!
    Pakistan Army Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad…

  20. Every body know Pakistan has no power and capability to feed there fu***** Pakistani and they all are depend upon america and china, they have no food and always they will talk about fight…its really childish , They are full of terrorism and world community has decided to pull them out. If Terrorist country pakistan is fully finished from earth then all terror will finished … Because we know you well

    • Now listen here (as deduced you are a resident of India due to your comment on your most obvious opposition Pakistan), don’t bring China or USA into your disputes both India and Pakistan are foolish countries for even letting their people clash. The 2014 research consensus denoted if both these Nuclear Powered nations go to war it will largely effect China and later on the whole world. For intellectual party’s (individuals) all we can do is create your peoples peace or ignore your attempts on accusations and practices on War. And mind your language, resident of India.

    • Ohh i C can you please check the words of manmohan singh i last conference held in USA..:D or india what about rassia..:) and kindly check the poverty rate of india peoples have not even the washrooms and they used railway track..:) Lolz

  21. Loool. The US will get fucked any day by China. In fact, Russia can fuck the US up. You know what; so can North Korea. The US army is full of Rednecks only. ahha

  22. pakistan is useing his army only for bad work they should help the america and to finish terrorist…..

    • No… India’s army only does bad things. They hired over 15,000 terrorists to look like Islamic extremists to make Pakistan look bad. On that note, it hasn’t worked at all. The USA knows about that and doesn’t try to stop it. So, no, they should NOT team up with America, and Pakistan’s army is NOT the bad one. your spelling and grammar is though…

  23. Pakistani army is the dummiest as we have a great sample of Pakistani people writing their idiotic comments!
    Have a life Pakistani guys!

  24. Pakistan vary good

  25. Pakistan is crap as a country. From the beginning they are producing terrorists(misusing the religious image) their intelligence is also comprised of corrupted and sick personnel who are always upto help terrorists with fund, to make neighbor countries agile and under attack. They use their full intelligence to hamper peace of other countries. Pakistanis are mostly thieves and ignorant people who are not willing to read facts, rather blindly shout to supremecy!!! Come on man, you have protected the most wanted criminal mastermind in your country. You did not??(and you say your something called army intelligence??) You did know? (You guys are terrorists, I knew it). Some other country came over, permormed millitary op and you did not knew that either, when you came to what else you could have done beside crying like a helpless baby(this time it is ok, next time we wont tollerate!!!! lol). You heard something called DRONE that kills your people also beside terrorists, what could you do yet? STOP IMAGINING AND BEGGING TO GIVE YOU A RANK. You can beg for food, not respect.

    • truth is bitter but it is good

      i just say nothing more then this if indian people or army think that they are stronger come and snatch just 1 meter of pakistan or conquer it ….hahahahha IN YOUR DREAMS so make foolish comments and enjoy

    • Pakistan are not the ones producing terrorists. If you are so confident, watch TV. Everyone now knows that India and the USA are behind 98-99% of terrorism in Pakistan, therefore making your whole argument a complete lie…

  26. Don’t talk bullshit. What do you know about the Pakistani Army and Pakistan?? And who do you think you are to talk about them like that?? The Pakistani soldiers are very strong, like all the other soldiers in the world. Respect that they made it to the top 10 list! They definitely deserve it.
    And you’re just a stupid piece of shit, thinking you can talk like that from your lazy chair at home.

  27. Some people are saying that pakistan army is not strong ,but let me tell you guys.Back in 1948 india attacked pakistan and took Kashmir and about 80% of KPK,and india had all the weapons but pakistan do not had even a single rifle but we Pakistani fought with out any weapons and we driven all indian out of our KPK and 40% of Kashmir.And then in 1962 when china defeated india, India took revenge from pakistan and attacked pakistan in 1965 hoping to recover the lands that it has lost from china then Indian chief of army staff said that I will capture the Lahore and will drink bears in the street of Lahore.Then india attacked pakistan over night and destroyed most of our armatures and killed lots of soldiers but then we fought back and driven india in back foot ,and india could not succeed to capture Lahore And they were totally humiliated and they all retreated and then in 1971 india created a riot in the east pakistan by raping millions of women’s and killing thousands of people and then they again attacked pakistan. People says that pakistan lost that war but let me remind you that Pakistan army on that time had captured 30% of rajhistan and few territory in the Punjab but then but then Indian pm and president went to USA and in Russia ,In order to put sanctions on pakistan and to stop the war because they knew that they will lose most of their territory. And finally in the 1999 when pakistan send its army in the Kashmir In order to free Kashmiris from barbaric indian army ,pakistan managed to captured lots of areas but then again india went their in Russia and in USA and told pakistan to retreat.

