10 Best Tips To Overcome Muscle Fatigue

The musculoskeletal system of our body that enables us to move consists of bones, joints and muscles. Muscles are important part of our body as the bones do not function alone, they need aid from the joints and muscles. Muscles pull on the joints therefore enabling us to move and also perform other functions. Moving, sitting, breathing, beating of heart, smiling all is possible due to muscles. So, for proper body functioning they should be strong and healthy. Muscle fatigue is a common issue that most of the individuals face, it is basically a decline in capability of the muscle to generate force. In our daily routine an irritating feeling of weakness and listlessness in the limbs after a workout or a sprint is extremely common. Muscle fatigue can happen at any unexpected time and individuals realize after having a painful heaviness in their legs. It minimizes the muscle’s ability to generate force and allow contraction therefore making them inefficient. Muscle fatigue takes a time to heal, medication plays an important role but here we have the list of 10 best tips to overcome muscle fatigue. Read this article and relieve yourself with this restlessness condition.


10. Go back To The Gym

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue -

In a tired and hectic routine joining gym is a very hard task to do and it seems like a bitter medicine to resolve muscle fatigue. But a mild exercise consisting of stretching, relaxing and jogging, after a workout session has seen to be very impressing in resolving muscle fatigue. A workout session makes the muscles of our body to wear down and resulting in decrease oxygen supply of muscles that causes formation of lactic acid that leads to muscle fatigue. A mile exercise enhances the blood flow to the muscles without stressing them and therefore assisting speedy recovery and decreasing soreness.


9. Amino-Acid Rich Food

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue -  Amino-Acid Rich Food

Exercise causes straining of muscles and muscle fatigue that resist you to exercise. But researches have shown that there are numerous supplements that help in promoting muscle recovery and reducing muscle fatigue. Amino acids are the body’s building blocks and are the basic constituents of protein. If you have a diet rich in amino acids then it will increase the cell division activity of body and will recover the strained muscle much quickly. Essential amino acids are extremely important for our body as they help in repairing damaged muscles, decreasing muscle soreness and increasing muscle function. A regular diet of amino acids rich food not only aids in resolving fatigue but also strengthening the muscles by preventing spasm. Eggs, meat, dairy and beans are good source of amino acids and should be ideally included in your diet.


8. Use An Ice Pack

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue -  Use An Ice Pack

Applying ice pack is very effective way to treat muscle fatigue. You should stretch your muscles and apply an ice pack, as using the ice packs on area of interest and stretching your muscles will aid your muscles to repair fastest than many other means of curing muscle fatigue. By stretching your muscles, you are removing harmful toxins and by applying ice pack, you are cooling down your muscles so that they can recover. Some precautions are required to do this tip as never apply ice on bare skin as it may lead to numbness or death of tissue.


7. Eat Bananas

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue - Eat Bananas

Banana is one of such great fruits that have richest source of Potassium and magnesium. Eating bananas is one of the best ways to get rid of muscle cramps and muscle fatigue. This fruit not only tastes good but also has important nutritional values. The Potassium present in bananas is required for muscle contraction and as an electrolyte, it aids in retaining fluid balance in body, which can prohibit muscle cramping and fatigue. Bananas are rich in magnesium, a deficiency of which can lead to muscle weakness and therefore it helps in synthesis of proteins and strengthening of muscles, and preventing muscle fatigue. They also contain Vitamin B6 which relaxes the muscles and the Vitamin C present in banana is important for strengthening tendons, ligaments and muscles.


6. Swimming

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue - Swimming

Swimming with fatigue muscles is simply awful but if you can do so then it will be an outstanding way to relieve the fatigue by relaxing muscles. The constant motion of muscles against water causes stretching of muscles and relieving the heaviness in them and is best to build muscle tone and strength. The cold water decreases the muscle trauma and prevents muscle stiffness and therefore degenerate the muscle fatigue. The cold water also constricts the blood vessels that will aid in reducing the inflammation and catalyzing the recovery and making you feel fresh and energetic.


