10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2020

Important months for celebrations are around the corner. Yes, we are talking about Halloween!!! And when it comes to Halloween, people become all excited and picky about what they want and what they can afford. Everybody is running here and there, or browsing pages to make their events memorable ones. Few are buying online, while few are using their own creative ways to design innovative costumes. admits all this, it would be worth appreciating, if people could find some great tips and ideas for their costume decisions. So, don’t worry now because we have come up with some awesome ideas for your 2020 Halloween events. We are here to help you out in such a difficult situation. So, let us have a look at the 10 best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020.


10.  Chef Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 -

Who is the fan of Master Chef? Time to show your craziness and love for food this year. All you would be needing is a stylish apron and a chef hat. Stockings can be of net or linen cloth with black and white high heels. To give more chef’s effect, hold a spatula or frying spoon in one hand. Special bow (which chefs usually wear) in neck would also look awesome. Men can also adopt this style with apron and hat.


9. Naughty Officer Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Naughty Officer Costume

This is a funky and attractive costume idea for girls. You can either buy it or manage it from your existing wardrobe. A pair of black long boots (should be high heels), along with black top and black gloves is necessary. A hat similar to that of cop would make the costume complete. You may accessorize it with handcuffs or a gun, but keep in mind gun should not be real. You ready to dazzle the world with your naughty style this Halloween.


8.  Zombie Costume

Best Zombie Costumes 2020

As zombies are in fashion nowadays and is a hot topic everywhere, so dressing like a zombie this Halloween would be a perfect idea. Well now for this category there is alot of scope. You can buy a costume and give yourself a scary look through makeup. blood drops is also an important part which can be made using paint or even makeup. When you are done with clothes, also practice to walk like zombies by tilting your hands and feet and rolling your eyes.


7. Gangster Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Gangster Costume

For this idea, you must have some hidden naughtiness inside you.  Men can simply wear black suit with white lines on it. And for women, they can wear white shirt with black upper small jacket. Net stockings with black high heels and black nail polish would be a perfect combo. The costume would not be a complete package without a hat. A red and black Bow tied on neck would complement alot


6. Ghost Ship Pirate Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Ghost Ship Pirate Costume

This is actually men’s costume but women can also adopt it by a little alteration. Color scheme is all white. Costume must have a tattered long coat with a vest which should also be tattered. Pirate like shots with stockings and shoes at bottom while ripped hat at the top would be a nice combo. To give a ghostly effect, apply white makeup on face and wear white gloves.


5. Peacock Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Peacock Costume

Well for people who wear animal costumes; kitty, black cat, bunny and kangaroo costumes is an old story now. Animal lovers should switch to peacock costume this year. A feathered skirt or top with furs, headpiece made up of peacock’s fur, and a feather tail would depict the idea nicely. Neck piece of dark green color with a touch of blue shade would go perfectly. Wear net stockings of dark green color and high heels with furs. Apply an eye makeup with blend of blue, green, silver and black color and lipstick of purple color.


4. Red Riding Hood Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Red Riding Hood Costume

If you are interested in this idea, I would recommend you to first see the movie “Red Riding Hood” and observe the character of Amanda Seyfried. For clothes, you would be needing a red gown with a hood/cape, of course. Basket is the essential accessory with red apples or flowers in it. You may choose a mini dress with black furry lace and black bows. Along with clothes, your face expression and attitude should always be like red riding hood.


3. Soccer Player Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Soccer Player Costume

Soccer fever was at the peak this year due to World cup 2020 and it has not ended yet as it is year of Football. So wearing a soccer costume this Halloween won’t be a bad idea. You will look modern and up to date. So all the football lovers, run to the nearest store and grab a related costume. Decide a country of your favorite players and purchase the dress. Do not forget to fetch a football as it is complementary with the costume. White stockings with sports shoes would be perfect.


2. Bride in Black Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 -  Bride in Black Costume

Everyone must have seen the horror movie Insidious. Well, if you somehow like the outlook of the woman in black in that movie that occupies the hero, then this year you must definitely go for that outfit. All you need is a black dress with a lot of falls along with a black net veil. Moreover, wear a wig and color your face white. Then add an accessory of red candle and keep it near your face to give it an effect of creepy face. You are all ready to rock the floor!



1. Ice Bucket Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Ice Bucket Costume

You might have been aware of ALS ice bucket challenge. Time to spread awareness through Halloween. This idea would not be costly or time taking. All you need is a bucket with ice and plastic bags.

Put ice in plastic bags with a little amount of water and store the packets inside the bucket. For the clothes part, wear any casual dress but prefer Bermudas or shorts. Set your hairs with gel so they may not disturb you when you will get wet. Come out on the roads and enjoy the night with this modern idea.

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