Top 10 World’s Best Intelligence Agencies 2014

An intelligence agency is basically an agency that works for the government. Collection, analysis and exploitation of information and intelligence that later helps in national security, defense, enforcement of laws and defining foreign policy objectives; are some of the functions a good intelligence agency serves. Each country has its own distinct intelligence agency that has broad dimension and international networks. These agencies are also involved in recovery of most of the data about criminals. People working in these agencies are called as agents who are extremely devoted and involved with the state affairs. The agents of the Intelligence agencies also work and help in the recovery of the lost people in the world. Both overt and covert methods are used for gathering secret data. Let’s have a look at the top 10 World’s Best Intelligence Agencies 2014.


10. DGSE, France

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 -

DGSE is an abbreviation of Direction Générale De La Sécurité Extérieure. In English, this means General Board of External Security. This agency was formally formed in 1982 and operates under the Defense Ministry of French Government. Main motive of the agency is gathering foreign intelligence and protection of internal security. Organizational activities and operation details are not made public.


9. ASIS, Australia

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - 9. ASIS, Australia

ASIS stands for Australian Secret Intelligence Service. The agency was founded in 1952 and is supervised by a Director General. It is one of the most efficient intelligence agencies and has its basic interest centered in Asia and pacific regions. The efficient agents are spread round the globe and are working whole heartedly in protecting the national, economic and political facets of their country.


8. KHAD, Afghanistan

8. KHAD, Afghanistan

KHAD stands for Khadamat-e Aetla’at-e Dawlati, which in English means State Intelligence Agency. Though afghan agency has not been on major fronts after the civil war in Afghanistan in 1996, in 2014 this intelligence agency may become highlighted again. It is stated by many political analysts that KHAD is basically being funded by RAW. The agency has a manipulative role and may become a pertinent source of or facilitator to any proxy war that could be fought in near future.


7. RAW, India

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - 7. RAW, India

RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing. It is the external agency of India that was formed in 1968. Major objective of the agency is protecting national borders and keeping an eye on all such circumstances that could lead to any war situation. Agency is also active for counter-terrorism in India and for this purpose gathers and analyses information from foreign government, individuals and corporate’s perspectives.


6. Mossad, Israel

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - 6. Mossad, Israel

Mossad id the intelligence agency for Israel and was formed in 1949. It is one of the most successful intelligence agencies of the world and has keen interests in covert operations and paramilitary activities. Their major focus is on Arab nations and other organizations of the world. This agency has also been extensively involved in clandestine and concealed movement of Jewish refugees out of Syria and Iran. In 2014, the agency is expected to rise to distinct levels of functioning. Because of their strong power and role, the chance of having a nuclear war in Israel was subsided.


5. BND, Germany

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - 5. BND, German

BND is an abbreviation of Bundesnachrichtendienst, which in English means Federal Intelligence Service. This agency was created after World War II and since then has been one of the leading intelligence agencies of the world. The major aim of agency is collecting secret information and security secrets of German government are also under the domain of BND. Gathering intelligence data and detecting threats about criminal and terrorist activities is also the objective of this agency.


4. FSB, Russia

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - FSB Germany

FSB stands for Federal Security Service and is the main security agency of Russia. It was founded in early 1990’s and since then has developed periodically. Today and even in the years to come it would be ranked among the top most efficient intelligence agencies of the world. Major aim of the agency is collecting information. Protecting national interests and taking counter-terrorism steps for enhancing country’s security. With over 250 thousand staff, special agents and squads, the agency’s main office is located in Moscow.


3. MI-6, United Kingdom

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - MI-6, United Kingdom

MI-6 is normally called as Secret Intelligence Service and is one of the best  intelligence agencies of the world. It was formed in 1909 and has its head quarter located in London. This agency works in joint collaboration with Government Communications Headquarters and the Internal Security Service. Ensuring national security and informing government of any unusual activity is the major function of the agency.



Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - CIA, USA

Central Intelligence Agency is the independently functioning intelligence agency of the United States of America. This functions under Direction of Nations Intelligence and has the major objectives of collecting, organizing and analyzing information from all national and foreign contexts. This information is then made available to policy makers so that they can formulate the laws and rules best for national interest.


1. ISI, Pakistan

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - ISI, Pakistan

ISI stands for Inter-Services Intelligence and is the main intelligence agency for Pakistan. This has been ranked as the world’s best intelligence agency by the American Crime News. Major aim of the agency is to protect national interests, pay heed to matters of political and social interests and advise the military in taking appropriate steps. Safeguarding nation from domestic and foreign enemy attacks along with counter-terrorism steps also highlight the objectives. This agency has played vital and effective role during Kargil & Afghan Wars and Kashmir operation.




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    • Sandeep..if u r wise enough so think nd think deeply plx..
      According to American Surway of Crime Reporting..there shud b 50 bomb blasts everyday in Pakistan buh Due to our Gr8 ISI , only 1 or 2 happened in 2 weeks…or so…nd tht blasted in nothern areas…
      Think Sandeep…Don’t b Jealous…

      • Fraz Sahib,
        Plz Consider the following high marks for ISI
        1- The Brave Army/ISI who eats 75 of the country’s resources surrendered to Indian Army
        2- The Brilliant Army under the leadership of Commando Mush lost Kargil Fight
        3- The vigilant ISI slept during US Army attack to capture Osama bin laddoo
        4- The ISI was not able to avoid attack on GHQ Rawalpindi
        5- The PC Orion planes were destroyed while ISI was sleeping tight
        6- Baynazir Bhutto was murdered and ISI didn’t have any clue….

        • Mate get your facts straight,
          1. Pakistan’s total budget is 2764.4 billion out of which Defence budget is 442.2 Billion. Which is 15.6% also Defence includes Army, Navy and Air force and ISI is financed by army. If army consumes half the budget of defence then it is 7.8% consumed off the total Pakistan’s budget not 75%. Source Wikipedia.
          2. Kargil war took place in 1999, this List is For 2014 not 1999.
          3. Do you really think Navy seals of America crossed the Pakistan border Without notifying the Intelligence? are you really that stupid? It was a Joint operation By the ISI, CIA and the Navy Seals which means ISI itself was included in assassinating Osama and it has not been officially said by the ISI officials to prevent Bombings in Pakistan by Al Qaeda to Avenge Osama’s Death.
          4. Do you know the size of GHQ? The Attacks took place near the GHQ, Inside an Army mess not Inside of GHQ.
          5. Benazir was assassinated and the assassin was never caught or lets say never disclosed to the public and also do remember The Ex President of America J.f Kennedy was also assassinated and the CIA hasn’t disclosed the information to the public. Just because what you hear are see on News Channels isnt the truth, You my fellow citizen have Biased information.

          • Gerry Thanks for this information, i think you gave the answer of of our visitor’s question’s . Thanks Again.

          • Well said Gerry…

          • Gerry,,,,, then why don’t u tell,, what is ISI doing when bombs are being blasted everyday in pakistan.

          • You are absolutely right Gerry. In fact ISI is really No1 in the World and is working for the Pakistani nation’s security and Defence of Pakistan .


          • Complete and amazing and very good answer my full clarification and the the best part that used the j.f.k. example and now they have to shut ……keep it up

        • You IDIOT “”””Pakistani””””” Osama bin laddoo is not a PAKISTANI.
          AND Benazir Bhutto was murdered by her own GUARD you JEALOUS INDIAN IDIOT……… THIS shows that your General knowledge is very low.

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        • My dear brother, ISI is not responsible to answer any of this shit. Let me remind you of 1965 war, i think it was fought by the Brave Army of Pakistan with a limited ammo, and why is it the duty of ISI to provide protection to a politician? ISI is the only agency who have attacked on Israel’s nuclear headquarters in response to the attack planned by Mossad and RAW collaboratively on atomic power plant of Pakistan. I think this is not enough, was CIA sleeping when they got attacked by some bullshit terrorists??? Use your common sense. ISI have got limited resources and even than they are powerful.

        • isi zindabad i love you mere bhaio

        • one thing must be kept in your mind that isi is an intelligence agency not a law and order force. isi’s main object is to indicate shit planings against Pakistan.

          please find below answers respectively;

          1- information in wrong. second thing is to clear that army is separate thing and isi is an other thing. and we dont want to share our budget detail as its our internal issue.

          2- kargil lost …….. childish thinking. i think you used to watch indian movies. if you have time investigate that what happend in this war.. kargil was won by pakistan army but given due to political issue not by struggling of indian army.

          3- Who’s indicated that OSama is here…???? hahahah search it.

          4- again this thing that ISI is not a police force,, its intelligence agency… and isi had already been indicated prior this attack.

          6- about this issue you must know that here in pakistan every body knows about murderar of Bhutto… isi works for country,,, not for persons.,, anyhow its political issue..

          hope these are suffice….

          • Really, U need to get some true facts. U can get them from wikipedia.
            1) paksitan lost kargil war.
            2) Americans acted on their own to find osama. shame on u that he was living in a safe and fenced compound.
            3) what about NOV 2 blast attack when more than 50 pakistani were killed. RAW had intelligence about the possible blast but ISI didnot.

