10 Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020

In this era of expense and we all are looking for a good living where we can get all the facilities and raise a family properly. Raising a family in a big city can be really tough as education gets expensive, dwelling as well as paying the taxes. Some of us with our retirement coming closer start looking for cities that have small communities with minor rents and affordable grocery shops. Here are 10 Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020


10. Carmel, Indiana

Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020 -

Over the years the population of Carmel, Indiana has increased with a rate of 30.49%. People are moving down here because of low taxes, best national life; the housing societies are very well planned and affluent. Carmel has areas which are affordable and easy to live, although most of them are old but many people prefer to live here. Although it is a very old city the facilities offered in this city are countless. The public is provided with conveniences, the transportation set-up has been improved drastically, and new neighborhoods are being constructed; enhancement of environment by the government. All these factors make Carmel an ideal place to live in.




9. Kirkland, Washington

Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020 - Kirkland, Washington

With a wide range of apartments available for rent n Kirkland at a very affordable price, the people living in Kirkland considers it a blessing. With its suburbs and a friendly neighborhood there is lots of entertainment in the evening with families out in the restaurants and diners and with its downtown. The people of Kirkland has been living in the city for decades and they say that they don’t need to go out in the big city for anything the school system is great and improves every year and thus they are living a very peaceful life in their adequate salaries.


8. Clarkstown, NY

Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020 - Clarkstown, NY

New York is one of the busiest and richest place to live in. It comes in the fourth rank of the largest city of the United States.  A number of people are gradually moving to cities of New York including Clarkstown. Many people are settled here for decades now, and have a population of 85,000 people residing in.


7. Norman, Okla

Norman, Okla

With some of the greatest achievements in Norman, this place has gained attention among many families as a place for raising families. You won’t find any water trouble whilst living in this city, recently a meeting was held for the water amount provided in the city. According to statistics the living in Norman is comparatively less than the city of Oklahoma. The prices of gas, food and grocery including coffee are in a reduced amount than the capital of Norman and from the neighboring cities


6. St. George,Utah

Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020 - St. George,Utah

This place is famous for tourism and has some amazing natural beauty because of its location in the southwestern part of the U.S. a number of attractive places in St. George attracts the tourists every year to visit this place. They are utilizing their natural beauty to make their economy sector stronger but all in all St. George is the best place to retire and spend your life peacefully among the serene and peace of the mountains. A small resort town with no crime rate and a number of national parks and monuments this location is perfect for nuclear couples or retired ones. The housing prices are fairly high because of the location but perfect for those who are looking for some tranquility.


5. McKinney, Texas

Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020 - McKinney, Texas

Walking through the streets of the communities of McKinney, Texas with the wonderful buildings and just a hometown feeling, you get the feeling that you had made the right choice. Behind the southern touch you find here, there lays a city advancing towards modernism and growth. Recently the employment growth has increased because of some company’s development here. The average cost of a living is $200,000 which is reasonable if compared with the cities. The education is affordable for every person living in McKinney and wouldn’t change their place to move in a big city.


4. Columbia & Ellicott City Md

Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020 - Columbia & Ellicott City Md

Average amount of taxes for the houses and 172,745 population Columbia & Elicott city is just the place to settle in. With old buildings and a serene atmosphere, this place has a job growth rate is really superior here. John Hopkins Applied Physic Lab is just 25 km away and a number of students reside in this city which they find affordable to live as compared to other cities.


3. Round Rock, Texas

RoundRock, Texas

People who want to move in somewhere after retirement, where they can live in peace or where the taxes are low, the housing is cheap and the people are simple. People don’t look for a boring place; all they look is a relatively simpler place where they don’t have to put up a show and spend too much. The Round Rock city in Texas comes in the best places to live because of its pleasant climate, competent education and the economy sector has gone strong over the years. You will find every kind of rental apartments available starting from 3 bedroom house to a single room apartment. The area is famous for corporate startups and small agencies. The employment rate is high in this city and a number of young people come here in search of jobs.


2. Ames, Iowa

Best And Most Affordable Cities To Live In 2020 - Ames, Iowa

We all are looking for a place where we can settle and raise a family with affordable education, low crime rates and low budget living. Ames has recently been ranked the 9th best and affordable place to live in. a number of magazines have considered this place to be the best place for job seeking purposes. Its low unemployment rate has increased its population over the years. Ames offer people several opportunities including cultural and artistic opportunities and numerous people have performed over the years in Ames. The housing societies are very well- built and has a friendly neighborhood with people loving and caring. Over the years because of its progress and growth Ames has turned into an extraordinary city to live in.


1. Rochester Hills, Michigan

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Strong economy of a city means better education and availability of jobs with good and improved salaries. The abodes are available at reasonable prices and majority people living there are educated. The city has rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed properly. There are also independent living facilities for the ones that have retired or for those who wish to live independently.

The city is constructed well with clean roads and less traffic, the city provides you with comfort of having all the facilities which a person needs.



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  1. Susanne Stieglitz

    As a long time Washington resident searching online for more affordable places to live, I can absolutely say that your # 2 spot is completely hilarious!!! Kirkland? Affordable??? Maybe if you make $100,000 + a year.

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