10 Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles

You think getting wrinkles is inevitable? Well your skin thinks a little different. In fact your skin is completely loyal to you trying hard to make you look pretty and young as ever, but are you loyal enough to your skin and yourself? That’s a question you might want to ponder over. Skin gets all wrinkled up because of unhealthy food intake or improper habits which make your skin droopy. Repeated facial gestures may also cause lines and wrinkles to appear. Usually dry skin gets wrinkles easily while oily skin is less likely to get wrinkles. Medically speaking, wrinkles are caused due to reduction in collagen and elastic skin fibers.

Nobody wants to be ‘WrinkleSteeledSkin’ (Rumplestiltskin’s little sister which I just made up myself). Wrinkles are not an ineluctable phenomenon; you can push them away quite easily. But prevention is always better than cure. So it’s quite fitting that you avoid the habits which lead to wrinkly skin causing you to buy expensive products to look younger. So if you wish to be the belle of the ball, you need to work hard for your skin at a young age instead of waiting for signs to appear. So here are the 10 Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles Which you must avoid.


10. Picking and Stretching

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles -

Every now and then you get a pimple or two, and then you start touching it again and again when it is wet and anxiously keep on waiting for it to get dry. And as soon as it gets dry you start picking it like an impatient child to get your skin clean again, but in doing so you stretch your skin and make it more liable to wrinkles. So next time when you get ticklish to pick your skin THINK OF THE GREATER GOOD!!


9. Inadequate Sleep

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles -Inadequate Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause numerous problems. ‘Beauty Sleep’ is certainly no joke. Lack of sleep can come right on your face. Your body is made of tiny units called cells and taking good care of these tiny units can produce large scale effective and beneficial results. A good sleep results in healthy cell and thus healthy body and skin.


8. Avoiding Sunscreen and Under Moisturizing

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles -  Avoiding Sunscreen

Sun rays can be immensely harmful to your skin. Ozone depletion has been causing a lot of skin issues. If you do not use proper sunscreen while going out under bright sunlight, your skin will dehydrate and a dehydrated dry skin is more susceptible to wrinkles. Moreover, carelessness in moisturizing the skin can cause same effect. Tanning and sunbathing can also cause premature aging. Similarly when you get home, be sure to remove the makeup, wash your face and apply moisturizer.


7. Improper Sleeping Positions

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles - Improper Sleeping Positions

Anything that causes your skin to stay in one position can make it freeze in that position and cause wrinkles. It is advised that you sleep on your back so that you can breathe properly and your face doesn’t get squished on one side. When you sleep on side or on your tummy, face gets pressed by pillow and wrinkles appear. If you feel uncomfortable while sleeping on your back then find a soft satin pillow to avoid sleep lines.


6. Unhealthy Food

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles  - Unhealthy Food

You are what you eat! Various studies and experiments have proven that people who eat more meat compared to vegetable and fish have more dead and dry skin. Ailing skin loses moisture easily and thus gets wrinkled up. Eating more sugary products gives same results because these sugar molecules get paired up with collagen molecules and cause dry frail skin with wrinkles. Thus one should be more than careful about the food intake.


5. Repeated Facial Gestures

Repeated facial Gestures

Your mother would have stopped you from making odd faces when you were young, well she was doing more good to you than you would have imagined. Repeated facial gestures and facial positions like widely laughing or smiling, frowning, sipping from straws or raising eyebrows can cause wrinkles to appear in such places. First lines appear and then they turn into wrinkles. Even when you stretch your skin to apply makeup, this can cause wrinkles to appear quickly on your skin.


4. Smoking

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles - Smoking

Need I say anything about the harmful effects of smoking? Not really but still let me explain it. Smoking causes a direct effect on your health. Apart from serious life threatening effect, smoking is one of the most customary causes of wrinkles. Many studies have proven this fact that smoking can dry up your skin and in turn cause wrinkles.


3. Drinking

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles  - Drinking

There are a gazillion reasons to avoid alcohol and give up drinking and many examples to ensure the negative effects. If you don’t care about the health issues then think of the beauty problems. All the alcohol will suck up the water and Vitamin A in your body and skin. Habitual drinking will eventually cause your skin to lose up all the hydration resulting in dull skin without the fresh and plum effect.


2. Stress

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles - Stress

Chronic stress can lead to bad eating and sleeping routine. A stressed brain can cause stress throughout the body. When overtaxed, people either tend to stop eating at all or start eating a lot of junk food. Moreover stressed person keeps frowning or keep a sad face (same facial posture for days). Lack of sleep also comes with mental disturbance. All these reasons combined can cause a jumbo drift towards aged and wrinkled skin. Stress reduces amount of collagen causing skin muscles to get stiff and inelastic. Stress decreases anti-inflammatory agents in the skin causing wrinkled skin.


1. Weight Fluctuations

Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles - Weight Fluctuations

Size zero is the ‘inn thing’ these days, but the ways you go through to achieve this size zero is of utter importance. Why do you need this physique? If the answer is to look pretty then that’s pretty much a joke.

It is no secret that crash dieting has devastating results on your body. Wrinkled and exhausted skin is as pretty and appealing to eye as a week old vegetable in your refrigerator. When you are fat your skin is stretched, when you reduce weight rapidly your skin doesn’t get enough time to adjust causing it to be droopy and wrinkly. There are proper ways including exercise and healthy diet to get smarter and slimmer so better opt for them.

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