    And not only that Pakistan is the second biggest contributor of UN Security Council.

  28. People do not knew the ground realities about terrorists, they use to say that pakistan is funding terrorists,but they are totally wrong because terrorists are not killing Indians or Americans they are killing Pakistanis. Over 80000 Pakistanis and 30000 Pakistani soldiers sacrificed their life’s to defeat terrorists. Pakistan was once called Asian tigers but now due to this war our economy is destroyed . But still world thinks that we are aiding terrorists. And they use to say that we have hidden the Osama but the reality was that in abbotabad operation to hunt Osama down ,it was our ISi and army who helped Americans to take him down.

    • @Afridi.. Pakistan Army did not get the wind of the operation that killed Osama. NATO forces had realized that all the intelligence that was shared with Pakistan was leaked out to Al Qaida. Please watch the BBC documentary “Secret Pakistan” available on youtube. You have been playing double game with US. The world is watching how you are treating with Dr. Shakeel Afridi, the man who helped NATO locate Osama Bin Laden.

      • @Aseem you know what is the role of Intelligence agencies.just to share information before any action…And it BBC report in which they admit that ISI have a great influence in Europian and asian countries…!

        • Obviously which other intelligence agency will have as much information from Al Qaida and Taliban as ISI. Taliban was ISI created and funded so west looked upto ISI to get the info. Secondly the job of Intelligence Agencies are not just gathering info and sharing, there is much more to that which normally a state wont do overtly.For eg R&AW did covert operation to enable division of Pakistan in 1971. ISI tried doing the same in Kashmir and Punjab by supporting terrorism there but did not succeed. In my opinion, if it can be guessed that such and such agency is doing such and such thing then it goes against the agency. The best agencies are those who always remain unsung.
          By the way check Global fire power ranking 2014 Pakistan has slipped to 15 from being at no. 12 in 2013.

          • Admit this reality that ISI and Pakistan army fight alone with the amercia,taliban,russia,india,and isreal no one other have courage to do fight with these different powers for there denfence…:) proud TO the part of PAKISTAN.and Proud to have a an Pak Army..!!

  29. Every Body Knows India attacked on pakistan 2 times and both of times india lost. Major Aziz Bhatti won that war and died in that war. And Pakistan is also a nuclear country better than india.

