Top 10 World’s Best Intelligence Agencies 2017

For security purposes,every country has its intelligence agencies who collect valuable data that is likely to impact on them directly or indirectly.Therefore’ the following are top 10 world’s best intelligence agencies 2017.

1.CIA United States of America

Central Intelligence Agency was established in 1947 after world war 2.The government of USA uses it in the collection, scrutiny and analysis of information.It is also mandated to provide advice to the NSC as far as intelligence issues are concerned.It is also charged with the responsibility of interrogating and assessing other government agencies on matters intelligency.Its core functions include the acquisition and analysis of data about foreigners and carrying out iunderground operations when directed by the president.CIA’s organization consists of four directorates,that is, Directorate of Operations, Intelligency directorate, Directorate of Administration and Directorate of Science and Technology. The chief policemakers in the USA depend and act on information provided by CIA.

World's Best Intelligence Agencies 2016

2.Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) Pakistan

Formed in 1948, ISI is the leading intelligence agency in Pakistan.It gathers, investigates and analyses data on matters of security for the government of Pakistan. Of the three agencies in pakistan, ISI is the principle brainpower.It has its headquarters in Shahrah-e-Soharwardi in Islamabad. ISI has faced a number of challenges in its operations wherby it has once been accused by india of encouraging terrorism in the counry through its support of militant groups. ISI has also been accused of dealing with contraband money,in fact India rupee notes.

World's Best Intelligence Agencies 2016

3. M16 United Kingdom

It was established in 1909 and is one of the agencies that played a role in both world war 1 and world war concerned with national security. Therefore, it monitors internal and external forces that might harm their security.M16 has been in existence though it was only recognized and acknowledged in 1994.

World's Best Intelligence Agencies 2016

5. Federal Security Services of Russia

It was established in 1995 as Russia’s main security agency.It succeeded USSR’s state security. Its main respponsibilities include providing the country with intelligence, averting terrorism and enhancing defence and security. It has an estimate of 250,000 personel who operate as secret detectives, undercover representantives and spies.

World's Best Intelligence Agencies 2016

6. Mossad Israel

It is Israel’s main intelligence organization. It was formed in 1951 to carry out special operations like assassinations and sabotage.monitor spies around the world.wage psychological warfare.carry out investigation and evaluation of matters about security.Its main aim was to counter terror units by waging war against them.In 1951,it became under the prime minister, thereby reporting directly to him.The present president is called Yossi Cohen. Since its formation, it has had twelve directors. Its operations have been felt i the USA, Germany, Greece, Norway and in many more countries.

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - 6. Mossad, Israel

7. RAW India (Reserch and analysis wing)

It came into existence in 1968 with Rameshwar Nath Kao being its first Director. Its main functions involve the collection of data on terror involvements. It is also mandated to carry out investigations on military establishments of other countries.International analysts declare RAW as the core tool of India’s power.They describe it as a functional organization that is highly dependable. the present chief of RAW is called Rajinder Khannah who is also an Indian service police officer. The headquarter is in New dehli.7.Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) Germany
Bundesnachrichtendienst means Federal Intelligence Service in English. It was founded in 1956 with the headquarters in Pullach near Munich. Reinhard Gehlen was its first President. It is amongst the most well organized security organizations globally. It has heavily invested on modern technology for surveillance and spying on their deemed enemies. It is the only international intelligency agency that Germany has.


8. ASIS Australia

Australian secret intelligence service was founded in 1952.It is mandated to work in liason with other international security rates amongst the top 10 intelligence agencies as it has its detecttives all over the world.

Best Intelligence Agencies 2014 - 9. ASIS, Australia

9. General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) France

It was established in 1947 to plan and excute secret operations. It has its headquarters at the Forte of Noisy-Le Sec.The DGSE includes:Directorate of AdministrationDirectorate of StrategyDirectorate of IntelligenceTechnical DirectorateDirectorate of Operations.


10.Ministry of State Security(China)

This is the security intelligence agency of the people of China. It was established in 1937. It has its headquarters in Beijing. MSS works in liason with security bureus for political for political security.It also oversees the surveillance and scrutiny of foreigners who visit their country. MSS detectives are disguised in learning institutions and state ministries amongst other places.


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