10 Best And Beautiful Ways To Propose A Girl

The Girl’s biggest dream is to have a perfect proposal. You have been dating a girl for so long and finally have decided that she is the one you have been looking for to spend a life with, then it’s a time to propose her in the most creative and surprising way. Guys usually lack confidence and romance in proposing a girl. Being proposed in an ordinary way that is someone is getting down on his knees with a rose or a ring in hand is surely not what most of the girls want. Your way of proposing should be so breathtaking and loving that will tell her that how much she means to you. But before helping you out in this matter it is important to mention that every woman has her own taste that you would definitely know. So choose a way that she would appreciate and you would be able to hear a resounding YES!! Here are listed the 10 Best And Beautiful Ways To Propose A Girl.


10. Be Her Proposing Gift Yourself

Be Her Proposing Gift Yourself

It would be little funny but the memorable and sweetest way of proposing. You may inform her that you are gifting her something really big. This type of surprise proposal would require some help from outsiders as to pack you in a gift box and delivering that box to her home. You need to hold a ring hiding in the box so that when she opens the gift she would get a big surprise proposal.


9. Make Her Lunchtime Memorable

Make Her Lunchtime Memorabl

If a girl you want to propose is your college or office colleague then this could the surprising way to propose her. You would need to her friend in confidence if your girl uses to have her own lunch box. Her friend could secretly bring you her box so that you may decorate her lunch with the letters saying “will u marry me?” or if she uses to have her lunch from cafeteria then take a café man into confidence so that he may decorate her lunch with a proposal question. You may hide a ring in her in her lunch box as well or you may become a cafe man yourself in order to be more cute in proposing.


8. A Candlelit Dinner

A Candlelit Dinner

One of the classical ways to propose your girl is to invite her to a candlelit dinner in her favorite restaurant. Arrange a violinist. The dim candle light and music behind makes a perfect combination for a romantic evening proposal. You can arrange a dinner for your dream girl at home by cooking dinner yourself to make her realize that how much she is important for you and you want to spend rest of your life with her. If you have been to some restaurant then ask the waiter to bring a covered proposal ring with desert. The place you choose should be calm and quite to set a mood for romance and love.


7. Propose Her Live On Television

Propose Her Live On Television

One of the unique ways to propose your girl could be on some live TV show. You must know which TV show she watches regularly. You can participate in that live show for her. Such shows are always more than willing to allow you to do such stuff that would add some interesting drama in their show. You can talk to the host backstage that you are not here actually to play but to propose someone you want to spend a life with. Take almost 3-4 minutes from him to make your love speech for your dream girl. You may or may not win the game but will surely win the girl.


6. Set Sky As Your Limits

Set Sky As Your Limits

Sky writing or an aerial banner could be one of the fantastic ways to propose a girl. The problem you may face in such a proposal will be finding a trained pilot who can help you out in writing your proposal. Therefore it would be quite exciting and impressive. Another way could be proposing through an aerial banner. This is possible at some beach or open area or at some public athletic event. Make a long banner or a streamer and ask the company to attach it at the back of the plane. What you have to do is just to take her to that place. As soon as your complete proposal starts sparkling in the sky sit down on your knees, hold her hand and ask her “will you?”


5. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Being simple and sweet is the most important need of the proposal. That’s undoubtedly the most special way “to be you”. Proposing in the way that comes first in your mind would be the best because it would be a perfect match with the choice of your partner. Don’t overdo your proposal. Take her to some beautiful place with some simple proposing arrangements such as a ring and flowers. Be creative in your thoughts. Most of the girls love and dream to have such romantic proposals. Be yourself and in your way say her most precious words that she wants to hear.


4. A Decorated Room In Hotel

A Decorated Room In Hotel

Such proposal requires some special occasion that you both have been celebrating together for years. It may be your birthday or her birthday or your special date. You may call her to inform that you have arranged to celebrate the occasion in a hotel room. Get into the room before she reaches. Leave the room unlocked so she may get in without permission. All the arrangements should be made properly, the soft music, the rose petals scattered all around, dim lights and a table for two decorated beautifully. She would surprisingly be asking you that what’s going on. You just need to reply in a your proposing question.


3. An Outdoor Proposal

An Outdoor Proposal

One of the most spectacular ways could be an outdoor proposal. You must be aware which place she likes the most. It could be a place with beautiful sunset scene or you may hire a boat in a peaceful lake. Row her to the middle of the lake and spend some good time together and when the sky is golden hue and sun is setting in the sky, propose her like will you always be there with me so we can enjoy every sunset of life together like this. May be she couldn’t understand what you are trying to say. Then propose her in more clearly with a ring in hand.


2. Propose Through An Audio Visual Presentation

Propose Through An Audio Visual Presentation

Proposing a girl through an audio visual presentation may sound strange but it’s really interesting. Have some of her photographs and compile it with yours using a photo editing software. Make several different collages and compile some of videos as well so that you can make a full presentation or a film expressing your love and dun forget to put a question “WILL U MARRY ME?” at the end. Copy it in a DVD CD. Call her to watch a movie with you at home or you may plan a movie at her home and show her the film or presentation you have made for her. Don’t forget to have a ring in your hand when there is a proposal at the screen.


1. Recreate Your First Date

Recreate Your First Date

Taking her to the place where you both met first time and proposing her to spend a whole life with you would be the most romantic way to propose. No special arrangements are needed as the place where you are going to take her is already special for you both. You may call or invite her at that place, spend some time talking about the day when you met first time there, what’s special in her, what makes you love her and some more romantic memories.

Grab her attention towards you and as soon as you are successful in making yourself her focus take out the hidden ring in your pocket, sit down on your knees, hold her hand and ask her in the most sensuous way that “will be my life partner?”.

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