Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014

Asian beauty has its own charm and elegance and this is very true about Pakistani women. Pakistan Television industry is full of talent and beauty, Pakistani actresses are known not only because of their acting skills but also because of their attractive features and charming personalities and some of them are seemed to be the most beautiful women present in the whole world. There are various beauty queens but to identify the top most beauty queens is really a hard task to do, here we have a list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 whose sharp features, elegant personalities and impressive looks make them perfect to be in this list.


10. Ainy Jaffri

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 -

She is a beautiful Pakistani model and actress that has won the best female model award in 2010. In the start of her career she played some average roles but her innocent looks mesmerized many people and suddenly caught the attention of many people of Pakistan industry and then she got extraordinary fame through a famous serial Meri Behan Maya in 2012 and recently she played in another promising play Aseer Zadi on Hum TV and is also doing important role in film Main Hoon Shahid Afridi. Her fresh looks and brilliant acting skills will make her more successive and more demanding.


9. Sana Javed

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 - Sana Javed

One of the cutest faces of Pakistan industry is Sana Javed, she is an attractive Pakistani model and Television actress that has played many sophisticated roles in many serials including Meenu Ka Susral, Mera Pehla Pyar and Shehr-e-Zaat. She was captivated and noticed by everyone for her brilliant role in Mera Pehla Pyaar aired on ARY Digital.
Her acting skills and glamorous personality make her capable of being the future superstar of Pakistan industry.


8. Arij Fatyma

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 - Arij Fatyma

Arij Fatyma is the emerging star of Pakistan television industry and has excellent combination of beauty, innocence and charm in her personality. She is an American born Pakistani model and actress who started her career in 2010 and gained so much popularity in very small period of time.She is an outstanding young model and a glamorous actress who look stylish and stunning in every role whether it is a sophisticated role of an old lady in Humnasheen or a crazy girl role in some other drama.


7. Syra Yousuf

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 -  Syra Yousuf

Syra Yousuf is an innocent, adorable and charming actress having a complete amalgamate of beauty and acting. She is a young Pakistani VJ, actress and model and is renowned because of her charming looks, attractive smile and acting skills. Recently, she won the best smile award in the VEET awards and there are a number of fans that can die for her smile. She has mesmerized numerous viewers with her elegant personality, charming smile and finest acting skills, she has numerous fans and has a bright future in Pakistan industry.


6. Mehwish Hayat

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 - Mehwish Hayat

She is a stunning and beautiful Pakistani actress model and singer who is renowned for her sensational looks and smile. Her attractive looks, sensational smile and fabulous acting skills have won the hearts of many fans. She is the winner of Madventures on ARY Digital and has been consistently ranked in the list of “Asia’s Sexiest women” by the UK’s magazine eastern eye and according to official report revealed on 6th of December she is included in the list of top 10 most attractive women of Asia 2013. She has beautifully played different roles in various drama serials.


5. Ayesha Khan

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 - Ayesha Khan

She is a fabulous Pakistani film and television actress that has appeared in various television serials and recently made her film debut by working in film Waar released in October 2013. She has performed some well loved characters and is renowned not only because of her talent but also for her beauty. She has the most beautiful eyes and has attractive features making her elegant and admirable. Her performance in movie Waar is highly appreciated and is a proof that she is an important asset of Pakistan that has no comparison in talent and beauty.


4. Aiza Khan

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 -  Aiza Khan

She is a cute and simple actress having best features that properly fit her in the category of most beautiful Pakistani actresses. This young and talented Pakistani actress and model is very innocent and full of natural beauty. She started her career through modeling when she was just 16 years old and then diverted her path towards acting, she has appeared in various television drama serials and through her acting she has proved her versatility and talent. She is a well known actress whose glamorous acting, innocent face, cute smile and tall height have made her the heartbeat of millions of viewers.


3. Mahira Khan

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 - Mahira Khan

Natural beauty has its own elegance and charm and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is blessed fully with such beauty. She is a renowned actress with lovely face and beautiful smile, her leading role in super hit drama serial “Humsafar” made her to be extremely famous and also made her the face of the year of 2012. She also worked in the film Bol and her performance was enough to prove her a versatile actress, she is gorgeous and pretty and a true asset of Pakistan.


