10 Best Tips To Prevent Yourself From Heart Diseases

Heart is the most important and hardworking organ in the body. It pumps the oxygenated blood all around the body; you cannot live and love without it. But now a days this organ is at the greatest risk (medically and emotionally both). Heart disease, a very common term covering number of diseases that affect the heart in bad way. It is a leading cause of death worldwide, killing one person every 34 seconds. Surely if you want to be lively and fresh your heart must function properly. Here we have listed top ten prevention’s for heart diseases after complete research which will not require one’s additional effort and concern and can be incorporated easily in daily life. Here below we have 10 Best Tips To Prevent Yourself From Heart Diseases.


10. Sleep Well And Start Early

Sleep Well And Start Early

Sound sleep regulates the overall functioning of your every natural system, whether it is vascular, digestive or muscular system. A person should sleep 6 hours a day. Sleep deprivation is not good for your health and so for your heart. Keeping the family medical history in mind is very important. If your ancestors were victim of severe heart diseases, you should take precautionary measures beforehand and in early age.


9. Regular Check-Ups And Additional Vitamin Supplements

Regular Check-Ups And Additional Vitamin Supplements

Timely and regular checkup is very important. If someone is heart patient he/she should visit a doctor to see the progress while for others it is prevention. Moreover it is very important to mention here that now a day the food is not as healthy and fresh as it was before due to pesticides and scientific technology. You may take fish oil, vitamin capsules and grapes extract as supplements.


8. Foods To Avoid

Foods To Avoid

Reduce the intake of unhealthy food. Oily food although is most favorite of all but try to avoid fries, mayonnaise, greasy foods as pizza burgers, creamy cakes and chocolates as well. This will not only assure lesser heart diseases but also other health complications.


7. Avoiding Hypertension And Stress

Avoiding Hypertension And Stress

Stress and hypertension also needed to be controlled. Emotional stress is one of the major causes of heart diseases. One should avoid the stressful situations as much as possible. Keep yourself calm and relaxed. Don’t be angry. Try to smile as much as you can. If you are in some troublesome situation take deep breaths and cool down. Don’t be over burden. Keep tensions and stress away from you if you want your heart to be pinky.


6. Controlling Blood Sugar And Pressure

10 Best Tips To Prevent Yourself From Heart Diseases

Blood pressure and blood sugar are related to each other. People with high sugar level will more likely develop the heart problems. High sugar and salt level increases the blood pressure. When your blood pressure is high it definitely means your heart is pumping harder putting extra strain on your organ, so avoid excessive sugar in your diet.


5. Maintaining Cholesterol Level

Maintaining Cholesterol Level

LDL commonly known as bad cholesterol leads to fat deposition in your arteries which results in constrictions in vessels and causes you blood pressure to shoot. Read food labels before you eat anything. Check the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol and total energy per serving. Be cautious about your heart all the time.


4. Quit Drinking And Smoking

Quit Drinking And Smoking

Adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you want your heart to work properly you have to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol drinking. Both of these have a severe effect on heart. Smoking cause the accumulation of nicotine in your blood, this not only causes cancer but also clogs the blood vessels which ultimately affect your heart. Alcohol consumption in excess is very dangerous. Although it is said that a glass or two of wine a day is healthy for your heart but as excess consumption leads to excessive thinning of blood so cause heart problems


3. Avoid Being Over Weight

10 Best Tips To Prevent Yourself From Heart Diseases

Being overweight is one of the most common problems all over the world. Adults as well as children are crazy about eating. If you are putting on weight because of any reason whether being idle for long time or you are having any other disease causing obesity then have a proper check on it. If you are overweight your heart would need to pump blood more forcefully and in turn it puts a stress on your heart and vessels. The greater accumulation of body mass in abdominal area is one of the causes of heart attack. BMI test is very helpful in keeping your body balanced.


2. Exercise Regularly

10 Best Tips To Prevent Yourself From Heart Diseases

Active lifestyle definitely keeps you healthy. Now a day’s people are becoming very lenient about exercise. They spend whole day sitting in front of television and laptops, eating or sleeping. Exercise keeps you active and is necessary for the proper blood regulation in your body. You should workout at least 35-40 minutes a day. No need take troublesome exercises. Walking, climbing stairs and cycling are most efficient and convenient exercises to avoid clogs in vessels causing heart diseases.


1. Eat A Healthy Diet

Eat A Healthy Diet

The most important thing, one should have a proper check on his/her diet. Meal should be such that it forms a balanced diet. Try to have fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can. You should eat food rich in vitamins and fiber such as bananas, oats and bran wheat. Proteins in your diet are one of the most effective ways of preventing heart diseases as fish and pulses. Grapes in fruits are specially recommended for people with weak heart.

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