Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers In 2019

Now a days singing has become one of the foremost possessions of everyone. It would not be wrong to say that it’s a manner of life for many people, especially youngsters in recent era. It’s indeed the best way to express your feelings for someone. The singing competitions are held to provide the best career opportunities to the thrilling voices as well as the vast exposure to them to make the world go crazy after their great voices. Music industry is a changing world of successes and failures that provides a tough competition between male singers as well. Last year there were not many new male vocalists who step into the music industry but the few who came into the spotlight had rocked and also made their place direct into our Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers In 2019. Here is the list of top ten singers who are expected to hit the Billboards charts this year with their ultimate talent and scene representations.


10. Eric Bellinger

Most Popular Male Singers In 2019 -

He could be considered as the most focused artist in 2019 who has worked with many well-known people in his projects and made his path to the ultimate success. With the gain in popularity this singer as well as songwriter continues to be blessed with fans with the release of his latest music. Consecutive hits had urged him to launch his very own album “The ReBirth”, that would be available in stores by 11 February this year. “Born II Sing vol.3” and “Same Ol’ (with R&B veteran Jon B as the team member)”are his famous hits for the last year. If you have once started to “hear” Eric Bellinger you are left with no option but to “listen” as he demanded.


9. Jordan Bratton

Jordan Bratton

The amazing artist who can be regarded as a tough competitor of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake to make them worried about their career work is Jordan Bratton. His voice has its own style and unique way to take people attention. His latest album “They Grey Area” is a big hit in music industry that has increased his demand and fan following exponentially. It would be justified to call his voice the “voice of today”. He has the power to make people DANCE with his music. He undoubtedly has something that took him to the next level of success and of course one of the top singers in our list.


8. Eminem


The singer who had managed to win the hearts of many music lovers is Eminem. He is multi-talented singer who sung most effective and hit songs back to back. He is regarded as the best lyrical rappers ever existed. He can rap all the issues whether they are comical or serious. He has a huge fan following in all his related fields as music, acting or producing. He has such a great comeback in the music industry that he seems to go from strength to strength at every step in his career. He is expected to be the prominent singer and leading producer in the upcoming years as well.


7. Drake

Most Popular Male Singers In 2019 -

One of the great Canadian rappers is Aubrey Drake Graham famous as Drake can’t be skipped in our top 10’s list of the best male singers for 2019. This young talented singer has received the praise of big singing stars as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj by working in collaboration to them. He started to gain popularity with his role he played in TV series Degrassi and in the year 2010 the release of his most successful album “Thank me later” put him in this top 10’s board. After that hit he never have had a chance to look back and give the bumper hits such as “Take Care” continuously that bound him to be the most wanted star.


6. Chris Brown

Most Popular Male Singers In 2019 -  Chris Brown

Chris Brown is an exceptional singer as well as dancer who is rarely free from any scandal everytime (may be a trick to gain popularity). This young singer has achieved the great fame and millions of followers online due to his unparalleled singing abilities and dancing qualities. He can rock the dance floor through the moves that can’t even be copied by the big dancers. He was awarded with his first Grammy Award in 2011 and Platinum Award for the best ever single album “Kiss Kiss”. He is indeed the most romantic and gentle singer for 2019.


5. Maklemore

Most Popular Male Singers In 2019 - Maklemore

This amazing singer has definitely the true vocal control that can develop the true love and passion in music lovers. He is a famous rapper who gained a big exposure to music industry after his most famous hit “Thrift Shop”. He has made his own music business to reach the top by giving the most popular performances with some of the great stars on the planet and has got many fans around the globe. His different style and quirky image has helped him gain the fame.


4. Pitbull

Most Popular Male Singers In 2019 - Pitbull

Famous as Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull is a superb rapper and a big business man. He has the enormous fan following on Facebook as well as on twitter. The main reason for such a great popularity is the way he presents on the stage. This multi-talented singer has an impression due to his charcoal designs and uncommon melody. He has always worked in collaboration with the best stars as Akon, Shakira, Kesha, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Nayer and many others. He always has had the Spanish influence in his songs that let his work always to be hit. “Feel this moment” was his latest hit in 2019. He is well known for his smart lyrics.


3. Justin Timberlake

Most Popular Male Singers In 2019 - Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has been in this music industry since his teenage and had continuously been improving until he made his place in the top 10 most popular male singers of 2019 as well. He has gained universal success by having number of fans and selling out arenas. All his solo albums were the timeless hits. His popularity graph continues to increase with his every new release so absolutely justifies that the man has talent. He is a wonderful actor who has worked in many leading roles as well as in co-starring roles in hit films. Has won many awards in his field.


2. David Guetta

Most Popular Male Singers In 2019 - David Guetta

He is the famous and the top music producer of France. He started to unfold the fame in the big music industry in 2009 as has progressed the way that urge the world to admit his talent. His album “when love takes over” was his first grand success. After that he gave two more big hits famous as “sexy bitch” and getting over you”. He has more than 43 million followers on facebook and over 10 million followers on twitter. He is the owner of Jack Back records for releasing the electronic music. His solo as well as combined performances have been a big hit over past few years. He has worked with many great stars on the planet and has become most wanted singer and producer in USA.


1. Bruno Mars

Most Popular Male Singers In 2019 - Bruno Mars

This guy has guaranteed successes and high listing for the upcoming years. He is a hero with supreme dancing, producing, singing and authoring abilities. It would not be wrong to say that he has one of the most “warm” voices in the music industry. Billionaire (you must remember) was his first hit and after that every album he launched and every song he sang become a super duper hit. “Just the way you are”, “Marry You” and “Grenade” are his unforgettable hits.

Currently the holder of many awards, he is expected to be the top most male singer for the year 2019 as well. This soulful Hawaiian singer is an idol of millions and millions of people and holds the best voice glamour in this big music industry.


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