10 Best And Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020

Tired of working all day? Need some help? Time to buy a robot…!! In this technological century, when everything is leaning towards automation, a little expenditure on a robot is not a bad deal at all. You will spend your money once, and you will get benefit for whole of your life. Manual labor will go to minimum and human imperfection would be deleted out of your life. These are not mere words. They are proven facts. Now you all might be thinking that robots are so expensive and cannot be bought. This is just a myth. You will find some really affordable robots in my list. Here I have compiled the list of 10 Best And Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020.


10. 3-Furby

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 -

Furbies are basically interactive robots meant to entertain. Kids love these robotic toys and so do parents. They were first created in 1998 and are popular since then. The furry Furbies have their own language. They can dance and can interact. They have built in sensors. The greatest plus point about these robots is that they are cheap and affordable. Their price range starts from $54.


9. QB From Anybots

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 - QB From Anybots

QB is actually a virtual presence robot. It is remote controlled and self balanced. The basic idea of the robot is to represent the owner at some place where he cannot go. QB is a skinny two wheeled robot who can roam around and can have physical interactions on your behalf. It has a webcam and a screen which will show your face while the body would be that of the robot. You can make your business spark by sitting at home. Or if a child is in hospital, he can attend classes at school without any problem. QB will cost you $15k and trust me it is worth it.


8. Keecker

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 - Keecker

If you are in search of an entertainment robot, Keecker is the best choice. It has got an in built projector. You can watch a movie, surf on web, do your office work or any other chore on the nearby wall, wherever you are sitting. You can also listen to music play video games and do video calling. Keecker is also capable of measuring humidity level, temperature and control volume and has got audio speakers with perfect sound system. The price ranges from $4k to $5k.


7. iPhone Controlled Flying Bomber

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 -  iPhone Controlled Flying Bomber

Crazy about table tennis? If you still do not know about the Flying Bomber, than you has been living in a cave. This robot drops a ping pong ball when commanded by an iOS device. It can be used indoor or outdoor. When you will swipe the screen of your gadget and press the button, the plastic ball will be ejected to the target place. The battery is rechargeable and the flight time is five minutes. A USB cable comes in with the Bomber. You can buy it for $99.95.


6. Sphero Bluetooth Robotic Ball

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 - Sphero Bluetooth Robotic Ball

This little robotic ball is enough to take you in the virtual world. It is actually a gaming device, controlled by Android and iOS gadgets. Games with multi or single player can be played with this ball. The robot can change the color (as multi-color LEDs are installed) and can also play in dark. It has a range of more than 50 foots. The speed of the ball is 3 feet per second. Accelerometers and gyro meters are installed inside. The price is $129.99.


5. Orbit Mobile Brain-Controlled Helicopter

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 - Orbit Mobile Brain-Controlled Helicopter

This amazing robot can work according to your brain. It comes with an EEG headset, through which it is controlled. It uses physical feedback and colorful visuals to operate while the user should be mentally relaxed with full concentration on the task. The helicopter can fly, well obviously, and has got blades to overcome the obstacles. It can be used through Android or iOS devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. It is not that pricey and you will find a price tag of $189 on it.


4. Nabaztag Ears

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 - Nabaztag Ears

Shaped like a rabbit, having long ears of different colors, Nabaztag is a multipurpose robot. The services it provides are; news headlines, alarm clock, weather forecast, email alerts, stock market reports, MP3 streams, RSS feeds and much more. The robot either speaks out loud or uses indicative lights to pass on the information. Nabaztag can speak in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian. The rabbit can be programmed using PHP, Python, Perl or Java language. It is worth $12 to $13 only.


3. Floor Washer-iRobot Scooba 390

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 - Floor Washer-iRobot Scooba 390

It is a rechargeable robot which can wash floors (as the name indicates) of 850 squares in one turn. It is not a vacuum rather it scrub, wash and dry floors. This domestic robot needs no external assistance.  Mopping a floor with all your energy is no more your future now. All you have to do is touch a button, and 98% of bacteria on the floor will be gone. Tap water, Scooba hard floor cleaner or amalgam of water and vinegar can be used as washing solution (you will get four packets of Scooba hard floor cleaning solution with it). It costs round about $450.


2. Automated Pool Cleaner

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 - Automated Pool Cleaner

The robot is meant to clean water (by removing dust, debris or dirty particles) of a swimming pool without any manual intervention. Some of them use battery as a power source while others use electric supply. The ones with a battery can also be used for cleaning water in spas, hot tubs or kids’ pool as they are handy. The price ranges from $200 to $700. One with greater prize would be containing some extra kits for more facilities. For those who own a swimming pool and do business, this robot is must as it will reduce their labor expenditures.


1. Roomba iRobot

Most Affordable Robots To Buy In 2020 - Roomba iRobot

You might have seen vacuum robots cleaning places. But a cleaning robot at this much cheap rate is more like a dream. Yes! Roomba iRobot costs no more than $199.95. It has got IR sensors (Infra-Red) along with bumpers. The sensors help the robot to navigate dirt even in the corners or under the bed while the bumper protects it from falling. The robot also detects the obstacles and climb through them. Roomba is rechargeable and can clean 3 rooms of size 14’*16’.

Well it has some cons which include not taking out all of the dirt from dense carpets. But it is perfect for cleaning floors. Roomba iRobot 650 is perfect for cleaning but it is of worth $400. A robot at this much affordable price is not a bad deal.

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