        • raw is slept when terrorist attack on samjota express.

      • And what about your military and your own domestic disputes and one thing I want to tell you that we are the best and we have isro which has the potential to make everything a success and our military is far stronger than yours and ranked at 4th in the world

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      • dear guys
        terrorism in pakistan is decresed by 70 percent in this year.all the crediet goes to Army Cheif Governer Raheel Shareef.

    • @sandeep Singh
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    • Abbas Khan Adrali

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    • Pakistan is facing many threat now days and we know who are responsible for these threat !
      One day InshaALLAH we will hopefully get rid from these threats .

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    • Kashmir Singh who involved in bomb blasting in Pakistan was an Indian which he admitted and was sentenced to jail in Pakistan.Be rational and accept the fact as it is internationally recognized fact.The Indian should come out of superiority complex and should work with Pakistan like neighbours

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  3. Mr. Sandeep if this site is sponsored by :Paki then who sponsored other ones. Don’t you see how alone Pakistan is confronting RAW, MOSAD, KHAD, and above all CIA. But all you swine could not break this country. Check the list of ‘Top ten Rapist countries’. India leading the race. Reality may bite but this true that ISI is great and teaching lesson to so called Indian power.

  4. muhammad mehboob Mirza

    Please don’t talk about war talk about peace,people of both countries are suffering try to give them good hope of life, they are not interested in any fight only interested in future of their children, most of them worried about school fee uniform transport electricity and lot more all the Pakistani and Indian knows that very well, for god sake leave thinking of fight think about peace, war this time between Pakistan and India will finish both countries ,because it will be nuclear war as we all know, we should make an example for world we fought many times but use less, yes we increase only one thing after all these fights anger, hate and distance, otherwise we loose many things, love, patience ,brotherhood
    Even we loose ourselves, please do something peaceful and win the heart of each other. May Allah bless on people of both sides, live for others in your life and stay alive after death in their heart. Pomi

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  6. don’t be panic Mr sandeep it is true ISI is the best all over the world.

  7. Hy Sandeep …. ISI is on top … keep it in mind … PANGAA NAI Lene kaa HAi …..AZAD Kashmir to cheen Liyaa …. Ab jammu ki Barii hai INsha Allah

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  11. Love you ISI. Slam to your all staff. True heroes. With so limited budget, you’re still best.


    we are the best, the whole world have realized and admit it, only blind and the jealous once cant see and MR Sandeep singh you are one of them. let American force go from Afghistan in the end of this year then InshaAllah we will fix you

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  17. I don’t want to show pak. smaller than india. You are at the top of ranking now.And
    everybody should agree it.But what I want to say is during the reign of 1960-1980
    India was at no.1.Bcz. india was following policies that harm others.but then india
    realised that and droped that policies.But when we droped it india lost its rank.Now its time for pak. If we the brothers(ind pak)want peace then pak should stop supporting
    The only thing that we are fighting everywhere(internet)is kashmir.It is just a
    myth amongst pakis that india illegaly captured kashmir.But reality is -in 1947 when both ind and pak want j and k pak sent their troops to kashmir and want to kill raja
    hari singh of kawhmir.But he called for help to india.but pm jawaharlal nehru said
    that we can’t help you until you join india.raja agreed and joint india.And this was the 1st war betn ind and pak.india won the battle and kashmir was with india.

    • If Kashmir is the part of India than why the Citizen’s of Kashmir’s are not living a safe life like Indian . Why the Indian army is involved in killing and raping the citizen’s . Especially the Muslims in Kashmir are living a life of slave . Raja Hari Singh was doing the same, that is the reason he asked Indian Government for help because He wanted to Continue that lawless shameful act with the Muslims of Kashmir. I am a neutral not Indian Nor Pakistani but here i am publishing facts and truth. If you want Kashmir than provide safe life equal rights to the citizens. Because they don’t want to be the part of India. And if Pakistan is supporting terrorists than why you are living in piece rather than Pakistan . Be calm and think why they are suffering from daily terrorists attacks ? Because they are the victims not the supporters. We should pray for peace in the whole world..

      • @admn: ever since India has put global pressure on Pakistan and fenced the LoC in Kashmir the militancy has declined and there is peace in kashmir. Kashmir is much safer place than Pakistan. Secondly, poor law & order does not mean that a territory is not a part of the country. Kashmir was acceded to India as per the terms set out by the British and accepted by both India and Pakistan that stated that muslim majority areas will go to pakistan and princely states would chose to either join India or pakistan. The King of Kashmir decided to accede to India and the matters ends there. The only dispute on Kashmir is the illegal occupation by Pakistan of the territories of PoK which it forcefully and illegally grabbed before the king of kashmir acceded to India.

        Regarding killing of muslims in kashmir, please note that muslim militants terrorised, killed and ousted all the non muslim kashmiris from kashmir valley. All the militants in kashmir happen to be muslims, so when they fight with Indian Army, they get killed. What is the point highlighting their religion and giving it a communal colour? Elsewhere in India there are militants who are hindu, buddhists, sikhs, christians etc. they too get killed as they themselves have chosen the path of violence. so why highlight their religion? India is a secular country and people of all faith and religion are free to practice thier religion without fear and all citizens have equal rights regardless of their religious faith, ethnicity or anything whatsoever. An Indian Kashmiri muslim has all the rights that any other Indian citizen has.

        Even balochistan doesn’t want to be part of Pakistan but would you dare to make similar comments about them. India has never used Air Force against her own people but Pakistan has bombarded Balochistan with her Airforce. There are lakhs of Tibetan refugees in India and demographic changes have been made in Tibet to reduce them in minority, would you make a comment on that? Please dont get swayed by Pakistani propaganda on kashmir, no world power supports Pakistan on Kashmir issue, not even China.

        Please get your facts right before commenting on matters of a national interest. If you claim to be neutral then please stop taking sides and if you take a principled stand then apply that principle in all similar cases. Thankyou.

        • Thanks for your long discussion with some wrong facts but that is not the matter. The matter is, why in Kashmir Muslim’s are living threaten life rather than Hindus. The life of people are going worst and worst. Army is killing innocents, raping women and much more . You want Kashmir than provide them life, why they are not accepting your rules, Why they want freedom? I am not talking about the Pakistan , Balochistan, here the topic is Kashmir.

          • In Kashmir the life is threatened because of militancy. The militants are trained, armed and funded by Pakistan. Most militants are not even kashmiris. You know that militants have forcefully driven out all the non muslims from their homeland in kashmir valley and these kashmiri pandits have taken refuge in delhi and other cities of India. The militants kill muslims who dont support them and show allegiance to India. They have killed many village heads for participating in village panchayat elections. The life was hell in kashmir during 1990s but in last decade it has drastically improved as world forced Pakistan to stop training and sponsoring militants in India. Again I say Kashmiris in India have same rights as any other indian citizen. Only a handful of kashmiri muslims who are funded and misguided by Pakistan, support militancy. India faces many such insurgency in other parts of the country as India is a pluralist and democratic country. Why I raise Balochistan and Tibet that people have different standards for kashmir. If muslims are killed in kashmir then even muslims are killed in balochistan and that too by air force bombing. There is no democracy in china and tibet’s voice is suppressed by violence. Please visit kashmir and find for yourself how people are living there. Every year millions of domestic and foreign tourists visit kashmir and its very much open to foreign tourists. There is peace and visible progress. Please witness with your own eyes rather than reading propaganda material. Thanks. –

    • we know that he assigned kashmir with india…but many other like hyderabad etc were assigned with pakistan and some want to make their own country but india illegaly captured that areas

    • PAKISTAN never supported terror !! . Its some thing that we have or ISI has an ever green alliance with afghan TALIBAN. And I know America knows it very well perhaps this is the only reason we don’t trust each other. ISI knows it very well how to make AMERICAN a FOOOOOL.. And its doing it very well surely we are having causalities. Pak Aghan nation have never been afraid of causalities. Now coming to INDIA, I think PAKISTAN is no more weak now in military as it was in 1947.Circumstances have changed a lot. We broke USSR into RUSSIA. And AMERICA has become weak to up hold the war further in AGHANISTAN. ISI is still holding a deep relation with AFGHAN TALIBAN. I am pretty sure for indians if they attack today’s PAKISTAN after AMERICAN FORCES withdraws it would be nothing but a foolish act and an act which history will never forget. PAKISTAN AGHAN and CHINA alliance will INDIANS pay heavily. Indian RAW knows this whole story very well. That is the only reason Indians have not been able to attack PAKISTAN after MUMBAI attacks and PAKISTAN army border voilations and killing INDIAN soldiers penetrating inside india.

  18. ISI place in 8th number wrongly placed in first number unfortunately. khad place in 11th number, please correct mistakes by website

  19. ISI place in 8th number wrongly placed in first number unfortunately. khad place in 11th number, please correct mistakes by website.