  30. Baap Baap hi rahega

    to all those people who r saying dat pak army is bst in d world n should b at d top or above indian army in rank….
    let me tell u guyss dat we didnt attacked pak in 1947…both d countries wanted kashmir in their side n fought for it….in 65as 1 mr. challenged us above dat we cannot capture even a metre of ur land…..le me claear dat indian army captured ur land till lahoren a treaty was signed by our PM Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri and ur PM i dont remember his namedat indian forces wid an assurement dat pak will not repeat any mischief lyk dis in future…we didnt attackrd u …we jst helped Bangladesh to get freedom n stablize demselves which ur nation n army failed to do…n d entire world supported us….comming over to kargil….u ppl r saying dat u only sent mere soldiers to fight wid us bt ur govt still cry n lement in UN assembly datpak had no rolein d kargil war n it were terrorists who captured our land….
    indian army too thought dat dey were terrorist at initial stage of d war fought wid same concepts widrifels n small rocket launchers…as u had artillery support…so u were able to kill many of our soldiers bcoz we were nt ready for it….n when we got ready wid our fire power i.e. airforce n bofors guns den it only tookfew days for us to expell u out frm our land….comming over to reply to “logical reply to admin”how can u say ur ISI to b bst in d world which is not in control of its own democratically elected govt.
    Comming over to firepower…
    u said dat many of our misiles have been failed bt let me tell u dat our Inter continential balistic missile Agni 5 covers half of d world including entire Africa,Europe,China….miles ahed of ur Half series of missiles dat u r testing nowadays,,,,d ICBM technology is only limited to 6 nations in d world including us not u….we have Arjun tank of our own which is no less dan any other tank in d world….by next year we will be ready with our own Nuclear Powered Submarine INS Arihant….only 5 nationshave their own nuclear capable submarine….alsonet year we will have a fighter jet of our own…LCA(light Combat Aircraft) Tejas <3<3<3….again only 6 natins are capable of building their own Aircraft….by 2018 we will b ready wid our first n home made aircraft carrier INS Vikrant…..only 5 nations r capable of making their aircraft carriers,,,dis tym ahed of ur frnd China….our cruise ballistic missile Bramhos is bst in d world….a lot bttr dan d one of US…..we have reached moon….now on our way to mars….we have made GSLV of our own….all these achievements we have acquired…u r still not even dreaming about these…dere r many more achievements bt i think dat dis much enough to shud ur dammm mouth….Note- all these capabilities r only limited to 5 super powers of d world namely Russia,China,US,France,England…..n now we r having dem dat means we r d next emerging super power of d world….n i m nt saying dis….world is saying d same….all d money India Spents on its defence is of its own……unlyk u who survive on d alms given to by US,Europe n China…..if still u think dat u r ahed of ous den i cant do anything neither any1 elase can….keep barking….its good for ur self satisfaction….any reply to dis…???
    if yes den i will wait for it….

  31. I think that this is mostly accurate, USA and china are about equal, russia is 3rd, india is 4th, and the rest is right


  33. we love Russia becoz we r live together

  34. India Russia rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pak china usa shokzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  35. Thats wrong. pakistan army is at the top. china in second. india not included in the list.

  36. Pakistan Army is trying to capture Kashmir since 1947 but has failed to take an inch.
    Pakistan Army lost 1965 war with India
    Pakistan Army’s 93000 soldiers surrendered to Indian Army in 1971 and Pakistan was cut in two pieces.
    Pakistan Army fought for 20 years to take Siachin glacier from India but failed.
    Pakistani Army occupied vacant indian posts in 1999 but Indian Army recaptured after Kargil war.
    Pakistan Army is unable to claim Sir Creek from Indian forces.
    Pakistan Army is unable to fight insurgents in Balochistan and terrorists in Waziristan and needs support from Air Force.
    Pakistan Army has nuclear weapons but is scared that someone should not destroy its nukes.
    Pakistan’s army survives on money and weapons received as aid from foreign countries.
    Pakistan Army has only one success record i.e. it is able to topple its own democratically elected govt. any time and has done it several times in past. Perhaps from internal perspective i.e. ability to topple own govts. and ability to use air force against its own people, Pakistan Army is no. 1

  37. Woah! Pakistani is in the list? WTH! Maybe the *admin* is drunk that’s why he put Pakistan in the list

    I was like WTF!

  38. @aseem and all the indians, u all forget that PAKISTAN had beaten the X super power of the world soviet union.
    PAKISTAN has destroyed israeil 2 times face to face. and become the only country to beat israeil.
    It was PAKISTAN who saved american army in somalia from a biggest defeat in history
    It was PAKISTAN who captured half of the kashmir from dogs and rest will be captured soon like we captured half before.
    It was only PAKISTAN whom israiel today in afraid of other wise they have eaten arabs way back
    any thing else u wana know ???

    • @Ismail… You had grabbed Kashmir from the Maharaja and not India. tomorrow you will say that Pakistan grabbed Kalat and Balochistan from India… Indian Army entered Kashmir after the Maharaja of Kashmir signed instrument of accession. After that day Pakistani Army, which was about to seige Srinagar, was pushed back to fringes when UN imposed Cease Fire. After that day, Pakistan has not been able to take an inch of Kashmir, rather lost Siachin. Thinking about grabbing Kashmir you have already lost Bangladesh and next you might lose Balochistan.

