10 Best Fertility Treatment Centers In 2020

Being able to reproduce is a dream of every single couple out there. The remedy used by the couples most often, not able to produce children on their own, Adoption. With advancing technologies and further studies in the field of medicine since 20th century has not left this blessing a dream anymore. Fertility Treatment Centers, also known as Fertility Clinics are being established in some parts of the world since 1970’s but some parts of the world are still in the process. These clinics offer many facilities such as In vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUS), surrogate mothers, gender selection, embryo transfer etc. These accommodations provided by such clinics have made many couples able to have their own children. Although these treatments are high cost still the affording couples have the prospect to have a blissful life by the use of this technology. The 10 Best Fertility Treatment Centers In 2020 are ranked below.


10. Body Bureau, Lithuania

Body Bureau, Lithuania

This clinic works in collaboration with The Northway Center for Reproductive Medicine. It provides Micromanipulation, Assisted hatching and ISCI. It has won an award in its field in the past but unfortunately currently egg, sperm or embryo donation is not allowed in the country. The parliament of Lithuania has started debates on the Assisted Reproductive plan including all the detailed procedures regarding the technology still the bill hasn’t been passed yet.


9. Istanbul Fertility and Women’s Health Centre, Turkey

10 Best Fertility Treatment Centers In 2020

This clinic of Istanbul has been working under professional supervision. Provision of wide range of treatments is ensured including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), microinjection (ICSI), surgical sperm collection (TESA, TESE, PESA). It also provides pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), embryo freezing and thawing. But the country doesn’t allow surrogate mothers, same sex couples to avail this facility and gamete donation. Turkey also doesn’t allow single mothers to carry out this process but still the country has 115 fertility clinics working under the Statute law for assisted reproduction practices.


8. Smart Choice Medical Travel, Hungary

Smart Choice Medical Travel, Hungary

This clinic is one of the hoariest yet the most skilled assisted reproductive clinic in Budapest, Hungary. It provides a range of facilities in the clinic such as Insemination, IVF, and ICSI and on small scale gynecological endoscopic surgeries. If you want to save your money with some good facility provision then Smart Choice Medical Travel is a good choice. Moreover, owing to the advanced medical equipment and skilled staff the center has a high pregnancy rate and a large number of babies have been born. Some rules regarding the marriage issues are strict, like male homosexuals are not allowed for Surrogate mothers and moreover the cohabiting couples have to prove their true partnership.


7. GEST (Praga Medica), Czech Republic

GEST (Praga Medica), Czech Republic

This clinic provides their clients ultimate privacy and individual attention and it has been operating since 17 years and has given birth to 5000 normal healthy children by this facility. Czech Republic bans surrogacy and allows only 2 embryos to be transferred via IVF.


6. Ovum Fertility Consultants Group, Greece

Ovum Fertility Consultants Group, Greece

Ovum Fertility Consultants Group, in Greece, gives consultancy as the name itself suggests, aid, and diagnosis of infertility problems in couples seeking help. Thebasic aim of this Ovum Fertility Consultants Group is to suggest and advicethe newly wed and pregnant couples and to carry out genetic and DNA tests (progenetic) to check and dig out the male or female infertility issue. The best part about treatment in Greece is that their National Law provides and allows the usage of all the assisted reproductive facilities including IVF, IUI and embryo donation whether by the husband or the other donor.


5. AltraVita, Russia

AltraVita, Russia

This clinic in Moscow provides the up to date, last minute facilities with a very skilled, professional and caring staff to their clients. The best thing about treatment in Russia is that Surrogacy is entirely allowed. AltraVita provides a wide variety of Facilities including initial diagnosis of the Infertility problem in couples.It also provides Ovulation induction; IUI, IVF and embryo transfer.Egg donation, sperm bank and preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos are also present in this clinic.


4. Colorado Centre for Reproductive Medicine, USA

Best Fertility Treatment Centers In 2020 -

For all those women who are in problems of endometriosis and Polycystic ovary disease, need not to worry if they are looking for Assisted Reproductive plan because this clinic is researching a way for thee women to have a successful pregnancy rate. Due to the facilities they provide, it attracts 40% of its patients from outside as well.


3. Complete Fertility Centre, UK

This Centre in UK provides all those couples looking for their infertility treatment with a complete package fulfilling their needs. They offer IVF, IUI, embryo and sperm donation as well. Moreover Complete Fertility Center is running a support group for all those who dealing with stress regarding their infertility can join this group for a happier life ahead. It is cost effective according to the environment it provides with no hidden costs. If a person wants to be a sperm or egg donor so the clinic gives 750 Euros to egg donors.


2. Bourn Hall clinic, India

Being in top 3, this clinic of India provides all the highest facilities to its clients along with the most affordable prices around the globe. It also has an extremely skilled staff, owing to the fact that this center has been established by the pioneers of Fertility treatment. India also provides now a special medical treatment Visa for all the outsiders. They provide a large range of facilities which includes IVF, IUI, surrogacy and embryo donation. Whereas sex selection is only allowed when there is a risk of genetic abnormality in the baby. Being low priced and the facility provision and high standards as compared to UK and USA makes it able to bag the number three position.


1. Manzanera Medical Centre, Spain

So here it is, Spain, providing the best assisted reproductive practice in the world. By best we mean, 25 years of experience of Manzanera Medical Centre with a professional approach of their staff.

They offer all the facilities regarding the treatment with a relaxed environment and caring attitude with a moderation to the boarding clients that they don’t have to be present in Spain throughout their treatment. With experience and skill they have 200 centers in the country with provision of the services under full law supervision.Thanks to the open minded attitude that the society accepts all kinds of customers and couples there. The amenities include IVF, IUI, embryo donation and surrogacy and many more. So for all the people having money in their bags, in need of their Infertility treatment with Best tools, then Spain is your destination.

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