  20. MAHNOOR(ManoMukhtar951)

    pakistan Rocks

  21. That Pakistan I.S.I is the best intelligence it has honestly and hard worker and humanity and all most he is pure Muslim in the world so called is the No. 01 I.S.I. intelligence

  22. Usama bin laden was kept by ISI Pakistan great intelligence ,never look us down

  23. yes i agree ISI is best as it has been fighting internal as well as external enemies quite effectively

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  28. Isi is the best. Our army is the best. For our mother land I can give my life
    And can take the life of any jealous n rubbish enemy of my country. Mr
    Sandeep plz keep it in ur mind always. Pakistan 1rst n after us.
    A Proud Pakistani

  29. The write-up above highlights ISI role in Kargil War, Afghanistan and Kashmir Operations. Now the status is –
    *Pakistan Army was squarely defeated by the Indian Army in Kargil War.
    *Pakistan is the biggest loser in Afghanistan today. It is supporting and harbouring Talibans and has lost its sense of purpose in Afghanistan.
    *ISI was/is responsible for terrorism in Kashmir Valley but during last 10 years militancy has taken a back seat and Kashmir has become peaceful.
    On the other hand, Pakistani Taliban has created a havoc in Pakitan.

    ISI is the only secret agency that takes pride in being in limelight. Its activities are so predictable that it does not seem to be doing it clandestinely like attacking journalists. ISI did manage to fool CIA and NATO forces by hiding and harbouring Osama Bin Laden and before that safely removing all the Al Qaida and Taliban leaders from Afghanistan and sheltering them in Pakistan and yet receive aid from the US. ISI deserves kudos for the same.

    In my opinion the best intelligence agencies are those who are never talked about and who manage to give a slip to such listings. I just hope RAW does not get listed next time on this site or for that matter any other site.

    • As i told you before we always prepared worthy lists. Our lists are not our views . One more thing you have no rights to said that ISI DID THIS or involved in this. Because you are not even know the meaning of Intelligence . Your harsh speeches representing that you don,t want peace . Journalist may the targeted by RAW and maybe those journalists are the Part of of RAW. Stop building castles in the Air, that you are better and no one is better than you . Every picture have 3 side . YOUR MY AND THE TRUTH. If your knowledge is limited than please comment, not criticize thanks.

      • You dont provide the parameters for your selections and there is no factual basis provided either. Nonetheless, people do visit your site and comment in huge numbers.

        Before I said what ISI did, your list also carries a comment about ISI’s doings in Kargil, Afghan wars and Kashmir. So its not only me. Also truth always sounds harsh and there cant be any peace by ignoring the truth. Meaning of intelligence is not indulging in terrorist activities. The world knows which agency was involved in carrying out blasts at Indian Embassy in Kabul, 26/11 Mumbai attacks and shielding Osama Bin Laden. Success in such activities should not be a criteria for rating an agency high rather if an agency is able to prevent such acts should be rated high.

        I never said RAW is good or bad but success or failure of any intelligence agency should not be known to people so easily and openly. RAW deserves a poor rating if its funding to KHAD is known to others provided its doing so.

        Lastly, I admit i have limited knowledge but i have given only facts in my above comments based on statements by Amrullah Saleh, former intelligence chief of afghanistan, Bruce reidel of CIA and many more eminent persons. their views are aplenty on google.

    • hahah what a joke… Americans lost war on terrorism and you are blaming it on ISI ? ….What kind of joker are you, who told you above info anyway ? Indian primary school books I guess.

      And dont even tell anyone that Indian Army won Kargil war cuz they will laugh at you so hard…..Check your facts you dumbface

      • Listen Dumbass! Pakistanis occupied vacant indian territory which Indian Army vacated by firing artillery in your asses. Your Nawaz Sharief rushed to USA to beg clinton to stop the war. India did not want to recapture its territories so soon but was planning for a long term engagement to permanently damage Pakistan. Please read and watch the pakistani General talking about pakistan’s stupid adventure in Kargil in Pakistani media.

        Thousands paki soldiers were burried in india as pakistan refused to take their bodies.

        Internet is full of info if you want to see. To know the truth stop reading pak govt / madarsa published history books and google some impartial facts. watch the BBC documentary on youtube “secret pakistan” to know why no country wants pakistanis to visit them nor they want to visit pakistan.

    • raw is slept when terrorist attack on samjota be bomb blast huae hain yeh sab india ki waja say hain .at the day of judment u will see who is best .we love islam .we never put pressure on people to come in islam .so that pak is best .kargil india ne lost ki thi ok jab wo har gai the bade mein wo aye the . aur pak army per attack kia tha.but phir bhi u lost it becoz pak is safe now and then . and fasila kun jang kay bare mein kia kaho gey jo 1965 ki thi . so just go to hell.

  30. i just want to say that you Indians please visit other websites like Wikipedia and others, please don’t be rude, you Indians must accept that ISI is the best intelligence agency in all over the world.Because facts are very clear that who broke the former Russian Federation? mr. sandeed please you answer me that whoose involve in the murder of ur ex p.m mrs. Ghandi?

  31. Abid Hussain Aakash

    Nahi tera nasheeman qasir-e sultani k ghunbad per
    To shaheen hai baseera kar paharoo ki chathano mein
    Love our ISI

  32. Indians Jalo mat yar kaaly ho9 jao gay pehly hi bohot kaaly ho, mehnat or koshish karo, aagye to tumhara baap bi nahi barh sakta lekin try karne me ko harj nahi hai,,,, baaten Cho****dny se admi mard nahi ban jata, medaan me prove karna parta hai jese ISI ne kiya hai,,,,

    • Jo mard hota hai wo saamne se aata hai, peechhe se waar kayar karte hain. India me terrorists bhej ke innocent logo ko marne ke kaam me ISI number 1 hai ye indians accept karte hain. India ne 1971 me tumhare mulk ke 2 tukde kiye, 1971 me hi kargil ki sarhad ko push karke heights pe kabja kiya, 1984 me siachin aur phir sir creek pe kabja kiya jise tum log aaj tak khali nahi kara sake. kargil war me india ki khali posts pe kabij ho gaye aur heights pe hone ke baad bhi tumhari afwaj ko indian army ne shikast di aur saare posts wapas le liye. kis munh se mardangi ki baat karte ho. nihatthon ko maar ke mardangi ka dum bharne wali tumhari afwaj ko chudiyan pehen leni chahiye.
      RAW ne bangladesh bana ke dikha diya… ab kya jab tak balochistan azad nahi hoga tab tak manoge nahi kya? hum tumhare aur tukde nahi karna chahte lekin challenge karoge to kar ke dikha denge. baaten sirf tum pakistani cho**d rahe ho. itna hi dum hai to siachin aur sir creek le ke dikhao. nuclear bomb hai tab bhi tumhari phati rehti hai. Iran aur afghanistan bhi tunhare ga**nd pe laat marte rehte hain. amerika go gali dete ho aur phir uske joote chat te ho ke tumhari jholi me kuchh dollars daal de…. shame shame…

      • mn b yh he khta bhun jo mrd hota hai wo samny sa war krta hai. phr Qn india Balochistan me interfare kr rha hai, qn nahaty Kashmiryon pa zulam kr rha hai. Qn indian universties me kashmiryon ko Pakistan k khilaf bolny ko khty ho. Agr india Mrd ka bcha hai tu 1965 ki tra Pakistan pa hamla kry ,phr pta chaly ga k mrd kon hai?

        • India balochistan me koi interference nahi kar raha hai. Agar india ne mann bana liya balochistan ko azad karne ke liye to 1 saal se jyada waqtnahi lagega baluchistan ko azad hone me. Sach to ye hai ke CIA ne india ko approach bhi kiya hai azad baloch aur azad pakhtkunistan ke liye lekin Afghanistan inko azadi dene ke bajay Greater Afghanistan banana chahta hai.

          Kashmiriyon pe koi zulm nahi ho raha hai. jis stae me terrorism hota hai wahan thodi bahut police action se logo ko problems hoti hai lekin Kahmir aaj balochistan aur NWFP se laakh darje behtar hai. Pakistani air force apni hi sarzamin pe bombing kar rahi hai. India aisa kabhi nahi karta.

          India me kisi mulk aur majhab ke khilaf bolne ki taaleem nahi di jati, election ke mahaul me kisi ne personal koi zabardasti kisi ke bhi sath ki hai to wo kabil-e-muzammat hai. election ke time pe firqa parast taaqaten, aapas me phoot daalne wale log active ho jate hain.

          Rahi bat 1965 ki to ye jaan lo India ne kabhi tum pe humla nahi kiya. tumne opn. Gibraltar aur grand slam kiya jiske jawab me indian army ne tumko neeche se danda kiya. Agar cease fire nahi hua hota to 1965 me Lahore pe tiranga fahra raha hota. Pakistan ki afwaj me dum nahi ki wo seena thok ke samne aaye. Kargil me bujdilon ki tarah hamari zamin pe kabja kiya aur humne lalkara to apni pehchan tak batane me sharm karte rahe. Apne faujiyon ki lashen tak nahi kabool ki. apne hi faujiyon ko apne hi mulk me 2 gaj zameen ke liye mehroom kar diya… aur mardangi ki baat karte ho…… lanat hai tumhari quaum pe.