      In Afghanistan against Soviets, it was USA that used you to train and infiltrate afghan mujahideen. you only provided your land and acted on orders of US in return of some dollars. You diverted the same Mujahideen to Kashmir but they were defeated and crushed. Now they are creating a havoc on you. So you realize now that you have sown, you are reaping. Please defeat TTP or else Pakistan does not have resilience like India to sustain itself in one piece. Whats use of an army that cant serve its national interest. Perhaps your army is only good for fighting third parties for dollars. I wonder when did you fight against Israel??? The whole Arab world failed to do anything to the tiny Israel and now have given up.

    • Pakistan didnt beat russia afghan people did mainly masood and his army mostly did who was the most effective commander in afghanistan or did you forget that

  39. Yrr take a chill pil

    Apne Ghr me q kalesh kr rakha h …

  40. All say that Pakistan is bad, because we have the islamic faith, that’s all

    • Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Central Asia… all have islamic faith and no one says any bad thing about them. Why Pakistan?

      • Because Pakistan is the only Islamic country who have atomic power which prick in the eyes of other countries..:).

        • What use is the atom bomb when anybody can whip you. Indian army kicked your ass during kargil war and you ran away with your tail in your hind legs. What could you do when Iran fired mortars on your soil? You look so miserable against Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan that you have to use your airforce on your own territory. Next you might use atom bombs to quiet the talibans and Baloch insurgents. who knows?
          Use of words like “jealous” or “conspiracy” is early sign of schizophrenic depression and lot many pakistanis are talking of the world conspiring against them etc. etc.

  41. pakistan is out of top is at 15

  42. 1 AMERICA
    2 RUSSIA
    3 CHINA
    4 INDIA
    6 FRANCE
    9 JAPAN
    10 ISRAEL
    11 BRASIL
    12 IRAN
    13 TURKEY
    14 TAIWAN
    16 EGYPT

    • This is Totally Bulshit…. Allah is Super power you fooish muslims ….you dont know this God want to show them how to Destroy Non muslims on Little weak forces of muslims….. like Allah did in jhang e badr

  43. How is China ahead of USA? Crazy. But the Chinese might believe it and go for something.

  44. France is in the top 10. And come on, anything other than the U.S. first is a joke! Russia and US should be ahead of China. Their nuclear power is far ahead of any other countries.

  45. All SOUTH ASIANS are dumb…they can not do anything practical.LAZY PEOPLE

  46. SardarHammadQdeer

    Pakistan is best

  47. ………………
    This is so funny , US is weaker than China ?Russia is weaker than India ? South Korea is weaker than the North? Iran and Pakistan ? How about UK

    • I am being very un-biased here. The UK does not have a very large army, and this is a list of how large an army is. There is a difference between quantity and quality. The UK will be everywhere on every list of powerful armies though.

  48. its not true report because indian army much weak than pakistan army.

  49. Pakistani Army is No 1, Most powerful, aggressive, ruthless killer. Endia is going to an End in 2020. Pakistanis are already executing World’s Most & Top Secret operation in Endia that will unfold to world in 2020 but at that time there will be no Endia. World should remember ISI’s strategy (Death by Thousand Cuts) against USSR. But this time against Endia its mind blowing, dynamic, and top secret in world’s history, there is no Endia in 2020.

  50. India first control your poverty then talk about being no.1.i am waiting for next war then both will see who is better or worst . Indians can’t eat food and u r going to be no.1 ohhhhh bullshit bahi Panay gyrayban main jahanko phir bat karo

    • We should not wait for the war we should work together in all fields of life . All countries should respect their neighbors .

  51. Pakistan has the No.1 army in the world India do not deserve No.3 position They are very unlegal do wrong things with Pakistan really they don’t have to do…(^-^)you all have to agree with me…………..

