Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019

Christmas would have been over till now and you would be waiting for New Year’s celebrations. But before going to the New Year’s parties, wonder for a moment that what good you would be doing to yourself this year. New Year’s resolutions have become more of a trend these days, but if followed solemnly, can bring constructive changes to your lives. People make resolutions but do not stick to them. The reason for not sticking to them can be the difficult resolutions made. So keeping this non committed attitude in mind, I have written some easy resolutions with easy tips. If you will adapt anyone of them, it will serve my purpose of doing something constructive. Read this Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 in detail and show some commitment.


10. Get Adequate Sleep

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Adequate sleep is necessary for health and beauty. If you do not care much about your health then at least ponder on the second reason why you should sleep adequately. Sleeping at least 6-7 hours a day is necessary for your body and mind to freshen up. Lack of sleep causes visible dark circles, obesity, diabetes and other problems like nausea, disturbing you every day routine. Working late at night would make your mind dull.


9. Play Outdoor Games

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 - Play Outdoor Games

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. This is very true. But it does not mean that you would be sticking to your Xbox or video games. Play outdoor games. Football, cricket, tennis, badminton and such games can be played easily. If you are not interested in these, then try cycling or swimming. Your whole body would exercise making your blood flow rapid. Outdoor games can prevent you from a lot of diseases and keep you fit.


8. Donate

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 -  Donate

While eating good, wearing perfect and riding luxuries, do not forget your poor brothers and sisters. Make a habit of donating a part of your belongings, even a small part. Instead of discarding the extra items of your house, give them to the needy or deserving people. Trust me; this resolution would bring happiness and contentment to your lives. If you are unable to donate, then at least share. As sharing is caring!


7. Keeping The Surroundings Clean

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 - Keeping the Surroundings Clean

Clean surroundings make your brain work faster. Get over the habit of keeping your surroundings dirty. Start from your own room. Keep books on their shelves, clothes inside the cupboard and wires inside the drawers. While cooking, keep the kitchen clean. And do not throw wrappers or shopping bags while walking on the road. Use dustbins placed everywhere in your city. And if you see some litter on the roads or picnic spots, then pick them up as you are on the mission of keeping your surroundings and environment clean.


6. Good Grades

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 - Good Grades

If you are a student, then read this paragraph for hundred times. No doubt, grades are important whether you are in school, college or university. If you have good grades in your hand, you can choose the career of your own choice. You can get scholarships and save money. You can help others in their studies. You can brag about your intelligence in front of everyone. You can secure your future. And above all you can make your parents happy who work day and night for your betterment. From now on, study hard to get all these advantages. Define a time and no matter what open your books in that defined time. In this way your routine would set up making your way easier towards getting good grades.


5. Write A Diary

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 - Write a Diary

I know you have made this resolution zillion times a year. Then started it and left it in the middle of nowhere due to busy schedule and hectic routine. I also belong to this group of people. But this year let us make a resolution solemnly that we will write our everyday happenings on a diary every day. Trust me, when you will read your diary after some years, you will get amused beyond your expectations. Plus writing every day will make your expression stronger and error free. So from this year write diary daily. Read it thrice WRITE DIARY DAILY!


4. Save Money

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 - Save Money

Are you a spend thrift? Then this resolution for New Year would be perfect for you. Try saving money every month from your earnings and spare them for the rainy days. Some simple steps can assist you accomplish your goal. Never go to super market or shopping mall without a reason. Make a list of your grocery items, and visit the grocery store once a month. Stop spending money in cafes. Make coffee in your own coffee maker. Cut your gym expenses and fire your trainer if you have any. For cheap weight loss, read the tips given in the “Lose Weight” section of this article. Ride a bicycle to your work or try your legs instead of consuming fuel. You will save big bucks.


3. Book Reading

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 -  Book Reading

Out of all the resolutions, I like this one the most. When you have decided to make new habits this year, then book reading should be on the top of the list. For this first brain storm your interests. Then search for the books of your interest. Buy them and keep them on your bed side table. Read some pages every day before sleeping and you will sleep like a baby. My opinion is that you should grab books of all the genres whether novel, fiction, history or general knowledge. And yes! Do not forget to read Harry Potter Series, Pride and Prejudice and Ideas. They are my favorites.


2. Quit Smoking

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 - Quit Smoking

If you are a regular smoker then you need to read this that you will die approximately 8 years early just because of this ridiculous habit. We all know smoking is hazardous rather fatal to health. So New Year is the best time to promise yourself. Promise that smoking would be just a past from now onwards. If you are unable to get over a control on yourself, try nicotine replacement therapies. They surely help. And do not get dis hearted. It has been seen that the smokers makes at least four attempts before actually quitting smoking. But just think once, how much god you would be doing to yourself and your family just by quitting something which is not constructive at all.


1. Lose Weight

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2019 - Lose Weight

Now this resolution strongly demands one thing, and that is commitment. But see if you cannot fit into your favorite dress or you cannot wear your favorite bracelet, then this life has no fun left. So, losing weight is important. Diet control, daily walk and some exercises would do the purpose. For diet control, visit a nutritionist or look up for some healthy diet chart on internet. Walk daily. Set a time either early in morning or in evening and walk for at least 20 minutes. And for exercises join a gym or consult a trainer. You can opt for simple exercises, aerobics or yoga.

If not a trainer, then download some videos from internet of any famous reliable trainer and follow them. Try system of video games like “Wii Fit Plus” or “Your shape fitness evolved” by Microsoft Xbox. The result would be positive.

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