10 Celebs Who Have Killed People In Real Life

Celebrities are not only famous for what they do at work but there is an off screen dark side to them which makes them gain some unwanted fame too. One of the things that aids in making their dark side strong and even interesting for the viewers is their ability to kill. Yes, you read that right. Our favorite celebrities have killed in the past and not just on but off screen too so here goes a list of 10 celebs who have killed people in real life.


10) Charles S. Dutton

Charles S. Dutton

If you were a fan of the movie Alien 3 which is no wonder a Science fiction classic of sorts then you will definitely be surprise to know that the actor Charles S. Dutton has killed in real life. Before his acting career had begun, Dutton was involved in violent acts of manslaughter and he even led a prison break. Later on, after serving some time in prison he was set free and he went on to pursue acting.




9) Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison

Talking about Prison Break but this time on screen, we have Lane Garrison from the famous show Prison break who has also killed in real life. He was 26 years of age when this incident happened as he was drunk and even high on cocaine. The offence was not only of drunk driving but he killed a teenage boy on his way which is what makes him land on our list of celebs who have actually killed somebody in real life. We are sure you will watch prison break from a different angle now!


8) Laura Bush

Laura Bush

It seems like killing people on the road while driving a vehicle is quite common with these celebrities. The wife of President Bush, Laura Bush while she was studying at her high school and was nowhere near being famous, killed a classmate. It was definitely traumatizing for her on many levels s not only was the guilt of killing someone there but the deceased was her close friend too. Laura Bush did not stop at a stop sign which led to the fatal crash of the friend of hers.


7) Ted Kennedy


We have someone else from a political background who was involved in a murder case too. Ted Kennedy killed the passenger with him while he was driving and drove his vehicle straight into the river. Kennedy ended up swimming out of the water and fleeing the scene but nine hours later reported to the police and confessed to the whole thing. The incident did create much hype and Senator Ted Kennedy was the brother of the very famous, loved and assassinated President of the United States, Mr. John F. Kennedy.


6) Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

Our very famous rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus aka Snoop Dogg (we bet you did not know his real name!) was also involved in killing in his life off the stage. Despite his super cool attitude in life and exceptional rapping skills, Snoop Dogg has done some fishy things which includes murder. His story of murder is not something like a car crash or hit and run but he along with his bodyguard were accused of murdering a person who belonged to Snoop Dogg’s rival gang. After 4 years of court hearings and summons, Snoop Dogg was finally set free by the criminal court without the charges but the rival gang members do not agree with this and call it a murder.


5) Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick of the Lion King, Godzilla and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fame has also been involved in the murder of not just one but two people. It turns out that vacationing can sometimes turn into a complete unexpected disaster. While on a trip with his girlfriend to Ireland, he hit a car which carried a mother and daughter. Both women lost their lives and Matthew Broderick’s girlfriend claimed that her life changed that day. Broderick does not say much about the incident and he even did not attend the court hearing after the accident. Broderick was later, also the former husband of Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City fame but the couple later divorced.


4) Jason Williams

Jason Williams

If you are into NBA this is something you must have heard of. Jason Williams, one of the most famous players of the NBA was involved in a murder case in which he unexpectedly killed his Limousine driver. The incident happened in such a manner that Jason Williams was showing his home to his friends and the car driver was also inside. While showing the home, Jason showed the friends his shot gun which he was the owner of. While showing the gun, he accidently shot the driver which took his life. He served 5 years in prison.


3) Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart

The former model for Noxzema, Rebecca Gayheart was involved in a rather tragic murder case in which she ended up killing a nine year old boy in Los Angeles. Rebecca was driving her car while she was on the line with someone (which is a serious offence in most parts of the world) and hit the boy. Later on she settled a wrongful death with the boy;s parents but she still claims that it was something that took away her sleep through many nights and it is something which will stay with her forever.


2) O. J. Simpson

O. J. Simpson

The famous national football player of the USA, O. J. Simpson was involved in a rather weird murder case in which he was accused of killing his own wife. The wife’s murder was not all as he was also accused of killing his wife’s friend Ronald Goldman. He was arrested on the charges but somehow he was set free and people got angry on the justice of that time. This is not the only thing the bad boy is accused of as he is currently under a felony charge too.


1) Johnny Lewis

Celebs Who Have Killed People In Real Life

The actor from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ fame was involved in a murder but not just that as he was seen doing many violent things on the day of the crime. He broke into an old woman’s house, ransacked the place, killed her and ran off. He even assaulted a neighbor who saw him running and jumping over the fence. It is said that he died while jumping the fence later on.



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