  52. I am Pakistani but i think China deserve the first no and get the first no China the Outstanding country i have ever see Beside Pakistan

  53. we love PAKISTAN Army ,we do not admit this ranking
    because Pakistan Army have a lot of spirits , abilities and will powers to do every thing without any fear i solute my PAKISTAN Army .

  54. this is not realistic list and india on top of list if u mean strongest here : 1-usa 2-russia 3- china( russia still has more warheads and experience of cold war with west) the rest, uk, france, germany, turkey, iran, inda pakistan brazil, israel, egypt …

  55. I think that if Pakistan crosses their limits as they crossed the ruthless people of Pakistan should be killed ruthlessly and good people should be forced to join India or to go away anywhere they want.

  56. Pakistan has one of the strongest army and intelligence, proven by the fact that it is successfully repelling the 10 year long war wagged by america, nato and india via afganistan. no other country could have sustained a blow from almost 50 countries.

    • Pakistan is an ally of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan but it has not sent its military in Afghanistan. So how do you claim its fighting NATO forces. If you want to know the reality then read the following:
      1. Pakistan is using Air Force against Baluchistan and FATA killing many civilians because it has no guts to enter the hot bed of militancy and fight.
      2. Pakistan Army was defeated and pushed back by Indian Army in Kargil War, 1999.
      3. Pakistan Army has conceded defeat in Siachin after battling for 19 years since 1984.
      4. Pakistan Army surrendered with 93000 soldiers in 1971 and lost half of its territory.
      5. Pakistan lost huge territory to India during 1965 war and Lahore was almost captured by indian forces.
      6. In 1948, India pushed back Pakistan Army which has almost captured Srinagar. Had UN not imposed cease fire India would have pushed them back completely.

  57. Who are we to tell who should or should not be in the top ten??
    We dont know how it is to fight for your country. Neither do we know in which position every country is. Pakistan fighting Taliban all the time.
    How can you say they shouldnt be in the top ten?

    If you have experience and knowledge, than you can talk.

  58. on an average india ranks 4th and pak ranks 12 th. This is only differernce betn india and pak

  59. Russia should be 1st, then China, then the US

  60. Massively incorrect list.
    Even the heading is worded incorrectly, so there’s no real surprise then.

    The author seems to think that numbers equal strength. This is not correct. If it were then North Korea would be a highly feared nation. It is not. The US may not have the biggest army or navy or air force in the world, but they have a lot more power than the others on this list. Unfortunately.

    You think India’s army is stronger than Russia’s? They get half of their weapons from Russia for Pete’s sake!

  61. pakistan is my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one day it will be no:1 inshallah

  62. ?wtf is wit u all
    i am a Pakistani but i love all armies i dont give a shit about no 1 in the list
    pk has the most strongish army but not the best becouse of the fucking prime minister
    +only pk and indian people have the ball 2 fight wit there army no 1 can do that but this 2
    pk has 7mill army in all and indian have 7mill only in kashmir
    + surrendered with 93000 soldiers in 1971 and lost half of its territory. plzz thos ass hole wher not wit pk and remember pk and India wher 1 at a time
    +if we wher helping thos ass hole usa and India will be getting destroy not pk some pk r ass hole and some indian r ass hole but not all of them all i can tell u 3 video of the usa that tell the usa did the 911

  63. Nothing good ever comes out of war!! It brings only suffering and despair and i think a human life is valuable no matter what side they fight from

