10 Best And Most Famous Safari Parks In The World

All of us wish to have some leisure time to relax and to make fun with family and friends. Getting spare time out of today’s hectic routines is really a hard task to do but one should have to do this hard task in order to have some beautiful memories in life. Visiting the restaurants, beaches and nightlife are good but common entertainment ideas. There should be some change in life so here we provide you a list of 10 best and most famous safari parks in the world, that will definitely double you fun and enjoyment.


10. Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

10 Best And Most Famous Safari Parks In The World

Galapagos National Park is the first national park of Ecuador, it was built in 1959 and became working in 1968. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and 97% of the land area of the Galapagos Islands has designated by government in its establishment. The archipelago of the Galapagos has been illustrated as one of the most distinct, biologically outstanding and scientifically important areas on earth. It is an attractive place to visit as the species of wildlife walk here fearlessly and are easily approachable, making it a pleasant experience to see and enjoy them closely.


9. Madidi National park, Bolivia

Most Famous Safari Parks - Madidi National park, Bolivia

It is an amazing national park located in the upper Amazon River basin in Bolivia. It was established in 1995 and covers an area of 18,958 square kilometers. This park is one of the best places in the world to observe wildlife. Madidi national park is widely recognized for its astonishing more than 1,000 bird species and over 700 species of animals. It is one of the most intact ecosystems of the South America and its wildlife includes 38% of tropical amphibian species, 44% of all world mammal species, many species of birds, and various protected species as compared to any park in the world. The undeniable wonder of this park is its breathtaking scenery and the distracted complexity of the rainforest ecosystem.


8. Amber Mountain National park, Madagascar

Amber Mountain National park, Madagascar

A safari located in Madagascar is like no other, its safari parks are entirely different from others in the world. Here the wildlife has emerged on its own distinct path and many endemic species are included in it. Amber Mountain National park is located in the Diana region of northern Madagascar, it is situated 1000 kilometers north of capital, Antananarivo. It is renowned for its beautiful water falls and amazing crater lakes. This park is also one of the Madagascar’s most biologically diverse places, 25 species of mammals, 75 species of birds, and 59 species of reptiles are known to occupy this park. It has cool climate and also offers breathtaking sceneries.


7. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

It is a large game reserve that is located in the south-west Kenya and is also known as the greatest wildlife reserve of Africa. Together with a park named as Serengeti National Park situated in Tanzania it offers most incredible, diverse and most captivating eco systems and probably the world’s outclass safari game viewing ecosystem. It is extremely renowned for its extraordinary population of the lion, cheetah, leopards, big cats and the great annual migration of wildebeest, zebra and the Maasai people who are famous for their distinctive dress and custom. It is an amazing tourist destination in the world where you can enjoy a lot.


6. Chobe National Park, Botswana

Chobe National Park, Botswana

Chobe National park is the most diverse and the country’s third largest park. Arriving at this park will give you an amazing and very pleasant feeling, the breathtaking scenery, pleasant atmosphere and the ensuing wilderness. This park is supported by one of the most beautiful rivers of Africa and this thing can not be seen anywhere else in the country. It is the country’s first national park and was established in 1968, it covers an area of almost 11700 square kilometers, encircling swamps, floodplains and woodland. This park is specifically famous for its impressive elephant population. It contains the Africa’s highest elephant concentration that is according to estimation is 50,000 elephants.


5. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

This park offers you an absolute outclass African safari experience. It is not only renowned for its impressive wildlife but also for its lovely atmosphere and captivating grassland. The Serengeti National Park is famous for its annual migration of 250,000 zebra and more than 1.5 million wildebeest and for its various Nile crocodile. It is also known for the other healthy wild species including lion, African leopard, African elephant, African buffalo and black rhinoceros, it also supports various other species including baboon, African wild dog, cheetah and giraffe. It also boasts almost 500 species of bird including lovebirds, crowned crane, martial eagle and various species of vultures.


4. Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

The Moremi Game Reserve is a National Park of Botswana and it lies on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta. It is captivating and unique wildlife location where one can experience outstanding views of Savannah game and also bird watching on the bayous. In this park there are also densely wooded areas, which are home of the leopards and rare African wild dogs. It occupies an area of almost 5,000 square kilometers and is a surprisingly distinct Reserve, combing dense woodland and forests, bayous and floodplains. It is also home to almost 500 bird’s species and a huge bunch of other wild species.


3. Kafue National Park, Zambia

Kafue National Park, Zambia

Kafue national park is the world’s second largest national park and the largest in Zambia. It is truly wonderful place and is home to more than fifty five different species of animals and more than 400 species of birds, therefore it offers impressive viewing of wildlife with a wide variety of animals. This park is extraordinary beautiful and is bisected by two main rivers both of which are outstanding for water based safaris. The southern area of the park is thick woodland, with magnificent birding along the river and leopards gliding between the trees.  It is an outclass place of African wilderness with splendid game observing, fishing opportunities and bird viewing. This park spreads over an extensive area and encircles a variety of landscapes too.


2. Flinders Chase National Park, Australia

Flinders Chase National Park, Australia

Kangaroo Island is renowned for its splendid wildlife experiences and some of its finest attractions are present in Flinders Chase National Park. This park is best for wildlife, here you can see 6000 fur seals, 4000 penguins, 5000 koalas, 15,000 kangaroos, 600 rare Australian sea lions and almost 254 species of birdlife. It occupies the western end of island and is renowned as one of the South Australia’s top national parks. It is also home to the truly Remarkable Rocks and the iconic Admirals Arch. It is a must see attraction where you can see numerous beautiful scenes not only of cute animals but also of natural beauty. A number of camping areas and picnic areas are also available in the park.  Since its establishment, it has been proved a temple for a number of endangered species


1. Everglades National Park, USA

Everglades National Park, USA

It is a national park that is located in Florida and protects the southern 20% of the original Everglades. Everglades National Park is the largest tropical wilderness in the United States and is visited by approximately one million individuals each and every year. It has been declared a World Heritage Site, and has also given a title of a wetland of International importance. This park is also asserted as an International Biosphere Reserve and that is very appreciating.  This park protects an unparalleled landscape that offers residence to various rare and endangered species like the American crocodile, manatee and the mysterious Florida Panther.

You will definitely enjoy a great time here, the extraordinary variety of its water habitats has made it a temple for numerous reptiles and birds and the threatened species. The wonders of this amazing and distinct ecosystem and the innate and exotic wildlife that inhabit it will really appeal you.

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