10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Men 2020

Halloween Halloween Halloween! These words are pounding in head from the last month. Some of the men must have started thinking to work on their costumes. But I’m pretty sure that there would be still some, not getting time to think over it. Well all those men busy in their monotonous office lives gets a chance to put everything aside and be creative and have fun for one day. For Halloween costumes you have to be creative so all the men search for the best Halloween costume available online for men. Other avail the opportunity of the holiday and bring out their creation by making a costume themselves. Here are 10 best Halloween costume ideas for men 2020 which will be a guide for men working on their Halloween costumes.


10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Halloween Costumes For Men 2020 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Ninja is the character which is considered as the all time favorite. So it’s time to show your likings by wearing Ninja Turtle costume. Sword is the most important part of this idea. Other than this, pads on knees and elbows will give the Ninja look. Green, black, yellow and orange colors should be used in contrast with each other.


9. Pirate

Halloween Costumes For Men 2020 - Pirate

Go to your store room and take out all the old clothes. Rip them off and make a rough jumpsuit with a jacket on it. Make a headband and wear a black cloth on one eye using some elastic. Cover the elastic with black cloth as well. Wear long rough boots of black color with brown socks. To get more into the character, wear a wig of long rough hair. You can also wear an earring in one ear lobe. This idea is no doubt old but still one of the most attractive ones.


8. Spiderman

Halloween Costumes For Men 2020 - Spiderman

Time to be in action this Halloween! Wear the Spiderman costume and become the web slinging hero this year. Spiderman costumes are easily available in market or online. If you are inclined to make your own costume, well and good! The main point to be considered is color which should be obviously red and blue. You can make the portion of eyes creative. Web can be made using thread or cotton.


7. Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer

Portray the image of saving the galaxy by wearing the costume of Drax the Destroyer. You would need a jumpsuit with printed upper portion and black pant side. Buy a grey mask hence there would be no issue of painting the face. Use a sword which will give a gesture of saving the galaxy. Mould your hands and face to depict the proper image of Drax. This would complement the costume a lot.


6. Where’s Waldo Costume

Halloween Costumes For Men 2020 - Where’s Waldo Costume

Missing the childhood friend? Wear where’s Waldo costume to regain the memories of the friend everyone has once in the childhood. Well this costume is pretty simple and can be chosen at the eleventh hour even. A stripped shirt of red and white color with a stripped hat is the main dress. Accessorize yourself with round glasses, a walking stick, hanging bag and a camera rolling around your neck. Stand with cross legs and you are ready to gain the attention of everyone.


5. 300 Themistocles Costume

Halloween Costumes For Men 2020 - 300 Themistocles Costume

Again a warrior but this time with a more adult look! A blue color tunic with a clasp and cape is the base dress. Along with this, a vinyl overhead helmet and molded arm guards are important. A big “no no” to the boots or joggers. Wear open shoes (probably a washroom shoe would work). Copper embellishments on the tunic will give the Greeks look more evidently. Hold a sword and you are ready to go on streets. Remember to bring a warrior attitude on the face. People would love it.


4. Hercules Costume

Halloween Costumes For Men 2020 - Hercules Costume

To adopt the attire of the classic warrior Hercules, you need body armor with attached red cape. Arm bands, headband, wrist cuffs and leg guards would give the war impression at once. Rather a sword in one hand and armor in the other will serve the purpose in the best possible way. Fathers can wear this costume along with their sons. This will give a protective and secure impact to the kids, leaving a positive impact. Even other adults can become Hercules, as this character never gets old.


3. Game of Thrones Jon Snow Cloak

Halloween Costumes For Men 2020 - Game of Thrones Jon Snow Cloak

Is Game of Thrones, your all time favorite season? Are you a die-hard fan of Jon Snow? If yes, then this outfit is a must for you! With an effect of THE NORTH, the costume is an all furry brown rugged material outfit. All you have to do is to let your hair grow till your shoulders and curl them up at the big day. Moreover, you can carry a sign board as well saying I Know Nothing or You Know Nothing!


2. Top Gun Flight Suit

Halloween Costumes For Men 2020 - Top Gun Flight Suit

Top Gun Flight Suit would be the most charismatic costume ever, making you the Tom Cruise of the event. This handsome costume would bring all the ladies of the street towards you. A grayish/khaki jumpsuit with white shirt and black boots will make the costume. The jumpsuit must have some badges (Goose and Maverick). No worries if you don’t have a Ray ban. Grab a pair of cheap glasses from the nearby store, but of the same style. Hands in the pockets and you are ready to cruise the Halloween night.


1. Einstein

Einstein Halloween costume for men

I know Halloween is meant to be a day off from studies and geekness. But shouldn’t we thank the amazing people who are the basis of all these advancements and comforts? Personally, Einstein is my favorite so I am adding him to my list. You can be any scientist of your own choice. Being Einstein is pretty easy (I am talking about the outlook, not the brains).

White curly messy hair with white mustache and a drooping skin texture would work. For the dress, wear the one in which you look like a nerd. And yes, don’t forget to wear the one spectacle glasses with a chain.

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