Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In 2014

Gone are the days when people used to roam around carelessly. They were not worried about their lives or property; including the harassment (whether physical or sexual). Now, it would not be wrong if we say that people are not safe even from their relatives; let alone the strangers. With advancing technology and increasing modernization, the world has turned into a materialistic global village, where all one cares about is the materialistic things. Not only are the people unsafe, but are also exposed to many violent crimes. Crime rates, Rape crimes, Murder rates and suicide rates have increased manifold. This is the testimony of the fact that not a single soul is safe. Girls and women are equally (at times more) exposed to harassment; physical, sexual, psychological, social. Rape crimes are at climax now. Let us have a look at the Top 10 Countries with Highest rape crime in 2014 according to the latest consensus 2014.


10. New Zealand

Well boys of this country are not reliable at all. Nearly 1500 girls were raped at the start of this year in just one month and the rate is increasing since then. The cruelest part is that four to five women are killed daily after being raped. The “Roast Busters” gangster includes boys who inject alcohol in teen girls and commit gang rape. The gangster was then caught but the stories of girls being sexually violated left people in shock.




9. Canada

highest rape crime 2014

One out of seventeen women has to face the torture of rape, but the disturbing fact is that only 6% of the actual rape crimes are reported. In actual, one out of every three women would be a raped one. If the cases would be hidden like this and no strict action would be taken, there are chances that Canada might travel to the top side of the list in the approaching years.


8. Italy

Recently a new ruling has been enacted by the Italian court; Skinny Jeans Ruling. This law was promulgated in effect of the uncontrollable rape crime rates. According to this rule, the females wearing tight jeans cannot be raped. This clearly shows how much a country is facing the problem of sexual abuse. Italy, therefore rightly makes it among the top ten.


7. Germany

highest rape crime countries 2014

It is surprising news that Germany has introduced morning-after pills in order to control the rape crime rates. I mean isn’t this the failure of a Nation when it cannot inculcate ethics in its citizens? Like it or not, girls and women here are continuously abused inhumanely despite of the technology and literary advancements.


6. Sweden

Europe may be a developed continent but one of its country, Sweden, has highest rape cases in the continent itself and in the world as well. This crime has increased four times in the past twenty years and is become more violent. About one third of the girls are being humiliated in their teens. One out of every four woman is at risk of being violated sexually. It comes out to the notice that females are not only sexually assaulted, but they are also harmed physically a lot. After reading all these stats, the development of this country and continent is at question. How can be they developed if their minds are not?


5. Israel


Yes you read it right!!! Despite of it being a small territory as compared to other countries, the rape crime rate in Israel is more than noticeable; the reason being the Israel-Gaza crisis over a decade. The recent war between the two territories has resulted into innumerous rape cases of the Gaza women, who are always at the mercy of the Israel soldiers. Not only are the soldiers killing the innocent children, but are also sexually abusing the Muslim women in Gaza. Sad indeed!


4. United Kingdom

UK was once included in the top three countries, involved brutally in the crime of sexual violence. In 2013, ONS (Office of National Statistics) published the statistic of women rape cases for the first time which were heart breaking. Concerned authorities were humiliated for not taking any action. Since then, some careful measures are taken, but UK is still ranked in top ten. 400,000 females are raped every year out of which most of them face this assassination on their character between the age of 16 to 59.


3. USA

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In 2014

United States of America has again managed to come in the top ten lists of rape crimes. No matter how much liberal or equality oriented the country is said to be, it fails to cater to this problem and comes out to be the conservative sort on this topic. The country encouraged the females to come at par with males. They were allowed to enter every profession but turned out to be helpless in protecting them from such a barbaric act. Not only are the females unsafe, but even the males are not safe from being raped in USA. 90% rape crimes involve women as the victims, while 9% involve men as the victims. This is in fact a moment of Silence for those who claim it to be a developed country.


2. South Africa

African continent also makes up to the list of this year as the rape crime rate here is more than noticeable. Every year 500,000 females and every day 3600 females on average are badly raped and even killed after the abuse. One of the heart wrenching cases is the abduction, rape and murder of the two cousins aged 2 and 3 years old by five men and then dumping of the bodies in the toilet.


1. India

Highest Rape Crime In 2014

This name has been on the top of the list since three years. And the sad part is even after a lot of protests and walks for spreading awareness, no constructive steps has been taken by government to eradicate this brutal act from the country. Male chauvinism is on the peak and most of the men are ignorant of the adverse effects of this crime.

Highest Rape Crime In 2014

The capital of India, Delhi, is the hub while areas of UP are also actively involved in rape crimes. After every twenty minutes (which was twenty two in 2012) a girls is raped, and four out of every ten women are under the threat.

Girls are not even safe from their own family members. Not only locals, but also foreigner ladies are not safe. The recent case of Swedish woman being raped supports the statement. Well as we are approaching towards more advancement in technology in 2015, I wish there might come some advancement in taking preventive measures to stop this act.




  1. Ok…Could somebody explain me , why in this statistics is ommisioned islamic country? Almost each woman has been raped there.And often no one time.Please to check world news every day.

    • Kindly check the world news again and give us the source too so that we all know about that country in which every women is raped and will rape on daily basis. Kindly work on facts and figures not on liking’s and disliking’s. Saudi Arabia Is Muslim country in which if some one rape, then his Raping tool will be cut off, so nobody dare to think about it . But what about Western Countries, every girl is involve in sexual relation before marriage even in teen age which urge this crime and the government is not serious because they are not considering this crime. There are too many countries in this world which are not included in this list and those are not Muslim countries than why you are always comparing everything with Muslims And Muslim countries . We are here to represent the world not any country , that why our lists are on facts and figure not Biased. Thanks

    • Get your eyes pilled and quit being prejudice. US is one of the highest in the world for rape crime. Didn’t you know that every 2 minutes there are woman getting raped in the US?
      US, the land of bastards!!!

    • Because as per Islamic law a woman who gets raped has to produce at least two witnesses failing which she is liable for punishment for adultery that may result n her getting death penalty.

  2. thats ma man …..respect admin….and polishguy get ready to b raped

  3. What kind of a report is this? Acc. to you every year 500,000 women are raped in South Africa whichis at no.2 rank and in UK every year 400,000 women are raped and it is ranked at numer 4. While in India every 20 minute a woman is raped that makes 3 women an hour or 72 women in a day or 26280 women in a year. Compare this number with 500,000 and 400,000 but yu have given India number one rank in rapes. You must be a Pakistani.

  4. In UK “400,000 females are raped every year out of which most of them face this assassination on their character between the age of 16 to 59”
    so in the 43 years between 16 and 53, more than 17 million women will be raped – means more than half the female population will suffer a rape.
    WOW. That is amazing.

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