  33. yes isi is BEST ,as they attack Mr. HAMID MIR

  34. Yes in this current situation ISI is the best and number 1 intelligence agency,I strongly believe if the same situation India going throw or any other country in the world,it will be very difficult for them to work in such conditions,pakistan have limited sources and war under going on,and war witch is not what ISI doing right now,it’s unbelievable,ISI deffinatily well deserve to be number 1.


  36. ISI is nothing but a big joke…..

    RAW and CIA have infiltrated balochistan so easily that we are blowing their expensive pipelines DAILY


  37. جواد احمد خان

    bull shit…

  38. Muhammad Shahbaz

    East or west
    ISI is the best

  39. Mohammad Waqas

    ISI Zinda Bad

  40. yes when three big intelegence agecies working agains one 3 v 1, so its hard to surivive, its one and only ISI that vs against Mosad, RAW and CIA… so its a g8 work of ISI that he is moving toward…

  41. sheikh Abdul rehman

    ISI is the most powerful intelligence in the history of man

  42. ISI is one of the best secret agency, therefore raw, mosad & cia are worried about and almost those are collectively planed against Pakistan.

    • you are right. RAW, CIA, MOSSAD and KHAD had already planned to divide Pakistan but KHAD did not want to work with MOSSAD and also Afghanistan wants Pakhtunistan and Balochistan as part of Greater Afghanistan. India and USA agreed to give Pakhtunistan to Afghan but they want Balochistan as free country. Although this news has leaked and now available on internet, people wonder if this will be acted upon. Who knows whats going on.

      • 137 batch(alpha)

        listen just tell me what happen the lady who work in indian embassy in america
        you dnt know really about ISI
        you are just dancing nation
        and we are rocks mountain
        and hunter nation
        pakistan zindabad
        gomnam sapahi paidabad

      • no one can divide pakistan because ALLAH gave it full power.may ALLAH livelong Pakistan…Aameen.

  43. haa haa…….ISI? seriously? good joke 😀 😀 a country where bombs blast more often than firecrackers 😀 😀

    • 137 batch(alpha)

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      hi every one
      i saw several comments
      its quite interesting
      now listen every one very clearly
      we know how to penetrate
      our example is in front of our enemies
      soviet union
      i dnt wana talk about hindu nation
      hindu are slave after 66 year
      they dnt have their own technologies they are pony of america and Israel
      what happen to hindu scientist these are other issue
      why they missile failed
      proud to be the part of the people who serve the Pakistan nation is limited resources
      next topic is BOMB BLAST
      LISTEN very actively
      i challenge every hindu person
      tell what happen the hindu lady who is working in america in indian embassy
      we deal with bomb blast because we always active and our quran said be ready for battle
      we play hide and seeks with political and american leader
      what about you tell me
      hindu who like dance hahaha
      hindu who eat just vegetables
      we cut you like carrots and tomato
      hindu just live in the flat of american burger
      our sympathy
      who save Sikh from Somalis not hindu its us
      who save British airport have you any idea little public hair
      our silence victory ‘
      eating america silently you have no idea
      Tamil and west Indian just arise weapon against hindu just in our 1 call
      kashmiri people just wait for right time
      these are real facts
      what happen to Sonia Gandhi still you have no idea who is isi
      pakistan zindabad
      gomnaam sapahi paidabad

      • Suno bachcha!
        USA se Dollar ki bheekh kaun mangta hai? Pakistan.
        USA ke aage ghutne koun tekta hai? Pakistan.
        Raymond Davis ko kisne bina mukadma riha kiya? Pakistan
        Iraq, Afghanistan aur Pakistan ke mussalmano ko zibah karne me America ka sath kaun deta hai? Pakistan
        America ka pitthu kaun hai???……. if you tell me you, i will give you a lollypop.

        • hi kaki kaisi ho

        • please don’t give me lollypop,because they are all american tattoo,
          their forefather were their slave,and they worshiped them.

        • america ny newyork airport py kis mulk ki diplomatic ko nude kr ky check kia zara roshan batana toh sahi hahahahahahaha or tm logo ny kia kaha is k jawab mai usa ko kuch nai… kin indian jawano ki bat krty hun jo apny mulk ki larkiu ko rapist sy bacha nai saktey lanat hai aisi indian army or tmary mulk ki intelligence py… hum jesey b hai humarey mulk ki intelligence or army no.1 hai qk tm indians or americans ki sahi ki gand marti hai hahhahahaha.. Mumbai 2008 mai jo hua wo sun k humein b dukh hota hai lekin pak is attack mai involve nai hai agr pak involve hota tu pora Mumbai barot sy jala deta qk Pakistan intelligence koi kam adhora nai krti …. ISI srf Pakistan ko protect krti hai wo ksi illegal activity mai participate nai krti or na he participate krny waley ko bardaasht krti hai… Roshan Roshni daal or maanley Pak baap hai or india ma hai bec bap phley peda hota hai 14 august 1947 or ma hamesha bad mai peda hoti hai 15 august 1947. ma hamesha bap k neechey hoti hai hahhahahahahahaha

      • that’s why u pakis beg for millions of dollars of aid from USA. Shame on u

    • Pakistan is facing many of the threats now days ! Everyone who hate muslims wants to destroy Pakistan Raw , Mosad , CIA are the real enemy of PAKISTAN and they are responsible for all threat ! I am really disheartted from your comment . ALLAH is with us ALLAH is with ISI and INSHALLAH he will help us in future as he done in past !

  44. 137 batch(alpha)

    still hindu dnt believe
    give me the answer of my questions
    what happen to mrs Gandhi
    where is scintist who was missing i give you reference plzz read it clearly
    american CIA RAW
    in fact i am quite felling funning did you really know the meaning of RAW
    like raw material
    here is reference from own indian news of scientist missing issue
    plz copy and paste
    actually we are the fighting nation ok
    and i am really feeling proud be the part of great people who serve Pakistan in limited resources

    Top nuclear expert missing in India

    • bachche,
      What happenned to East Pakistan?
      what happenned to Zia-ul-haq?
      What happenned to Pakistan’s Economy?
      Whats happening in Balochistan, FATA, KPK & Karachi?
      What happenned to your Kashmir Cause?

      No one knows and no one will ever know.

      • Roshan bachey siachin main ap my dady Pakistani jetty thy.1965 mai Pakistan jeta the 1948 main pak jeta aur rahi baat 1971 ki to tab ye pak ka androni masla that ap ko kia mila baba Jim ka tata WO big khat

    • tahir rafique khokhar

      dear brother this only for you,
      Parwaaz ha donu ki Essi aik Fiza main,..
      Kirgis ka jahan aur ha Shaheen ka jahan Aur,..

      I LUV PAK Army,..
      MC 46

  45. listen batchaa,
    i sneezed a while ago…. was that ISI?
    my train was late by 10 minutes and i reached office a bit late… was that ISI?
    my helmet was stolen and i was fined by the police… was there ISI hand in it?

    listen bachcha, I dont have to panick for everything ISI does or does not do. If thats the task attributed to ISI, then i will be the happiest if its always number 1.

    • 137 batc(alpha)

      Listen roshan the one who worship stones
      First think about the hindu nation properly
      Even.your jet your weapons all from america we are one which
      Play games in front.of america
      Even your dnt know indian scientist why missing in kolkota
      Please honesty thinking if your film industry going to close then you are nothing
      You and your people.totally worried from 1 and 2 bomb attack
      And by the way what happen in bomb when 8 bomb bladt together
      Pakistan and china coming
      Tell stop dance and break all stone and come to almighty Allah
      Listen little willy
      If u worry about our economy
      Then go to b.b.c news what they tell about us
      Our missile system and your missile system
      For your only 599 mujahidin are enough
      If you want real facts
      Go to UNO forcement website
      What happen when indian troops tell to uno that we
      Are not doing exercise against pak army please replace
      Why uno always said that pak army.make proper plan
      Why indian army do not take part in world exercise
      Please think
      And accept it you are nothing but american ppet
      And toys
      We play game we broke strong american economy
      Infact your missile fail world nuclear agency already told that
      Indian dnt have enough skill to making proper planning

  46. Oh my GOD……………….feeling proud
    on ISI

  47. people dont be jelous work hard to get no 1.and pakistani ISI work day and night to save his nation no one catch ISI ajent thats why ISI deserve no 1

  48. Ptoud to be pakistani and muslim 🙂

  49. 137 batc(alpha)

    Goamnam saphai zindabad
    Pakistan paidabad
    Inshah allah in future
    Pakistani people hear news about north india
    Bus remember Almighty allah

  50. I’m indian. Please alleviate ur feeble comments. I know v indians disrespect PAKISTAN’s r muslims.. But look at ur hand, all 5 fingers are not same. All indians r not enemy. Some wants peace and prosperity in both nations . Hope for the best. It’s trite that if both nations re-unite then no one can mess with… plz guys abridge ur quarrel-some-ness.. stop provoking ur youth.. Pakistani people are loving and caring no doubt and v indians are too.. eunuch people will show atrocious behavior and give sick comments on my conversation. Again plz yield-the-point..