  64. Alot of indian here trying to be clever in making themselve victorious in PAKISTAN- indo wars and they dont know about PAKISTAN-indo wars. Thay should tell facts instead of lies. PAKISTAN army captured 1/3rd of kashmir in 1947 war, known as azad kashmir. Then india ask united nation to stop PAKISTAN army for moving forward. If indian army is so brave then why they couldn’t get back 1/3rd azad kashmir back from PAKISTAN. The reason you know is clear that they are unable to push back PAKISTAN.Then in 1965 war, PAKISTAN army captured a large area of india and it was given back to india due to india involving to UN again to stop PAKISTAN. MM alam destroyed nine indian fighter jets and five of them was downed in less than 30 seconds in the same 1965 war.They was unable to defeat PAKISTAN army from there territory. We give your land back by UN appeal to PAKISTAN to ceasefire. In 1971, india didn’t defeat PAKISTAN army, it was the blames on PAKISTAN army that makes bangladesh people fool and they start thinking that PAKISTAN army kills bangladesh people and rape them. Bangladesh and PAKISTAN are brothers. India plans became succesfull in 1971 by making bangladesh people fool and make bangalis brothers to think against pakistan brothers. Then bangalis turns their weapons towards PAKISTAN army. It was not inida army who defeated, it was the cowardness shown by india to blame PAKISTAN army in front of whole world in incidents in East PAKISTAN which was never attempted by Pakistan army. They know that they was unable to defeat PAKISTAN because they has get a response in 1947 and 1965 wars by PAKISTAN. In kargil war, PAKISTAN army was 1:3000 to indian army. PAKISTAN army was uses only guns against india amry whereas indian army was using tanks, airforce and chemical weapons. They was unale to push back PAKISTAN. Pakistan leave kargil by its own by USA interference to ceasefire. We want to live in peace. We dont want wars. We tolerate india in wars and move back to our land by leaving their captured land but india in constanly making us invlove to fight and beat them agian and again. We all should respect each other and live in peace. Pakistan army has been involved in UN peace keeper force world wide and has maintain peace in large number of countries through out the globe and sacrifies 90 plus army personals lifes to maintain peace in large number of countries world wide. Pakistan army is no 1. PAKISTAN zindabad 🙂

  65. Hahaha you indians still talking about the bravery of gorkhas, have you seen the Rajpoots of Pak Forces. Search for stories of indo pak war. U wil earn some knowledge.. that for sure

  66. who make this list i dont belive on such ranking ,this rank is based on quantity not on quality

  67. Hay admin can you tell me what quality India have that they are on no 3. And is that official if yes who ranked. The list

    • They have huge number of army – numbers matters too
      they have atomic power that matters too
      and if we compare India with others than no one will suit this position except India.
      Yup our team ranked this, they searched enough on the internet and this is the end result

  68. Both countries should live like brothers. as america and Cananda. not like north korea and south korea. both these countries can become super power . we can again become united like USA.
    Wars will create more distance among the people of pakistan and india.
    people of both countries only thinking about wars.they should think about peace. Islam and hindu are two different religions
    both have many similirities.

  69. Islam and Pakistan Zindabad

    Pakistan is too much much better than Bloody and selfish India .
    Pakistan is a bravery solider team.
    India is a losers team of the world.
    in 1965 battle Pakistan beat the India.
    And also Kashmir and Somalia is better then India .

    Understand Loser India and His Army Team.
    Go to Hell India and also 2 dirty Miles India

  70. Pakistan has the world strongest Army..

  71. Hello sir , you have done a good word . But I want to tell you that you cannot compare India with Russia and China with usa . India is the world biggest importer of weapons (70 billion dollar ) it takes these weapons from Russia, China and United States of America . It probably purchase its weapons round about 70 per cent from Russia it all air craft s are either France made or Russia made. Then who he compare Russia .secondly china can’t compete with usa .the number of air craft are nearly equal to the whole world it is at the top of the world in neulear capabilities naval strength .it’s army is using world’s leading technology the number of aircraft carries are greater than the whole world . Where as china is makings its first aircraft carries.

