Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses 2013

B-Town is home to beautiful ladies and divas, whose drop dead killing gorgeous looks and perfectly toned bodies are a dream of every girl. Accept it or not, we love them and idealize them. We can’t imagine a Bollywood film without a beautiful lady flaunting and making us jealous. We are talking about Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses 2013.

What will a hero do, or who will a hero save if not a gorgeous lady. Not just this but now the trend is changing and Bollywood divas are have taken up the responsibility of making a Bollywood film successful by their sheer determination, acting skills and beauty.

So here is a list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses. These ravishing ladies might have many skills but we have entered them in the list because of their looks.


10. Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

If there is a woman who does not need a hero then it is Vidya Balan. She does not care whatever the world has to say about her dressing sense and horrible closet or the fact that she made a total fun of herself by wearing an awkward Sari at Cannes, but hey she was at Cannes!!! She has a beautiful smile and sharp good looks, but we really really wish that she improves her dressing sense.


9. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt

Being one of the youngest super stars in the B-Town, Alia Bhatt was lucky to have worked with Karan Johar at the very beginning of her career. She used this opportunity to the fullest and proved herself to be a good actress and beautiful lady. She has her hands full of awards for her debut role. According to some rumors, we will see her next opposite Ranbir Kapoor in an upcoming flick.


8. Parineeti Chopra

Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses 2013 ,Parineeti Chopra

Pari is the new addition to the clan of beautiful Bollywood Divas. She is cute and bubbly and loved by her audience. In a very small time she has made huge number of fans. She won Best Debut Actress Film Fare Award for her role in Ricky Vs Lady Bahl. Again her next film Ishaqzade came as a huge hit. So all in all she has got the same genes as her cousin Priyanka Chopra.


7. Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

Dabang girl has been flying high since the day she stepped in this industry and Salman Khan has a lot of contribution in this success. But still from her very first appearance, she made young people fell in love with her. She has won many awards too. The best thing about her is that she is not a sleek size zero and neither does she want it. She says ‘I am not here to become a size zero, but a hero’. And we don’t mind this until she looks good.


6. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma hot

Anushka Sharma is the darling of Yash Raj Films. She started her career opposite King Khan so there was no way that she could not get fame. She also won ‘Best Supporting Actress Female (Film Fare) award’. Anushka Sharma is confident and knows how to make her presence felt. Her broad smile and sleek body is something that has added in the list of Top Ten Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses.


5. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor , Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses 2013

Her films might not have worked very well at the box office but there are no two options about her beauty and dressing sense. She is one of the well-dressed actresses in the whole Bollywood. And why shouldn’t she be, after all her father still makes girls go crazy when he enters. She has taken up many endorsements with L’Oreal Paris to be the most important one. She has also been to Cannes film festival where her floral dress was highly appreciated.


4. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra,,Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses 2013

Pigi Chops has got the talent to make the film work without any help from a hero. Her film ‘Fashion’ is a great example; in fact it is one of those pioneering films that showed that a heroin can do more than just scream for help. Apart from her looks, her polished acting skills were shown in her latest flick ‘Barfee’, which despite strong Indian will could not make it to the OSCARS.


3. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Deepika, where D stands for dimple, became a huge star with her debut film ‘Om Shanti Om’. She is a versatile actress, capable of taking up the role of ‘girl next door’ to the ‘ultra-modern fashonista’. She has been appreciated by the audience in both the roles. This tall lady has been nominated for various awards. Her latest film Chennai Express is all set to be released. A lot is expected from this film because it has the same couple that worked magic in OSO – SRK and Deepkia Padukone. Hope she shows us good work, provided her height does not come in way!


2. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

Kat, the cute Barbie doll with her non-Indian Gori looks is the sweetheart of all her audience. She has been giving great hits except some of the flops like ‘Tees Mar Khan’. She has already worked with two super khans SRK and Salman and is presently working on Dhoom 3 with Ika Khan. Katrina Kaif has become a symbol of beauty and cuteness. She has worked a lot on her dancing and Hindi skills and now we feel that she will be able to deliver some serious acting in addition to her charming looks.


1. Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor, Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses 2013

Kareena Kapoor is the Ruling Queen of Bollywood. There is no one in the town that can match her charisma and drop dead gorgeous looks. Her purse never runs out of projects. According to a choreographer it does not matter whether she dance properly or not because all people see is her beautiful face. When a choreographer has such confidence in her looks then who are we to think otherwise. She had been a prominent figure in Bollywood but she made waves after reducing herself size zero. It’s ironic how people become big after reducing themselves! Kareena has been giving hits after hits. After Jab We Met, she just didn’t look back. We wish her all the best of luck for her upcoming films and endorsement projects and hope that her films get more publicity than her relationship with Saif Ali Khan.


  1. i don’t agree with the list, the no 5 is the most beautiful follow by no 3 and no 4, and then the rest

  2. The list is correct.

  3. The list is not good. Deepika should be first!

  4. Karina Kapoor looks like the Indian Sarah Jessica Parker in the at pic (SJP looks like a horse)
    Katrina Kaif is the hottest
    Bhatt looks like she got down syndrome or just too dam plain(no offence to anyone that has it)
    Sonam looks manish
    DEepika face aint all that. she looks like a 6/10 with make up/
    I like prianka but her body aint all that now or its just the pic.

    Guess Ive been spoiled by the european ant latin models

  5. Deepika deserves to be number 1 actress. She can act,pretty & has a good position at box office too. Deepika is THE ONLY actor to boast of four 100 crore hits in a single year!GOD BLESS!!

  6. priyanka chopra is best and no 1 hot

  7. what about aishwarya rai?

    • She is not that much inn in the Bollywood Industry from last couple of years. And these ten celebs are also very beautiful. No doubt Aisjwarya rai was one of the most beautiful and most successful actress of Bollywood but now things going change.

  8. It goes Katrina, then deepika, kareena, anushka, alia, priyanka, sonam, parineeti, sonakshi and last of all vidya!

  9. first is sinakshi then parineeti then the rest

  10. very incorrect!

  11. Kathrina should be the first. Not Kareena. Never.

  12. where is Madhuri and Aishwarya?

    • Do you think they are still young and very much inn in the Bollywood Industry ? Or they are still beautiful I don’t think so .

  13. Most of them are now getting old, or they think they are still young, these people are not the most beautiful ones for me.

  14. deepika no.1 and then oters mind it!

  15. alia is the best, she is number one

  16. the list is wrong ,it should be 1 katrina ,2 alia 3 kareena 4 priyanka 5 sonam 6 sonakshi 7 deepika 8 pariniti 9 anushka 10 vidya

  17. no yami gautam, vaani kapoor, ileana, nargis fakhri, huma qureshi ??? if deepika n karina r on the list then these definitely deserve a place.

    @admin …. r u even a follower of bollywood movies ???

  18. Deepika @first,then priyanka

  19. Alia bhatt should be first

  20. Katrina kaif should be first , kareena second then all are fine ! Why is sonakshi there but? :/ and also priyanka is after anushka!

  21. suuny is best actor.

  22. Deepika padukone should be the number oneeeeee….. The most sexiest actresses

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