  51. ISI zindabad
    pakistan paindaabad

  52. Mate get your facts straight,

    1. Pakistan’s total budget is 2764.4 billion out of which Defence budget is 442.2 Billion. Which is 15.6% also Defence includes Army, Navy and Air force and ISI is financed by army. If army consumes half the budget of defence then it is 7.8% consumed off the total Pakistan’s budget not 75%. Source Wikipedia.

    2. Kargil war took place in 1999, this List is For 2014 not 1999.

    3. Do you really think Navy seals of America crossed the Pakistan border Without notifying the Intelligence? are you really that stupid? It was a Joint operation By the ISI, CIA and the Navy Seals which means ISI itself was included in assassinating Osama and it has not been officially said by the ISI officials to prevent Bombings in Pakistan by Al Qaeda to Avenge Osama’s Death.

    4. Do you know the size of GHQ? The Attacks took place near the GHQ, Inside an Army mess not Inside of GHQ.

    5. Benazir was assassinated and the assassin was never caught or lets say never disclosed to the public and also do remember The Ex President of America J.f Kennedy was also assassinated and the CIA hasn’t disclosed the information to the public. Just because what you hear are see on News Channels isnt the truth, You my fellow citizen have Biased information.

  53. Pakistan intelligence is best in the world forever

  54. ijaz ahmad dirvi

    we proud of our national heeerrrroooossss isi and dont b jealous and also pak army kha

  55. Salam tujha Pakistan k jawanoo Pakistan zindabad … respect for the true loins of Pakistan ISI Army..


    pakistan zindA bad ISI ZINDA BAD

  57. Some jerk is running this website & I think all every top 10 ranking is crap ,,,,I’ve travelled all over the world and heard so much hatred about pakis from every person ..even in our MNC many britishers,americans ,Japanese and koreans are afraid goin on a buisness trip to pakistan!!Don’t be proud of any shit report which is itself created by PAKI !! YUKK !!

    • Hey dear first of all this list is not created by any Paki . Second people hate Pakistani nation just due to Media . Rumors bad news and thing like that . Pakistan is facing internal and external threats it means they are terrorist ? If some one stole your wallet it means you are a thief ? No So please don’t assume any one just because of fake media news. ISI is best, you must check other sites too thanks.

    • Nelson!! what ever you say dnt mean anything to us. YOu are talking about the Ranking, I do agree with you this ranking is bull shit. they have compared 9 bull shit agencies with ISI.


  59. Love ISI love pakisran

  60. usman sheikh multan

    yes thats good decision pakistan army and isi zindabad. chak phatay talbaan k aur indian kotto k

  61. usman sheikh multan

    indians tmhari barbadio k tazkaray hain asmaano par

  62. Admin..I dont know which nation u belongs…but I am very much agree with ur views abut pak.which tells that you have much better knowledge and ground realities abut the region
    pakistan is basically in proxy blochestan raw and mosad suports the BLA.there are more than 60
    camps of raw in Afghanistan. .
    2ndly I think action shuld be taken in vazirstan..this actions is not against the tribes .
    bt against the forgn suported terrorist s…as the representative of comen men we suport this opertion

  63. Of course they are on the top as who else have got such a vast experience of more than 30 yrs to work for US in US led jihad in Afghanistan in 80’s, US led war on on terror from 2001 till date. They have very good chances of scoring, no other has this opportunity. I wish they could also find out Bin Ladin living with whole family near their nursery ( military academy), then poor pakistanis would not have suffered as they did.

  64. May b cia knows?may b its them who find out?

  65. East Pakistan ko tum Indians NY Mardangi sy thora he Bangladesh bnaya tha. Sazish tumhari ghutti ma pari hy Jo tum NY khub ken vaha .sarkareek ko apni gand ma lay lo siachin b apni gand ma lay lo .1 keechar or dusra baraf. Reh gae bat balochistan or kpk ke tou raw to kia raw ka baap b inko Pakistan sy Juda nae kr skta. Humain tou apas ke na- itefaqyon ny Mara verna tum gedron ke jurat the Jo aisay bhonktay. Pakistan hamesha k leyay hey or hamesha rahay ga isay Tornay k bus supnay daikha kro( tumhara haq hy). kahin agay na barh ana tangain turva baitho gay. Tum vo baygairat qoom ho Jisnay 1000 saal tk Muslim hukmarano key talvay chatnay k baad 150 sal angraiz k tattay chamka k azadi hasil ke. Tum apni tareekh py nazar dalo Hindustan sy bahar aj tk tum nekal nahi sakay . na tum apny Nam nehad dhakoslay mazhab he ko explain kr pai. Tum thora sabar kro ye Lion jagnay he vala hy tayari pakro phr aglay 1000 sal k leya talvay chatnay ke. Vasay Jo tum ma samajhdar hain vo taizi sy Islam Kabul kr rahay hn.

  66. All pakistani brothers and sisters, kindly see hypocrisy of Indian media at following link:

    They ranked RA at no.1 and ISI at no.2

  67. ISI is the best as always… There is no intelligence agency Like ISI Pakistan, Haters Get Lost 😀

  68. isi spy agency is the best amoung the world

  69. Pakistan Army and ISI is best …This fact is recognised by world. .

  70. So that’s why propaganda against our Army and ISI. Our ISI proved that our brothers (Pakistan Army) is best. ..We love ISI. .Proud of my Pakistan.



  72. CIA, RAW, MOSSAD and KHAD all Hyenas are attacking ISI- the Lion. four against one is the proof of strength of ISI alone. we respect India and Indians but their slogan of secular becomes ridiculous when minorities like Muslims, Christians and others are maltreated by people and government does nothing.

  73. i fell proud am pakistani

  74. pak is best among all…but indians are cheap


  76. isi and pakustan zindabad………..we are proud of you

  77. Choudary Ali Jutt

    Gerry baby u need to drink milk so go 4rm here,,,,,,,,,, ISI is also bst in the world…. look the diffirence b/w ISI and RAW


  79. Love & Respect Pak & ISI …

  80. MASHAALAH god gives him more life with happiness nd they are the honour of pakistan..they can made the peace i9 our country and they finished all terrorists from our country INSHAALAH..!

  81. ISI is Best thats why our stupid neighbor country whoes history is also unknown are feeling jelousy.buhaa Indians please advise health tips to your new ARMY CHIEF which looks like a RAT..

  82. IsI the Pakistani intelligence agency are the best and no 1 service

  83. I hav never been against India…..
    But I speak to those Indians who think ISI being no.1 is a big joke. Well every nation has flaws
    even Pakistan has…so does India….. And many other countries hav flaws.
    People outside think very poorly of Pakistan but as far as I have heard and seen, ppl who come to visit Pakistan always hav changed their views about it. They realize how hard working, modest and loving ppl re here in pak….. And ISI does it s best with such a lil budget….if there was no ISI pak would hav been totally destroyed by now. IA in the coming years pak would become a much better and safer place to live in..

  84. Haha …haters keep hating…but ISI has been declared best on numerous neutral sights….If we take in account disasters then there are quite a few in CIA’s closet as well…like Iranian Embassy fiasco…Edward Snowden, Wikileaks…not to mention Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent. So it has history of turncoats. ISI has none…case closed.