2. Sanam Baloch

Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses In 2014 - Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch has the most innocent face with killing smile and cute dimple that has cherished the hearts of many people. She is a graceful eastern beauty who is popular for her simplicity and polite nature. She is a skilled actress and television host and has received various awards because of her excellent performances. Her beautiful personality with cute dimple makes her distinct from others, her impressive talking style is also a leading factor in her popularity and her bold role in recent drama serial kankar has realized viewers again that she is too good.


1. Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch

The most beautiful Pakistani actress is Mahnoor Baloch whose elegance and sizzling beauty is really admirable. She is an actress, model and director, it is more absolute to say that she is one of the legendry Pakistani actresses who is getting and looking prettier and younger with the passage of time. She is a versatile actress whose timeless beauty has contributed a lot in her popularity. She is charming, cute and attractive and perfect to be at the top of the list. Her flawless performance, elegant style and stunning looks have made her renowned world widely. None of the celebrities has such a graceful personality as she has.


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  8. ayeza deserves first place. mahira should be out of the list and so is mahnoor because this list should include new talent enough with the old ones. ayesha khan se achi tu sajjal hai .where is she.and sana should is more beautiful then saira.

  9. aiza should be at 1 nd mahira should be removed !!!!!!

  10. aiza should be at 1 and sajal should be at 2.where is she?

  11. as i say in my 1st comment saba kamar should be on no.1

  12. no.1 should be aine jaffri and 2should be mahnoor baloch 3 should be mahira khan 4 should be sana javed and 5 should be syra yosuf

  13. according to my concern sister snam baloch shuld be top position

  14. aiza khan shoud be on first and mahnoor baloch shoud out of the list

  15. where is maya ali???

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  18. AIZA should be first and urwa and mawra also included in place of mahnoor and ayesha khan bcz these are old.

  19. Ayeza khan is No.1

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    she has to be in first

  25. Aiza Khan is 1st

  26. Mahnoor Baloch is no 1

  27. where is sajal

  28. Mahira n mahnoor both cross there young age n mahira is not enuf attractive , on the other hand mahnoor is not very bad but itx tym 2 give chance 2 our new talent .

  29. I like the no 9

  30. Dear Admin, u missed Soniya Hussain, Mawra and Urwa all three stunningly beautiful in their own ways..

  31. Sadaqat Sohrab Abbasi

    Sanam shuld be first. Mahnoor is good but she is aunty.

  32. Your site is amazing,cute and grandeur.Best site for the star lovers.List is good but still lacks talented actresses.One talented and courageous actress i noticed in Wardat.Saas se intiqam ,may 14-2014.A wife is attempted forcibly to do bad.The character of wife is performed in a well organised manners,overall performance of the actress is remarkable,magnificent,cute,and grandeur.An actress not fame but with in depth characteristics should never ever be neglected.Please include those who deserve.Would you please include the actress of this enactment.If the text is objectionable please edit and notify me by an email please.
    Regretting inconvenience and thanking your grace.

    • Thanks for your great reviews about our site and we will keep that celebs in mind for creating the list of best actresses in 2015. Thanks

      • Your site is a ocean in information.But the team seems to be much too passive.Requests seems to be fallen in abeyance.My comment was successfully published on December 1,2014.But Still the Celeb list is not updated.What is the use of these fake submissions.

        • We already updated the list, must search before blaming our team. Top 10 most beautiful Pakistani actresses in 2015

          • Thanks for the kind feedback,I feel sorry to hurt someone.I had requested to publish the details of a talented and courageous actress i noticed in Wardat.Saas se intiqam on Samaa tv,may 14-2014.The character of wife is well appreciated by a good number in our area.Still i could’nt find,anyhow thanks a lot.

          • Mohammad Ibrahim

            I am a regular visitor of your site,if me or anybody wishes or requests to publish some details of an actress or actor,what is wrong in it.I regret to say that my three requests were turned down.I am always much too delighted to visit your site,its really amazing with brilliant team work,a paradise for the star lovers.Thanks for the facts and realities given by you on your site.

  33. at least after the success of BASHAR MOMIN USHNA SHAH should be on 1st and what’s the problem is with MAHIRA KHAN she’s too beautiful!!!

  34. mahira is best i love mahira and sajal

  35. sanam baloch is so sweet

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  37. sajal ali and sanam jung must be in this list becoz they both are more beautiful compare to above top 10.

  38. Mohammad Ibrahim

    A best performing Stars less famous or more,inspire viewers.Reluctance in publishing the details and pics of a good performer,its transcendental.Your site is marvelous.

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