10 Countries That Have Become Superpowers

A superpower is a state that has a leading state in the international structure and has the capability to control events and the other concerns world widely in order to defend those interests. Superpower is to be considered a rank higher than a great power. The superpowers countries in the world are most influential in doing some political or economical decisions. Renowned superpowers in the world can dramatically change the systems with even a single decision. Their authority is not limited only to their states but also in the other territories.There are a number of factors that contribute to become a superpower including military resources, political influence, economic power and human resources. Military power is the most authoritative consideration that helps in becoming a country superpower. The countries having forceful military enjoy a specific benefit over most of the countries during the period of time.

Economic power also play an essential role, it is not wrong to say that money is power, these countries utilize their economical resources and train the people for strengthening their economy by improving industries. Natural resources are known to be an important factor that improves the economical status of the countries and last but not the least the human resources; they also contribute in running the economy and therefore giving the country an advantage. Most of the countries have one or two of these factors but to be a superpower any state should be rich in most or all these factors. Here is the list of 10 countries that have become superpowers. Read the facts and realities of these countries and how they attained this position.


10. Brazil

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - Brazil

Brazil is a South American country that is the fifth largest country in the world not only by population but also by geographical area. It is not a full-fledged superpower but has attained this position because of its exceptional military as the military power of Brazil is largest in Latin America. It is renowned as the first country in that domain which accepted women in army, air force and navy. Its defense budget is ranked at number thirteen in the world while the country economy is ranked at number seven by nominal GDP and by purchasing power parity. It is the country that’s economy is also growing fastest and its economical reforms giving the country a new international identification and authority. It is among the seventeen mega diverse countries that have abundant diversity of wildlife, natural environments and considerable natural resources. It is recognizing as an emerging global power.




9. France

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - France

France is a republic that is located in Western Europe and is known as the third largest country in the whole Europe and the largest one in the Western Europe. It is a member of G8 group and its economic distinction, advanced military, accomplished workforce and Political power has made it eligible for this position. Its economy is ranked as the ninth largest in the world and fourth largest in the Europe by purchasing power parity. Its military budget is ranked at number six in the world and its military is 29th largest in the world. France is also among the seven nuclear powers of the world. It is a large producer of the agricultural products and is the third largest biggest exporter in the world. It is also known for industries like tourism, fashion and textile.


8. South Africa

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - South Africa

South Africa is situated at the southern tip of Africa and is probably the most advanced country in the subcontinent. It is a newly industrialized country and is pride of an educated work force. It has the largest and most developed economy in Africa while its economy is ranked as the 28th largest in the world. It has been recognized as a middle power in international issues and sustains momentous regional power and is the only country in the continent that has successfully developed nuclear weapons. It has formally enlisted into the BRIC group that is comprised of Brazil, Russia, India and China. This country is almost free of political violence and there a good option for investors to invest. It is a good exporter of wine, fruit and metal and also has a strong manufacturing industry.


7. Germany

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - Germany

It is the most famous member of European Union and has the biggest economy in it as it is the major contributor to European Union budget. Its economy by nominal GDP is the fourth largest in the world while by Purchasing power parity it is the fifth largest. The main constituent of its economy is highly proficient service sector contributing almost 71% of its GDP. It is a global leader in various technological and industrial sectors and is the second largest exporter of goods including electronics and textiles. It has highest military expenditures and is ranked at number nine in this category, however Government has plans to reduce the military. It is a great power and is very influential in global and regional affairs. It is the member of the G8, The G20, EU, NATO and United Nations.


6. Japan

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - Japan

Japan also named as the Land of the rising sun is a small country but is ranked at number sixth in the list of ten countries that have become superpower. It has dominant economic power as its economy is third largest in the world by nominal GDP and fourth largest by purchasing power parity. It has influential military zone and its modern military budget is the fifth largest in the world. It is ranked at number fourth in terms of export and import. It is renowned for its advanced technology and for its export of automobiles, chemicals and electronics. It is a leading country in the fields of science and research, space exploration and biomedical study.


5. United Kingdom

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - UK

United Kingdom is a developed country and no doubt it is one of the most political powerful states. Its economy by nominal GDP is the sixth largest in the world and by purchasing power parity is the eighth largest. It is known as a strong power internationally having extensive economical, military, cultural, scientific and political influence. Its military expenditures are ranked at number fourth and it is an acknowledged nuclear weapon state in the world. It is known as the first country to be industrialized. It is an active member of the G7, G8, EU, NATO and the UN.