5. Increase The Intake Of fluids

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue - Increase The Intake Of fluids

Without water life is impossible, so drinking tremendous amounts of water is the most pervasive way to restore the body’s natural balances. So, it is extremely important to drink enough liquids, at least six to eight glasses of water each day. It hydrates the muscles and helps in faster recovery from the ailment, as dehydration can lead to extreme fatigue. When dehydrated, the fluid loss in body causes a decline in blood volume, which results in forceful work of heart to pass oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream to the skin, brain and muscles.

Water helps in removing harmful toxins and wastes from the body that prohibit the muscle to recover from muscle spasm. Apples are very effective in increasing muscular strength and improving fatigue resistance, so apple juice should be drunk at regular intervals. Milk has also an important role as instead of protein it contains calcium and help in regulation of calcium ions that also cause fatigue.


4. Try Natural Remedies

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue  -  Try Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are blessings of nature that help us out in various ailments. Essential oils like Eucalyptus are very effective in minimizing the soreness that emerges from muscle fatigue. Massage the affected muscle with essential oils like Peppermint and Ginger essential oils to resolve musculoskeletal conditions. Carrier oils such as almond, arachis, grapes seed oil are renowned for their healing and nourishing properties. Applying these essential oils dilate the sore muscles make them more responsive to treatments. Epsom salt has magical effects in relieving muscle fatigue as it contains tremendous amount of Magnesium that is absorbed via skin and enhances the muscle repair faster than any other substance. The dried leaves of Rosemary are also beneficial and help in muscle repair.


3. Massage With Analgesics

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue - Massage With Analgesics

This is modern world with many new inventions and discoveries in almost every field and the same is true for medical field. Aspirin, Panadol and similar drugs are very effective in relieving pain, the pain can occur again but the analgesic balms aid in relieving the pain by direct encroaching the sore area. There are very few scientific evidences that balms work effectively, but they provide an extensive relieve. The combination of balm with massage is an amazing therapy for muscle fatigue. Compression and massage have soothing effects on muscles that resolve cramps and fatigue. But the massage should be gentle one so that it recovers the ailment rather than worsen the condition.


2. Hot And Cold Shower

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue  -  Hot And Cold Shower

Having a cold bath after a workout session is very beneficial in preventing muscle fatigue. A cold shower not only constricts the blood vessels of the muscles and prohibit formation of lactic acid but is also effective in compensating muscle fatigue. An alteration between cold water and hot water in the shower is a remarkable remedy for overcoming fatigue that is also evident from the studies. According to studies, the improvement rate enhances by thirty percent if an individual alternates between cold and hot water during shower. The cold water compresses the vessels and decreases the blood flow whereas hot water works in opposite cycle and increases blood flow, soothes muscle stiffness and tension. This rhythmic activity is very helpful in improving circulation, minimizing soreness and making muscles fit and healthy.


1. Calm Sleep

Tips to overcome Muscle Fatigue  - Calm Sleep

A healthy mind needs a healthy sleep there is no doubt in it and we all are aware of wonders of sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious ailments, it is the greatest blessing that no one can denied. Having a calm and undisturbed sleep is one of the best tips to overcome muscle fatigue, as it is extremely essential for all the basic actions that take place in our body. Sleep is no doubt the most effective and natural healer that also helps in muscle repair. A long, calm sleep is equivalent to fasting and is reverting to muscle repair. But one thing should be keep in mind not to take food before sleeping because it will cause the synthesis of protein to take place in digestive tract ,which declines the capability of muscles to repair.

In men, almost sixty to seventy percent of the secretions of growth hormone are discharged during sleep, which assures muscle building activity and cure of fatigue. To cope with fatigue you should get into a regular sleep pattern and make sure that you are getting enough, undisturbed sleep. You should also try to cut off caffeine and other stimulants before sleep, so that you can get calm and healthy sleep.

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