  85. mamo log pakistan se itna jalty q ho? abi ham ne operation start kr dia hy tery sary ghundy dora diey hn sambhal ly aun ko. coz v r the best……………………uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaah ISI….jety raho isi k jawano

  86. Almost in each province of india the independent revolution is running like you see in assam you see tamil you see sikhs you see every color every race of india needs independence from the state. Because they dont feel comfort while living with diverse cultured people. Democracy in india is like puppet in the hands of hindu. when ever they need they go for assassination of innocent muslims..India khud to akela tou Pakistan ka bigar nahi saka ub Israel aur America se help le raha hai Pakistan tornay k liye. jo k khuwab e rahega.. Roshan ye sunlo Pakistan ka matlab kya hai La ilaha Ilallah. Aur Pakistan k tou America Israel aur India ne Bht bar Map change kiye k Next 5 years me 10 years me Pak ye hoga toot jayga itnay hisso me. quite funny na.. nahi toota.. R na tootay ga Kiun k ye Allah k Barray Razo me se ek Raz hai.. jesa bhi hai Pakistan iskay Halaat jese bhi hain achay ya burray. waqt ki ek khoobsurat bat ye hoti hai k jesa bhi ho guzar jata hai isliye abhi burra waqt hai hum lar rahay hain ander r bahir dono trf k threats k sath aur Hum IA Kamiyab bhi ho jayngay lekin tum log phir bhi nahi sudhar sakogay. Tumny ek bat ki K india man bna le tou ek sal me Pak ko kha skta hai yrr kitnay barray joker ho tum India tou !947 se e Pak ko khanay ki koshish ker rha hai per Bichara India ka buss nahi chalta is per.. Kiun k ye Bohat Barra Raz hai beta Allah k Razo me sey. Ghazwa Hind k liye tyar ho jao. Muslim Hindu Ek Kom nahi aur na ye ek ho sakti hain R na e ye ekathi reh sakti hai. Isliye Hum ye sub janatay hain muslims k ub kabhi esa nahi ho skta k Pak tootayga aur India mzay lega hahahahah.. Pakistan ki Qoum apis k her lrai jhagray k bad ek QOum Bhi hai iski trf meli nzr se dekhogay tou ankhein nikal dengay. abhi kerlo jitna kuj tum 3eno ker sktay ho America India ISrael. ek waqt hmara bhi ana hai Pakistan ka aur woh dur nahi hai jub tum sub hmaray talway chatogay… PAkistan China ki friendship se tou tum 3eeno ko raat neend nahi ati.. Next Super power China bannay ja rha hai aur tum logo ko bus isi bat ka dir hai k Pak China ka Bht gehra dost hai kahin hmarai na buj jaye hhahahaha.. tumny apnay ek general se nahi seekha kya usny 1965 me bola tha k mai dupehar 3 bajay Lahore me beth ker mess me chaye piyunga na woh din aya na wo geedar general aya.. Indians tum logo k sath mai raha hua hoon KSA me mainy jitni buzdil dirpok darri hui Qoum tum jesi dekhi hai kahin r nahi dekhi. tumse tou achay bahadur Bangali hain… anyways Pakistan Zindabad hai Tha Aur Hamesha Rahega Ye baat apnay Dimagh me dal lo. mere pas bht batein hein mai kerna nahi chah rha next time.

    • @Wasif Malik: “kuchh baat hai ki hasti mit ti nahi hamari; sadiyon raha hai dushman dour-e-zaman hamara.” No one can describe Hindustan better than Iqbal. Pakistan agar allah ka raaz hai to wo raaz tumko kaise maaloom? allah ke raaz ka pardafash kaise ho gaya? Allah ke karishme par itna qahar kyun barpa ho raha hai? Pakistan ke 2 tukde kyon ho gaye? Muslim aksariyat wala kashmir hindustan ke kabze me kyun chala gaya? Siachin pe kafir kaise kabiz ho gaye? atom bomb rakhne wala mulk ek bhikhari mulk kaise ban gaya? 93000 muslim afwaz ne 3000 kafiron ke saamne kyon surrender kiya? zara socho.

      • Gazwa e uhad aur gazwa e badar ko dekho jawab tumhe mil jae ga …
        pakistan Allah ka mojza to he Quran b Allah ka mojza he to kiya Quraan hum pr ni utara gya ?? Roshan jb logu ne apne janain de k ek ho k jidujehid ki to Allah ne Musalmanu ko sarfaraz kya aur Pakistan ban gya jesay gazwa e badar …
        aur jab log apne asal se hat gae apni pehchan bhol gae jab apne Quaid ko bhol gae tab pkistan 2 lakht ho gya Pakistan bat gya aur hum haar gae gazwa e uhud ki trah…

  87. yes yes yes, ISI THE BEST, we love ISI


  89. isi is great !!!!!!!!!!! and for the information of its opponents ; pakistan is not created but created for islam . as no one can defeat islam hence pakistan is remain forever . i forecast for indian , soon we”ll occupy all india !!!!!!!!!!!INSHALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • World’s all most wanted terrorists are hiding in Pakistan and ISI does not have a clue about them. Pakistan has to deploy army and use Airforce by vacating a whole state FATA to fight with terrorists. In India air force is never used against own people and territory and army is deployed only when there is a failure of intelligence machinery. Its said in India that if the king is awake and vigilant at night, the subjects get a good night’s sleep. I have no idea about the parameter of success of an intelligence agency but i know for sure that if a nation has to use her armed forces against her own people on perennial basis, the intelligence system and governance of that country is not upto the mark.

      I also wonder why every Pakistani has this fear that Pakistan will not last forever. Every second pakistani vouch that pakistan will live forever. What is the fear? whats the insecurity? I dont think anybody or any country in the world is interested in pakistan. As regards to occupying India, I would say first get hold of Balochistan and FATA, try to re-unite with Bangladesh, try to take sir creek and siachin and then have ambitions. I hope your army and ISI have plans to deal with next Indo-pak war that will be fought on Durand Line. And in this war no Indian Army soldier will be involved. pakistan paindabad inshallah!

  90. I love ISI pakistan army.

    God bless ISI Pakistan army.

    Pakistan army zindabad

  91. oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dunya walo sun lo aik time aay ga tm sb pakistan k under hogy IN SHAA ALLAH .
    ISI love you from All Pakistan

  92. Pakistan is Great

  93. anyone who dont agree and they think this is fake new you must watch this video,

  94. anyone who dont agree and they think this is fake new you must watch this video,
    cia officer admitting ISI power must watch

  95. if this site isof pakis then RAW would have been on no.10 and mosad would not have been there

  96. Alllah Ho Akber Pakistan Zindaabad ISI Zindaabad

  97. Proud to see that… Good Luck to ISI 🙂

  98. ISI knows more about your country than your own Intelligence agency knows 😀
    Its everywhere.

  99. My dear Pakistanis and Indians, since it is liable to be flame wars on this forum topic …….. please stop. ISI is the best no doubt, but there is no reason to start acting like immature children and keep “fighting my isi is better” or ” my raw is better” Indian’s raw is also extremely good.
    It just seems that pakistani isi is “sleeping” because their actions are completely undercover.
    My personal experience is that once i used to go to a cafe where after a few days a psycho used to come and sit at the shop’s doorstep, no one used to bother him , however at that time another mysterious group used to come to the cafe and start discussing something in hushed voices. They didnt give much thought to the psycho who was accustomed to begging them for food. However one day a few mercedes came suddenly and some strange men came out and forces those mysterious guys in their vehicles , and the psycho quietly went to the back of a car and entered in quickly.
    Later it turned out that those men were a group of conspirators whom the isi were searching for and the psycho was an isi member 🙂 I heard this info being leaked out on the social media .
    Then i ask you all again to please start acting ,like civil neighbors and stop bragging about each other’s countries or their agencies. (Peace)

  100. Pakistan has been facing problems,usually politically,but that is because it is a very young country
    compared to the others.It is a vast land you know.But if you get your facts straight,this YOUNG country is also a NUCLEAR power,with one of the greatest armies of the world and the best Spy agency you could find.RAW is good but instead of fighting on the web like this,learn to keep your
    views away from Pakistanis,because no matter what u do,we will always be proud of our country.

  101. thats the thing you can’t leak any information from ISI even living in pakistan you can’t see any of its agents or anything.other agencies are very exposed because of their failures in for eg vietnam war or china sending troops in korea ETC!!!!!!! thats is why pakistan agencies are best in the world

  102. U bloody goosebumbs use to ebtry on our boundaries like thiefs!!!dum to nahi nahi 2 bar war hua dono bar faat gyi tumhari!!!india is the bst!!!aukad pata hona cahiye pakistan ko…

  103. Bloody indian behave your shelf . Kashmir is our part not yours . First solve this problem

  104. Don’t be jealous

  105. I love ISI and PAKISTAN.
    OR ISI K khilaaf jo kuty bhonkty hen unko kiya pata k Mulk se wafadari kiya hoti he or .azaadi kiya hoti he .
    Ye to gharo me beth k computer pe comment kr k phr sojaty inko itna pata hona chaheye k wo jo maze ki neeend karty hen wo b isi ki waja se karty hen

    ..,.shame on you barking dogs .

  106. Indian q jealous hote ho.tum log Muslims k saath kabhi bhi nahi Muqabla ker sakte q k Hum ALLAH ki rah main apni jaan ki fikar kiye beger lerte hain.Hmain apne watan se bohat pyar hai.Hum Pakistan k liye jaan de bhi sakte hain aur le bhi sakte hain. Proud to be a Muslim and a Pakistani .ALLAH U Akber

  107. Assalamualikum” dosto musalman kabhi buzdil nhn hota or na hi jung ka medan chor ky bhagta hy kafiron ki tarhan.hum musalman shahadat ka jazba rakhty hain ager junnat main oncha makam chahty ho to pakka musalman bun ky dakho sab baton ka jawab mil jae ga mujhy fakhar hy mery musalman hony par.ALLAH HAFIZ

  108. love you pakistan and ISI,,,Just carry on and leave/ignore the jealous one.

  109. we are the best i slute PAKISTAN ISI we love u very much……..