4. Russia

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world by geographical area and is the ninth largest by means of population. Its economy is ranked at number eight in the world by nominal GDP and at number sixth by purchasing power parity. This country is rich in energy and mineral resources, these extensive resources make it amongst the largest gas and oil producing countries in the world globally. It is a well recognized nuclear weapon state, has the largest stock of nuclear armaments in the world. Russian tank force is the largest in the world. Its military expenditures are third largest in the world. It a strong power and it is the member of G8, G20, WTO, a permanent member of United National Security Council. New campaigns have been recently introduced to improve research and science fields.


3. China

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - China

China is the largest populated country in the world and the second largest in terms of geographical area. It has become the fastest growing major economy in the world and has the second largest world’s economy in terms of both nominal GDP and purchasing power parity. It is renowned as the largest importer and exporter of the items in the world. It is a recognized nuclear armaments state that has second largest defense budget in the world. It is a regional authority in the Asia and has been identified as a potential superpower by a number of factors including military analysis, economy analysis, academics and public policy. It is a permanent member of UN. It is a leading investor and manufacturer of advanced energy technologies.


2. Canada

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - Canada

Canada is one of the developed and wealthiest countries in the world. Its economy is eight highest in the world by per capita income and is ranked at number eleventh in the Human Development Index. It is also ranked higher in international measurements of education, civil liberties, government transparency, quality of life and economic liberty. It is an acknowledged middle power and a member of the United Nation, G7, G8, G20, NATO, WTO, and Organization of American States. This country shows diversity in its culture and is the largest trading colleague of the United Sates. Its military expenditures are approximately $24.5 billion in 2011 and is the fourth largest country in terms of scientific research quality.


1. United States

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - United States

The country that is in the top of the list of ten countries that have become superpower is the United States and is renowned as the only real superpower in the world. It is a developed country and enjoys tremendous benefits over other countries in terms of military strength, economic resources, and political power.

It is ranked at number one in terms of national economy having an estimated GDP of $16.7 trillion in 2020.The country has 39% of global military expenditures and is therefore has the foremost economic and military strength. It has a dominant political and cultural force in the world and it is a leader in scientific research and technological modernization. It was the first country that developed nuclear power and has influential power in all of the considerations required for being a superpower.



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  1. i’m surprised south africa beat india to the list. i’m confident india deserves to be on this list. it’s the largest democracy; 7th largest country; 2nd most populated; 2nd largest english- speaking ; 3rd largest army; 3rd largest contributer to UN peacekeepers and leading member of UN. i’m not saying south africa is not one- it definitely i; both have problems- that is true but they are superheroes. i’m just questioning the fact that the 9th largest economy in the world is’nt on the list.

  2. canada is not a superpower in any sense of the word, much less so than russia, uk germany and just about every country on this list. It’s a great place to live but its international influence is limited. it’s spot should be taken by china and south africas spot should be taken by india. Of course this is just my opinon but many people will agree with me that canada and south africa are not superpowers

  3. This is utter bullpoop. US govt declared India, the fourth most powerful state after USA, China, Russia. Military, political, economical factors make states powerful. Not f***ing maple syrup. Your list is full of bs

  4. This list is prepared by an India hater …no doubt. When People started jealous with then think you are growing…:P

  5. The reason I presume India isn’t on this list is because it is crappy and poor right now. All throughout history it has been known as having a very high poor population. Acid attacks and rapes happen often. Even a friend of mine who is full of Indian heritage pride says it absolutely sucks there. A country is not a superpower no matter how rich, if it’s people are in poverty.

    1. Then u r leaving in darkness…come INDIA and we will show u how powerfull it is….We r the only one country which has such a different languages and religions….largest and most complex constitution ….largest post system….largest railway…all of INDIA….we r fourthsuperpower….we have reached marse in first attempt..its a record…We love our country….If all the Indians just start to slap you one by one…you will no more….Here is the country where a Italian leaves her sit of prime minister for a Shikh and the Shikh takes charge from a Muslim president…..you have noticed a different India

  6. Just because Indians love screwing a lot and are all over the place does’nt make their country a superpower. South Africa deserves its spot on this list you bloody pricks, a portion of South Africa’s population is comprised of indians, so much for gratitude.

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