10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Yeah!!! Halloween is just right there so be ready for guising, apple bobbing, lighting bonfires, carving pumpkins, watching horror movies, wearing special costumes and please tell me the scariest story!!! Halloween also known as Hallow Eve that is a great of festival of Christians falls on 31st of October every year on which the people of Western Culture wear different costumes. The event is celebrated by everyone whether men or women, kids or adults, single or married according to its own style. First things that come in mind after listening about Halloween are its amazing Halloween costumes.

If you are trying to find out some new and scary ideas on the Halloween dresses, I have 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 that are different and you can try them on this Halloween.


10. Evil Clown Costume

Evil Clown Costume

You have seen many times that many people wear clowns costume on the Halloweens but let us try something different this time! Evil clown is a good idea that will differentiate you this time from others. You just need a clown costume and some make up that will make your face evil to be disparate and non-identical. There is one thing important that please don’t forget to wear clown wig that will enhance your evil look. And I surely say that if you are successful in making a full evil look you will look so spine-chilling and spine-chilling.


9. Shiva Costume

10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020, Shiva Costume

Shiva costume is an amazing choice to wear on this Halloween that is really scary and highlight you in a huge crowd. Just color your body into a blue color, attach a large number of fake hands with your blue skinny dress and wear heavy, golden year rings in your ears and don’t forget to wear a golden and big crown on your head.


8. Social Media Figure

10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020, Social Media Figure

Social media figure is actually a great idea on this Halloween. As social media figure are known by many people and are very common now a days so wearing this costume will make your Halloween amazing. This a stupefying and a unique idea to be done on this Hallow Eve and influence people around you. You can take different media figures like “Grumpy Cat” which is popular due to its face gestures. You can put some accessories and some make up to look similar and adopt some its famous phrases to complete the style.


7. Follow your Favorite Celebrity

Follow your Favorite Celebrity

On this Halloween it would be an awesome and intellectual mind’s eye to follow your favorite celebrity and show your love, support and fan ship to him and follow his/her famous style you want to be in yourself. To enhance the celebrity looks and style you can make your friends your body -guard and make one of them your assistant that will make your way in between people and will give you a special protocol. So, on this special eve you should try something different and creative.


6. Werewolf

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020, Werewolf

What? Is today a full moon that we are talking about wolves? Ware wolves are one of the times-less classical style of dreadfulness and monstrosity but now days very common in movies and serials which make everyone bloodcurdling. Wear this atrocious costume on a night full of horridness will add more terror in the people around you. And this costume is especially for those who don’t want to apply make-up on their face because the dress itself is scary enough. Part of cool Fiend will be flirty along with frightening.


5. Pregnant Zombie

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020, Pregnant Zombie

Zombies on the Eve of Halloween are very common and old concept. Let us add something spicy and horrible in it. What about a pregnant zombie? But it must be not real!!! Ewe!! A zombie with its open belly from where veins, intestine and embryo are coming half outside is a terrible idea. It is one of the scariest costumes I have ever seen! All you have to do for this look is to make-up like a zombie with some dummy in your clothes on your belly.


4. Bride of Frankenstein

10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Normal brides are a common and boring thought but Bride of Frankenstein is a new and radical idea. Plus it will scare some of the guys. You can ripe the dress and do a low veil so that you can really look like that you are back from your grave. Use grey and brown paints to male it dirty and old, use smudge around your eyes and hardly blink your eyes. The different thing about this dress no one would have the same dress or same looks because you have to design your own costume. White or grey contact lenses will add more Satan look in you.


3. Obama’s poster

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

If you want something related to painting then Obama’s poster would be a different and peculiar design. Another important thing in this style is painting skills that will make you distinct from other people on Halloween. On this Hallow Eve only you can give the opportunity to meet your respectable president Mr. Obama spend time with them. The amazing thing in this poster of Mr. Obama is his special poster can move, eat and drink. You can also design Obama’s poster of hope or victory.


2. Snake girl

Snake girl

There is another horrible and creative idea! On this Eve of Halloween add some snaky look on you. Make a mask with paint colors and sprays that will give a bright look and highlight you even in the dark. Wear some skin tight tights and shirt and add a dark and smudgy look in your eyes just like a snake. By wearing red tube around your neck will enhance your dangerous looks.


1. Shark Attack

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Here we have an amazing idea! On Halloweens we dress up usually that is somewhat more different and tries to find out a new and scary costume. We have a costume which shows that you and your surfboarding is attacked by a shark and shark have eaten up your legs and the most interesting thing would be if your little sister or any small kid in your house is a shark. It would be a perfect costume and hope by wearing this you will get a big candy treat

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