10 Best Standby Generators To Buy In 2020

Are you sick of sudden electricity shut down and you have to wait for the whole day to start your electrical appliances? Or you need a generator for camping and outdoor activities? Generator is the solution to all of your problems but not every generator can meet your needs. I have listed 10 Best Standby Generators To Buy In 2020 of some marked brands that can support many electrical appliances at a time.


10. WEN 56352 Gas Powered Portable Generator

This is a generators that is used for hiking, camping and in emergency situations as well. Manual start, 7HP power with 4 gallon usage, 2 years warranty, low noise and light weight are some of its main features. Automatic low oil shutdown also added interest of the costumer and this technology prevents the engine from damage even if the user does not regularly check the oil level.


9. Coleman Powermate Generators

Best Standby Generators To Buy In 2020

If you are a camping guy then you will surely be familiar with this company and if you are looking for some power generators for outdoor use then you are at the right place because this generator is specially made for outdoor activities. Your investment on this brand will never make you regret. This is a silent, easy to use, portable and more efficient integrated engine.


8. All Power America APG3014 2,000 Watt 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

It is a generator designed to help you in extreme conditions with relatively less price. With one year warranty, it comes with compact size, less noise production, ecofriendly and light-weight structure. The only thing that can disturb you is its manual start otherwise it can run continuously for nine hours at half of its capacity. It is one of the portable bestselling generators. Unlike 2 stroke generators available in market, it is a 4 stroke generator. Its dedicated lubrication to parts increases its life span.


7. Eastern Toll and equipment (EQT)

Other than natural gas and propane generators, EQT also provides you diesel powered generators. These generators satisfy the logo “Cutting Edge Equipment That fits your budget” written on the site of this company. Their great experience of 9 years in the industry has made them best seller diesel generators. This diesel generator provides you 11 hours run time with the consumption of 4 gallons diesel. It can manually be started through a coil as well as with electric start. The clean burning makes it more durable and easy to use.


6. Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

With the unpredictable hurricanes in US, many homeowners are looking a kind of generator that could support all their home appliances safely and could consume fuel efficiently. This generator has a fuel tank for propane in it similar to a gas tank. It can generate a high power of 6000 running Watt and can give 13HP at its peak performance. If you are “Go Green Go” kind of person than it is the generator that can gain your attention because it is environment friendly as it produces 40% less carbon contents and consumes less propane as compared to others. It is more versatile and requires less maintenance.


5. Duro-Max XP4400E 4,400 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator

This company with all bells and whistles provides you one of the best generators one can think. It is a gas powered engine with a large power of 7 horsepower that provides you more than sufficient (3,500) Watts. Its 4400 peaks enable you to use many appliances at a time. Its durability can be guessed with a backup manual start and AVR system. The oil protection system, low noise, one year warranty is like an additional bonus for its users.


4. Yamaha EF6300iSDE 6,300W Portable Inverter Generator (CARB Compliant)

When Yamaha’s engineers designed the new technology of generators, they didn’t expect to change industry in this way. These generators are portable, small sized and fuel efficient. Their generators with new invertor technology are lighter, compact and high power producers. It is one of the best seller generators for previous many years and you will surely love this. It is favorable for both indoor and large outdoor events. To ensure your need, it can run for continuously 13 hours in just 4.5 gallons liquid fuel.


3. Siemen’s’ ASGN020RBA Generators

Siemens is a company well renowned for its electricity products especially transformers and generators. Its products are famous for their durability and quality. Similarly, this generator from Siemens provides you all those qualities that you are looking for a standby generator. It is specifically designed to satisfy all ASCE 7 requirements and can work on both natural gas and liquid propane too. Its beautiful aluminum body makes this generator impressive. It has a high power generation of 20,000 Watt that can support many electrical appliances of your house. No doubt, it is light in weight but its price is little on heavy side.


2. Briggs and Stratton’s 8kW Generators with Auto-transfer Switch

Briggs and Stratton’s 8kW Generators with Auto-transfer Switch

This is world largest manufacturer of air-cooler gasoline provides you their best lawn movers, replacement engines, pressure water, oil and off-course their automatic home as well as commercial generators. This generator with automatic transfer switch can work on liquid propane and natural gas too. It has efficient sound reduction system in it especially made to reduce noise produced during high power generation. With 504cc engine, the system is air cooled. In case of any damage in the internal circuitry or on its structure, it provides you 4-years warranty and free damage repair. Its structure is designed for its easy mobility and weather protection.


1. Black Max’s BM907000 Generator

You can imagine a product that is produced by two landmark companies. Honda and Black Max both worked on this very powerful generator with its decadal durability.This generator is not only special for its size, low noise, and gravity-free design but also due to its very reasonable price.

It is extremely innovatory and movable electricity generator. Honda has very successfully mounted 389cc engine in it that not only helps in noise reduction but also in spark arrest. Its digital display helps user to read current frequency, voltage, time of use and most importantly the remaining battery timings.

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