10 Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents

It is quite common that road accidents have become a part of our daily lives. Every day we see and hear of various car crashes, truck accidents or other forms of road accidents in which innocent people lose their lives. What makes a road accident memorable is when a celebrity or famous person dies of it. The history is full with the names of celebrities who died at the moment the road accident occurred or while they were being brought to the hospitals. Whatsoever the reason or circumstances behind the scene may be, but definitely losing one of our favorite actors or actresses in a road accident is something to make our hearts sad and shocked. The following list of 10 celebrities died in car accidents and still their memories are with us.


10. Grace Kelly

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents -

Grace Kelly is also famous with the title of Princess of Monaco. She died in a road accident in 1982. The accident occurred when Grace’s driver lost his balance over the car. The place of accident was south coast of France. Even the immediate medial help couldn’t save this gorgeous lady and she lost her life at the spot.


9. Lady Diana

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents -  Lady Diana

Lady Diana name needs no introduction; she had been the princess and one of the leading females of Britain. In 1997 in France, the Mercedes of Lady Diana got crashed by hitting with a concrete pylon. It is said that the speed of the car was extremely high and the driver was drunk. This sensational lady had been a part of various social campaigns but the world lost her and the fans of Lady Diana wept a lot during her funeral.


8. Lisa Lopes

Lisa Lopes

Lisa Lopes had been a member of R&B TLC Groups. This gorgeous and wonderful female celebrity was died in April 2002 in the road accident. The accident took place in La Ceibba Honduras Highway. Lisa Lopas lost her life at the age of 31; she has so far given us various successful music albums.


7. Sana Khan

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents - Sana Khan

Sana Khan was a young and extremely talented Pakistani celebrity. She lost her breathes a few days ago when she was traveling from Karachi to Hyderabad. The car was driven by her husband, the analysis say that the road was too poorly constructed that suddenly Mr. Babar, Sana’s husband lost the balance over the car. Both Sana and Babar had been the two famous Pakistani television celebrities, it is now said that Babar is gaining his health but unfortunately Sana is no more with us.


6. Paul Walker

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents - Paul Walker

Paul Walker, a well known American actor died in November 2020 in a car accident. The road he was traveling on was at Porsche Carrena GT. His age was 41 years when Mr. Paul took his last breathes in a hospital’s emergency ward. The car got over controlled and got crushed with an electricity pillar. His friend was also in the car when the accident took place.


5. Steve Prefontaine

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents - Steve Prefontaine

Steve Prefontaine has had been a famous legendary player of all the times. He was born in a small American village and moved to New York with his parents at the early years of his life. Steve worked really hard to become a successful individual but unfortunately the road accident of May, 1975 took his life. Steve’s life story can be divided into two distinctive features, movies and documentaries.


4. General George

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents -  General George

General George had been an irony and brave warrior of his time. He used to treat his soldiers as his own arms and guided them towards the wars and country conflicts in an effective way. General George died in December 1946 in a vehicle accident. The accident occurred when the vehicle collided with the Army truck and the glass of the front screen got scattered all around the car. It is said that the glass particles became the reason of Gorge’s death as they got entered into his eyes and nose in no time.


3. Jackson Pollock

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents

What an amazing and well known painter and artist Pollock had been. In 1956, he lost his life in a road accident of New York. He was only 45 years old at that time. Pollock was driving the car by his own and the people say he was drunk so couldn’t keep up the balance over his car.


2. Dottie West

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents - Dottie West

A famous American actress of the black-movies era, Dottie West was a stylish and gorgeous woman. She died in August 1990 inNashville. Her car got crushed with another high speed vehicle and it is said the Dottie’s liver got burst all of a sudden and she got a severe heart attack which ultimately became the reason of her death.


1. Eddie Cochran

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents - Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran had been a famous singer and musician of 1950’s. He is basically from England but used to move in America and other countries as well to perform in different stage and music shows as a singer. Eddie was also known for his awesome personality.

He lost his life in a taxi accident. The accident took place in Chippenham area of England in April 1961. Eddie was immediately brought to the nearby hospital but the window of his life turned off as the bones especially the backbone of his body totally got fractured. Eddie is still in the memories of his fans as a famous musician of the history.

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