  110. Hey, I am Major.Anshobhan in Indian Army. You Pakistanis are idiots. I have the record in killing most no. of Pakistani officers during the 1999 war, I killed 109 officers. You are fuc***s. You should be reminded that Pakistan was a part of India. You all fu**** . INDIA IS THE BEST AND pakistan is the worst

  111. It’s indians only who r blasting bombs in pakistan and are always caught =))
    I’m soo in love with the indian’s comment khulam khulla u guys can see there asses are burning hahahahaha 😛
    Miskeen india number 8 =))
    Dar pook 😛
    Kachra loog 😀 😛

    • Its not the Indians who are blasting bombs but islamist pakistanis. Get some facts from internet.
      and U never got any evidence of indian involvement in blasts in pakistan.

  112. Anshobhan!!! chutiya see ur face Major itna farigh Major ha k websites main ja ja ker ultey sedhay comment ker raha ha hahahahaha 109 officers u killed hhahaha Either they were roped or they were already death and u were busy shooting the dead bodies =)) I feel pity on u Haram k bachay 😀

  113. sb sa phly pakistan

    uncle Anshobhan kargal ma ap k kitny fojy mary thy ya b btayu.hum na ap k elaqy pa kabza keya our ap ko ous ko churany ma 500 something army ke khrbani dani par..afsoos….or ISI ka number one huny pa itny jalaspani thek ny.Raw mosaad CIA ajj tak pakistan ka atem boom dound ny saky.or vo ap bhul gy jb tebaat k alaqy ma ap ke kye btallen army bhook or thand sa dunya sa rkhsat hu gy thi.hmary khurak baand karny ke vja sa..or or 1965 ke jang ma ap ke army 17 year ka asla 17 days ma haar k baag gy the..or khasmeer ma ap aj tak apmi kamiyabi ka janda ny gaar saky….sir

  114. Pakistan india se jal ta hai kyu ki woh asal khabi india se lad hi nahi sakta chup chup ke hamare desh main ghus ta hai is ki itni okad hi nahi hai ki woh samne lad hi nahi sakte 1971 war mein bhi 20000 pakistani soldier mare gaye sirf 200indian soldier se india is most powerful then pakistan
    Understand idiot

    • sb sa phly pakistan

      1965 ke jang ma ap ke army ke pawor dakh le thi.jis tarha sa oun ke dhory lagy thi..ap logu ma itni himat ny k pakistan sa lraye kar saku.assam or kaskmeer ma mazluum muslim tak he ap apni pawer deka sakty hu sakty hu.pakistan ma aaj tak boom blast is leya khatm ny hy ku k kuch pakistan k gadhar kuty ap k samny apni dum hlaty ha.

  115. Pakistani are bloody hell


  117. indian kako… apni apni chaddiya uthao .. or ghar chale jao :v na behis kar sakty ho na .. larh sakty ho ..
    rone kai lye peeda hue ho tum log 😀 rote raho buss :v
    isi ka naam sun kar hi peshab nikal jata hai tmhara…. agye or kya kaho ab mein… ! 😀
    jab bhi isi ka naam lo to … doctor ko apne pass betha kai rakhna ..
    yeh na ho sans ruk jae 😀
    isi zindabad
    pakistan pahinda bad
    love you all my pakiz brothers

  118. ISI Zindabad
    RAW Murbad

  119. once we get ride of afghanistan war in the last of this year sandeep and aseem you will see how we are going to puck you there in afghanistan and kashmir our army civilli n isi and taliban will destroy your india there will be no shilter for hindues bcz there is no brother country of india

  120. we proud to be a pakistani citizen.we love love isi….nd fuck india

  121. ISI zindabad,

    raw murdabad, eu


    dar gae ho indians ;;;;;;; hahahahahahahahaha tm log itna darty q ho Pak army or ISI se……..

  123. assalam-o-alaikum,
    Bhaiyo india ISI say jalta ha inki aukat kia ha Afghanistan ki intelligence agency say sirf ya log 1number aga hain…..”shame shame”.
    we proud to be a Pakistani…………”PAKISTAN ZINDABAD”


  124. ONly on World # 1agency due its choklity flower
    But this is posible
    that no one like it .!
    you have not so,try to bear it .

  125. Muhammad Mohsin Khan


  126. Pakistan is a good country…
    israel, india and USA wants to destroy them

  127. this sounds good.
    seeing pakistan in good position..

    • Sachin kumar bhardwaj

      Pak got everything after begging nd have nothing of its own
      Pak is not free even in its policy making and works under influence of USA nd China
      and for few dollars Pak sold its sovereignty to USA nd provided a base which USA used in drone strikes and Pak soldiers also got killed in those but Pak can’t talk to USA

  128. Sachin kumar bhardwaj

    U all bloody pakis didn’t even got a little mind nd hailing pak
    d nation which is unable to make household things can have this much of development in defence nd intelligence…hahaha (joke of the century)
    Nd for few seconds if we dare to suppose it then why the hell this development doesn’t appear in any other field
    Dhakkans all those things are provided to pak by enemy nations of INDIA to obstruct

  129. Sachin kumar bhardwaj

    Aur rahi baat RAW,CIA nd MOSSAD k milkar kam krne ki toh jb koi kutta pagal ho jata h toh sb use milkar marte h nd isi is the one like that
    Isi don’t care of its own innocent poor people and use them by disguising,
    who are in fast need of bread they(isi)don’t let them have any well to them in all terms like- edu ation,employment,development and everthing else…

  130. Sachin kumar bhardwaj

    Nd Admin appears a silly fat head
    Pata nhi kis school k peechhe padha h

  131. I am proud on my pakistan intelligence…,,,//
    I love pakisatn Army.,,,,
    I am proud to being a pakistan,,,,/// 🙂

  132. Soviet Union was defeated by ISI.. ISI Rocks!

  133. Sharif announced withdrawal of Pak Army from Kargil,just because of United States’ s Interference. Indian PM begged US and Clinton begged Sharif to withdraw its Army! ,, Indians dint win this battle, rather they were spared by the Paks..

  134. sachin kumar chotia indian tum log sirf mo ka fire ho.
    “ro india ro” aur hamesha rotay he rahna

  135. India jealous jealous haha
    hockey kaisay khara
    rotai hi rehna india jahil na hon pressur kukkar kahin k…haha

  136. Everyone here seems like they are they are the only person here who is true and evrybody is wrong. Especially Indian guys. There Comments shows there lack of knowledge. Every picture have 3 views .. Your,mine, and the Fact.. You don’t like Pakistan . it’s fine. But you see only one side of Picture and that side is yours not fact part..

    Blast in every hour?? Seriously??? Even i know this is fucking not true.. We don’t support terrorist we are the victims.. Ain”t in the world is perfect.. but somebody is better than Somebody.. One Request is that Get Right facts do your Own research not that info you get on the TV. Admin seem to have better knowledge..

  137. You all pieces of Bull shit this is the true list and u have to accept it and for ur information this list is approved by these countries.

  138. Love you pakistan

  139. I love Pakistan and ISI the world best agency and Indian agency RAW my foot,Indians Fuck BABY Fuck. ISI zindabad ………. LONG LIVE PAK ARMY.

  140. Long Live Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan… Everyone is know that PAkistan and Pakistanies ARe very strong and there is power on Earth that can Undo Pakistan Understand Cheap peoples….

  141. Long Live Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan… Everyone is know that PAkistan and Pakistanies ARe very strong and there is no power on Earth that can Undo Pakistan Understand Cheap peoples…

  142. every body give its own opinion , but my question is that if ISI is really No1 then why they cannot control the bomb blasting since from 9 years ,
    why these things happening ?
    it may two possible answer that they are knowing everything but they keep quit due to national policy of Pakistan and the second answer is that they do these thing by her own hand ,because we know that pakarmy and ISI cannot never weak in any case . .. . . .

  143. I.S.I will turn America,India and Israel into pieces. and Wali is right

  144. Allah is with muslim , we have to act upon our holy prophet advice , and try to do good with other as compared to fight with hindus in words. We are so strong but now we have to prove ourself . hindus never be a friend of muslim. paklistan zindabad, ISI paindabad

  145. how isi is best?????

    If u realy want to know how isi is best and strong then read a book ghazi and janbaz by abu shuja and abu wakar who was agent of isi performed many oper. diad 2003.after reading say any thing about isi.

  146. ISI Rock, Pakistan Zindabad and Pakistan ko khatam krna itna asan nahi hai, I really hate Israel and India

  147. So many hate and jealous comments from the Indians and Non-Pakis. Accept the fact that ISI is the best.

  148. pakistan is the best , i love pakistan,

  149. every one said that their agency is the best and i think Pakistan is the best always.;

  150. Salute to those agents who have doing work for thier beutiful homeland. . Salute to Pak Army and also ISI. . .

  151. i like isi … i love isi… isi is the best.

  152. ISI is no more best. CIA is on Top. ISI is 2nd. Raw is no where. Wish all the best.

  153. ihsan ullah khan

    ISI IS ONE OF THE WORLD BEST agency and you indian jallo mat warna kallay ho jao gay.