  72. NLI "The King of Pakistan Army" Born To Die

    Why Pakistan army is stronger than India? I will answer it. Pakistan has fought 4 wars with India and won 3 wars lost only one war. If u compare the strength of army of Pakistan and India then number of troops India 10 -Pakistan 1. But despite large in number Pakistan always won the wars. How let us see:
    1) 1948 Kashmir war
    Kashmir was a princely state . India captured kashmir in 1947 , Pakistan army immediately
    entered in Kashmir valley and regain captured territory. India gone in UN to stop war. UN passed resolution to stop war . Now Pakistan controls 45 % of Kashmir.
    2) !965 war
    Indian army enetred in Lahore to divide westren Pakistan into two parts. Pakistan army not only pulled back them but captured important territories in Rajisthan and Indian Punjab.Pakistan won the war again. Again India gone into UN to stop the war.
    3) 1971 Bangladesh revolt
    Due to political unrest in East Pakistan Bangladesh , East Pakistan a province of Pakistan wanted separation from Pakistan. They revolted , killed pakistani army in Bangladesh. Mujeeb u Rehman headed the revolt. When India saw the situation in Bangladesh Indian army entered in bangladesh. This was a political unrest not a war. Bangladesh came into existence as another muslim country. Pakistan accepted it on Islamic conference held in Lahore.
    4) 1999 Kargil war
    The mostr recent war between two countries is kargil war fought in the Himalya region in Kargil region in kashmir. Pakistan captured 60 Km land and blocked Indian ammuniation to Ladakh by capturing Indian National Highway to Ladakh. On June 1999 Pervaiz musharaf crossed LOC and met with The Brave NLI soldier of Pak army. India used its Airforce and all powers. Two Indian Jet fighters , helicopters were shot shot down by pakistani army. But Pakistani army only fought by infantry.This was admitted by Indian general . I belonged to the region whrer Kargil war took place. google it or watch on Youtube. Pakistan currontly controls the highest peaks in Kargil sector which Pakistan captured during kargil war in 1999. This war is enough for India How pakistan army defeated Indian army recently in Kargil.

  73. Respect all soldiers

    u cant say soldiers of that army are braves and that are not so. they all serves their countries proudly. for all of us our armies are best but we should respect other too. im 100% sure all these people who are posting these big comments, there is no one here whose father, brother or any other close relative ever served any army otherwise they would know how it feels when someone u love is standing on front-line.

    one more thing either pakistani school teaches wrong lesson or they dont wanna learn truth. Pakistan army refused to take bodies of their soldiers in kargil war.They always said those were terrorist not soldiers of Pakistan army eventhough Indian found ID cards in their pockets. Then after 12 years they accept those were pakistani soldiers on a pakistani news channel. u can find videos of pakistani officer’s interview given to pakistani news channel on youtube and plz read abt all wars on any neutral website which neither belongs to india nor pakistan. plz do read everything including shimla agreement.

  74. Dear Pakistanis
    Greetings from Sumit Das!!

    F**k u all Pakistanis

  75. 07 powerful countries of world one side Pakistan is alone. we are success. pak army zindabad faqeer qamar khaskheli

  76. I also disagree because of our operation zarb e azab is a serious thing because only 190 killed 3045

  77. i love pak army

  78. jitna hinduon m hasad hy jalan hy itni maine aaj tk kisi or qoum m ni dekhi, in k news channels jhooti khabrein de de k apni awam ko khush krtay rehtay hein, chalo sb bat choro ab jo in k fighter jet shukoi-30 ka pura fleet ground hua hy kya ye bataeingy kis ki kharab technology hy. plz bataye mere indians dosto. dekho sach bat kro. tm log to match ( afridi k last ball py six marnay py jin larko ny khusi manai un ko nikal diya uni. se) k harnay m muslims ko martay ho is se andaza lagao na k tumlogo ki kya hesiyat hy itnay giray huay ho yaar tm log. acha chalo ye b choro wo to phir b muslim thy tm logo ny to yuvi bhai k ghr py b hamla kr diyaa yaar. kbhi pakistan m esi harkatein sunien. chalo ye b chordo army py aatay hein. Missiles system dekho us m pak aagay. tanks dekhlo us m b aagay hy Pakistan. Airforce m ek shukoi se advantage tha tm logo ko wo abi ground hua wa hy pura fleet to ab Airforce m b pechay hogae ho tm log. Bat rahi Navy ki to kbi tumhari Submarines m aag lag jati hy jo puri advance ho k aai thi russia se kitna kharcha hua tha us py zara pata krna dekho zara . ab or kya kya bataein,

