10 Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male

Beauty dominates the world by every means, and we humans know exactly how to present ourselves as the most intelligent races. Where there have been many beautiful women and handsome men in the world, we are listing some of the most talked about beautiful women who were born male. These women take the credit of being the most successful, breathtakingly beautiful, bold and confident. These are the people born as men and have undergone sex change. Do make an effort to read about them and know how these beautiful women who were born men made it so big and struggled hard to get them noticed by the world. Their poise, stunning beauty and elegance makes them at par with the most beautiful females in the world had take the credit of being the most courageous too. They all have made big names in their field of modelling and as singers and actresses. The 10 beautiful women who were born male, listed here are obviously the best but needless to say that no one can ever compare each amongst each other.


10. Claudia Charriez

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male -

Claudia Charriez is a famous name in the international modelling industry. She is beautiful and very professional as much as any other women model on the international ramp. Her beauty was perfect for being the America’s top model, until her trans-sexual status did not allow her to contest for American’s Next Top Model. But she did not stop her from winning the America’s Next Top Transsexual Model Contest featured in Tyra Banks Show.




9. Alicia Liu

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Alicia Liu

This 5 ft 7 ½ inches tall, beautiful model was born in Taoyuan, Taiwan in 1986. Alicia Liu is a popular television personality and popular model. She enjoyed a considerable time modelling until her transgender identity was revealed to the media in 2009 by a schoolmate, this challenged her successful career but she opened up her past and presented her present status of being a female, which was also supported by her boyfriend who is also a model.


8. Kelly Van Der Veer

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Kelly Van Der Veer

Kelly became famous after she appeared in the Dutch version of the famous “Big Brother – The Battle”. Born as a male in 1980, she is a Dutch television personality and a popular singer. She underwent sex reassignment surgery when she was just nineteen years of age. Kelly continues to be peoples favourite TV personality due to her being transsexual.


7. Florencia De La V

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Florencia De La V

She is famous and known for many reasons, her mesmerizing beauty is the envy of many, but her talent as an actress, TV host, supervedette and a comedian traits make her stand apart from the best of people in her field. She has appeared on soap operas and in print media too. For those who didn’t know she was also an editor for a magazine. At present she is married and has twin babies to take care.


6. Ryder Monroe

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Ryder Monroe

Popular singer and a songwriter, Ryder Monroe, came a long way in her career. She is also an adult film star. She is probably the youngest transgender who made it big in the entertainment industry. She is also a successful model and is also known for her popular iTunes single, “Put that on everything”.


5. Emma White

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Emma White

Emma is from Manchester. She is a successful model and an exotic dancer. She is beautiful and enjoys the status of a lesbian. She was a born male too after she underwent the sex change surgery. She enjoys the celebrity status everywhere she goes.


4. Lea T.

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Lea T

Lea T. Is a Brazilian model, was born in 1981, her past name was Leandro Cerezo. She is among the most famous and one of the best transsexual female models we know at this time. Her modelling talent allowed her to work with several high fashion designers and magazines. She is also known to be the muse of the house of Givenchy.


3. Caroline Cossey (Tula)

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Caroline Cossey (Tula)

Born Barry Kenneth Cossey is the most famous transgender women in the world. She is a beautiful model who also appeared in a James Bond movie, and has the credit of being the first, posing for Playboy. She has been an inspiration for many transgender women in the world to fight and stand for their rights, so that they can also enjoy female status. Caroline Cossey married later and has been recognized as women by the law.


2. Chamila Asanka

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Chamila Asanka

Belonging to Sri Lanka, is a born male but famous as a female model all over the world. She is also known as “Chami”. She also contested in the Miss International Queen pageant in 2011. Chamila Asanka is among the most successful and upcoming fashion model in her country and an attractive transgender around the world.


1. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male - Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Although Thailand has many beautiful transsexuals, but she is extremely attractive and successful, Sirapassorn Atthayakorn is a successful fashion model from Thailand. This beautiful woman was named as the Ms International Queen, 2011 pageant. She has appeared in several magazines since then, making all extremely proud.

These attractive women can never be forgotten, as their courage and determination will surely be inspiring more transgender women to look up for more exciting and promising career and life ahead. Some of the other names are Kim Petras, Andrej Pejic , Bou, Kristian Ruscitti and many more.



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