  154. FUCK the Pakstani’s we fucked they all off Motherfuckers, Behen CHots

  155. uhh all jealous people’s ranked is based upon rewards… we survive here cz ov ISI . feelin proud 😛 😉

  156. Dilmurad khattak

    We all are humans..jxt respct the humanity..

  157. defamed isi . the f*cking agency.

  158. pakistan zindabad :)) love u

  159. pakistan zindabad :)) love u

  160. Indian agencies is full of bullshit that is y they r on 8 they deserve it they r killers always try to kill n hurt Muslims they don’t care about Muslims of there own country Jugrat incident is an example of there mental illness n other religious people of there own country like christian and etc r also suffer because of there mental illness they also damage different religious people worship places they also hurt different religious people of there own country if Kashmir IS there own then y there law n order is not so good y people of Kashmir wanted to get rid if Indian Bitches they hurt people of Kashmir because they r abnormal INSHALLAH Indian abnormality will end soon on there own suffering. Indians defeated when Pakistan take Azad Kashmir defeated in 1965 war defeated in Kargil war and many other wars indian cowards think that if they increases there numbers they could win war but pakistan defeated them mny times when pakistani army was not big enough as compared to indian army.

  161. hay indians ham muslims hen nd hmko marny ka dar nahe we’re no 1. ham kabhi mu nahe kholty bhaly aap penis par cuts lagao, testicles par ya face par .. mar jayengy but kuch nahi batayengy

  162. indians jala mat karo wesy hi itny kaaly ho kolylo ki tarha 😛

  163. tiger’s of the world isi.

  164. Duniya .. Daddy kon phir?
    – Pakistan
    Aur parosiyon .. Kam sara karo yaar

  165. isi jigar he apna

  166. Evil Mossad, RAW terrorists and CIA jointly and severally tried their best to break ISI but they failed to achieve anything inspite of all resources, sharing of information etc. This goes to prove that ISI is really NO.1 ! Well done ISI, we love you !

  167. I agree to most of the comments here. Pakistan and India both actually sucks and have thousands of flaws in politics, jurisdiction and laws. So stop the senseless discussion for now. But when it comes to Intelligence agency, I’ll vote for ISI as the best. This is what every neutral person, magazine and country thinks.

  168. Pakistanis have proud on ISI…………………

  169. EveryOne Votes foR I-S-I………
    Cause It’s A Reality….
    (But a HARSH…Reality for Indians…)

    A Note FOr INDIANS…..

  170. ISI ZINDABA RAW Murdabad you dirty indians


  172. ISI is best you sad attc in apttabad isi was sleep tell me tell me about CIA 7 trriot in USA on 911 thy got turning in USa was sleep

    FÙÇk ù ïßì and India USA

  174. I loves KHAD Afghanistan
    Zandabad Afghanistan
    Rizwanullah afghan forcer

  175. Rizwanullah khogiani

    I love all Muslims in The world Rizwanullah khogiani

  176. Absolutely right

  177. Syed Mubashar Ali.

    we are muslim, we are brave , We are Pakistani, we are ISI,ISI,ISI. we will be more strong, stronger and strongest in the world Insha Allah.

  178. yeh jalney ki smell kidar say a rahi hai…………………………………………….oh no yeh tu hamarey neighbours jal rahe hain . suna hai smell sialkot ki tarf ik border hai wahan say a rahi hai wahan bohat kharus log rehtay hain jo no 1 terrorist hain becoz they kill innocent people in kashmir. but wo pak ka kuch nahi bikhar saktey becoz our isi is best , our army is best.pakistan zindabad.ab tu gaye hind.

  179. Pakistan army and ISI are the best….and kargil war main keya howa sab janty hain k ap logh apne abba(america) k pas gaye ty k hamein bachawo Pakistan army ne 40 miles ka elaka kabzy main kar leya hai aur america president ne call keya ta k please apni army pechy lo hamary indian bachy phans gaye hain jang mian…..

  180. let us all be objective. we want to know if the world will change.
    you go mss.

  181. Pakistan Zinda Abaad

  182. I think ISI is son of the British and son always works for his father hardly, I don’t thing Pakistan nation is as much brave as much they says, I saw Panjabi people even they are not able to protect their homes, the Pakistan existing till now refers to Pashtun nation not to Panjabi.

  183. I also want to join ISI Please Contact me:

  184. I also want to joim ISI Please contact me:

  185. The funniest site I have seen so far..created by a Pakistani,dedicated to a Pakistani and worshiped by Pakistanis..XD it is the same attitude of you people that has been inflicting terrorism in all countries.. The urge to be at the top..the urge to show that your country is powerful.. The urge to show that the world you people are the greatest.. K lets take it into account tat isi is the whats the big the top protect their nations rest of the agencies don’t love their nation..fine taken into account rest of them don’t and only isi does..then I would consider that isi is bullshit..becus its not country or religion tat yu need to love the most..Its humanity.. In simple words if I had to explain..don the most wanted criminal of my country resides in your nation..and isi is doing noting about it..osama had been in pak for years..and isi never had a trail on it..pretty funny eh..truth is isi had no joint operation to kill osama..In fact they provided a safe house to osama..why do people deny the fact..The world knows how pakistan tries deadly to show off its power..noone has never called you cowards..noone has never want all you family and children dead..all everyone wants is love and happiness..and we know you too urge for the same..rise against your system people..I wholeheartedly agree that my country has got the worst political background that killing my nation.. And we will fight against it..We want you to realize whats killing your nation and stand against all odds for the good of humanity…

  186. And remember one more thing guys we were one nation divided by ancestors..We all share same beliefs, tradition, pride and honour..Its th light minded people who are infusing this thought for I saw a 3 years old kid fallen dead in the beach of refugee from another nation..if we continue the hatred one day we may have to bear the same sight of our nations..lets enjoy bethe life god has given to us people..lets make the most of it..lets fight on india-pak matches not on borders..both oua countries hav bravehearts and emmense capacity..lets utilize it for the good of humanity and the entire world..:)

  187. we pakistani isi made talaban, to divide USSR,we isi responsible for pentagon, we isi indulge the bull shit indian army in occupied kashmir, we all did for our country, now today we have the world top drone, we achieve it by by Afghan and usa war in afghanistan after 9/11 attack, we have atom bombs…. We have the power to make run indian army from Occupied kashmir, bt we isi not willing to do, we want to destroy the economy of indian….. That the reasons we are known in top ranking… because we isi are the mixture of punjapee, pastoon, urdu, afghani pastoon, farsi, hazara, sirakhee, brohi, saudi baloch etc…

  188. Hindu KB chahta that k Pakistan bnay.or jab sy Pakistan bana tb sy isko mitanay k drpay hn or is koshish ma na sirf India bl k Israel or america b paish paish hn. India itna bra mulk ha us k sources b hum sy kahin zeyada uske army,navy,air force b hum sy kahin bari lakin Pakistan mojud ha or rahay ga. Itnay zeyada vasail or itni Bari taqat rakhtay huai hona tou ye chahya tha k India KB ka Pakistan ka vajood meta chuka hota lakin aisa nahi ho saka….aik taqatwar kamzor PR galib ay ye bahaduri nahi ha lakin AGR aik kamzor taqatwar KO galib na anay day tou mere khayal ma ye Bari himmat ke bat ha. Kashmir ka sach tou yehi ha k vaha Muslim majority ha lakin India secular honey k davay PR pura na utarty huai an tk vaha intekhabat nahi krva saka. Hmari bdqismati hmesha ye rahi ha k hmain an tk achi leadership nahi mil Saki vrna jin khazano sy khuda NY hmaray mulk KO mala mal or rakha ha ,hum sy tou India bheek mangay. Ab tou tum Indians NY apny Abba Jan( Israel) KO b sath mila leya phr b apna maqsad hasil na kr pai. Tufff ha tum PR aik chota sa mulk jiski choti si ISI vohi tum sy sanbhali nahi ja rahi tou btao he credit kisko jata ha ? Raw ya mosad KO? Ya ISI KO?.Tum NY KIA kuch nahi KIA hmaray mulk ma….ye dehshatgardi ye bomb blasts ye sb raw he tou krva rahi ha ….tum Ny tou masoom bachon or ebadat gahon ma ebadat krtay insano KO b muaf nahi KIA sirf islya k kisi trha Pakistan MIT jai. Tumhain apnay ap KO bahadur Qom kehlvatay zra si b sharam nahi ati …..q k bahadur qomain samnay a kr Lara krti hn….chup k vaar nahi KIA krtein. Lakin tum Hindu ho na jia k mazhab ma sazish makkari or dhoka ain ebadat ha..Tum laga lo apna zoor ,tum hmara kuch b nahi begar sktay….q k hum vo dheemi dheemi khushbu mehsus kr rahay hn Jo anay valay waqt ma aik darkheshan Pakistan or aik ghulam India me parish baini ha….Pakistan zinda bad.ISI painda bad…

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