  79. Love my Pakistan and Pakistani army.Pakistan army should at the top but anyway thumbs up for my zabardast and great army .PAKISTAN ZINDAHBAD

  80. PAKIATAN ARMY is a magical army. it can do anything. i m proud to b a PAKISTANI.

  81. india should not be there in list as they could not control a single man ajmal qasab.


    all dear fellow we dont need to prove our Pakistan army here ,in life if it necessary to prove then u must be see us in battle field .and i pray that this will not be happened,,because its better for humanity ….army of every nation better know what they will have to do.. why we fight in battle we just loss our love our trust our humanity if some thing that we get its a piece of land …….what we do with this land when we will not have people who live on this land ……… army know about its duties and they done them…….the thing is only that what we do here ……………………………..
    i m Pakistani…… and a lover of army and a army member also…….

  83. This shit made by some foolish indian who forgot their place we asked for strong armies list not larg one and where is Uk you are just fucking prick admin indian army is full of shit

  84. ohhhh man pakistan army in 7 rank what f.. the facts is Pakistan army also count “terrorist”… and this reason they come on 7 rank..

    Proud to be Indian..

  85. india ka watira h naach na janey angan terha

  86. I like army of pakistan this army in honourable
    pakistan army zindabad

  87. I am a Pakistani too,and I believe that we should stop fighting here wait till the next war b/w India&Pakistan.After the war we will know who’s the BOSS.Ok?

  88. King are Pakistani AND Indians are idiotic

    why do all hindustani lie please tell me.

  89. Name does not tell that u r muslim and Pakistani….referring to initial comments… Facts are facts and known to every one… one things is Eman and Slogan of Allah o Akber that is not counted (can not be counted as per rules) it sets the standards Mujahid-e-Islam can not be judged with anyother soldier. Hindo kiya jany Shahadat aur Jang k Art… They have just weapons we have Nara-e-Haq Allah o Akber!!

  90. i think india have quantity but they lost 3 wars against pakistan.1948 pakistan army got half kashmir from indian troops also 1965 indian army attacked at night but pak army responde well and occupied many indian area .in kargal war indian army left kargal


  92. Pakistan Army is the strongest army of the world. But we can keep in ascending order at Mo: 03. There is no any number of Indian army, they have only big numbers but there3 competency is not mentionable.

  93. hehe, Pakistan is great simply.

  94. @pakistan_zindabaad ,india won 3 war against pakistan. you have less knowledge about that. pakistan had lost 3 war very badly. hahah your brain and memory has lost……….

  95. admin don’t share wrong info. to others….. pakistan is out of top 10.

  96. pakistan is superpower

  97. cadet ismail khan

    pakistan zindabad

  98. cadet ismail khan

    i love you pakisatan

  99. Pakistanis and indians miss no chance. AlwYs rdy to fght…. Thr r ten countries on th list but only pakis and indians have the problm. Showing high molarity by abusing eachother. We fought 4 wars in 68 years. It is a matter of shame for both the countries not worth bragging. We are bad neighbours. Will never prosper. Coz we are ready to fght and wars nvr brng prsprty

  100. pakistan is one the best country in world .no country have brave army just like of pakistan
    pakistan zandabad

  101. Pakistani ko ye pata hi ni hai ki agar 1965 me UN ne dakhal ni di hoti toh aaj pakistaan India k naam se jaana jaata. sala Lahore tak ghus gayi thee Indian army. choro Pakistaniyo ki galti ni hai. lekin unhe internet me search maar k dekh Lena chahiye ki har war me usne muh ki khaayi hai.

    • zeeshan khalid khan

      kuti k bachy Pakistan k army k samny ao ga to pent gili ho jaye ge Indians are real fools kabhe hamary Pakistan k commandos k samny hona apny baten bhol jaye ga India u the real fooooool

  102. india isreal bullshits and pakistan china iran best

  103. zeeshan khalid khan

    Number one Army in the world is Pakistan Army ****** SSG ( SPECIAL SERVICE GROUP)

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