10 Differences Between iPhone 5s And iPhone 6

Apple iPhone’s are very renowned and not behind the models of any other company’s smartphone in working and appearance. They have not only an appealing outlook but also have impressive working. The Apple launches a new model with improved version as compared to the previous model. Apple iPhone 6 has been released and every one is interested to know that what are the improvements that are made in this model and what are its differences with iPhone 5s. So, here is the list of 10 differences between iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. This list is quite interesting for Apple iPhone lovers, as a new model has released with much improvements.


10. Screen Size

10 Differences Between iPhone 5s And iPhone 6

The screen of iPhone 6 is larger than that of iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 is featured with not only large screen but also better resolution as compared to iPhone 5s. The resolution of iPhone 5s is 1136×640 pixels and has a screen size of 4.0 inch where as the resolution of iPhone 6 is 1334×750 pixels and has a screen size of 4.7 inch.


9. Durability

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6

The Apple iPhone 6 is more durable and less breakable as compared to iPhone 5s. It is one of the largest Apple phone and also one of the toughest and most durable. Various tests performed and some showed the survival of iPhone 6 after falling from the heights and various angles showing it is quite tough.


8. Price And Availability

Differences Between iPhone 5s And iPhone 6

The iPhone 5s is cheaper than iPhone 6. The releasing date for iPhone 5s was September, 2020and it has been available from Apple for almost a year. The iPhone 5s price in the United Kingdom now starts with £459. On the other hand the iPhone 6 was available on pre orders and was launched on September 19. Its price for a 16GB model is £539, for a 64GB model is £619 and for 128GB model is £699.


7. Design

10 Differences Between iPhone 5s And iPhone 6

One thing that appeals and noticed by everyone in a new model is its design. The design of iPhone 6 is very appealing, it is more rounded as compared to iPhone 5s, and it is thinner, bigger and has new and repositioned physical buttons, the on and off buttons are positioned on the side of the phone rather than the top. The iPhone 5s is thin, at 7.6mm but the iPhone 6 is even slimmer, at just 6.9mm. Due to the larger screen size, the iPhone 6 is heavier with 129g than iPhone 5s with 112g. The iPhone 6 also comes in the same color shades; silver, gold and space grey.


6. Connectivity


In the matter of connectivity both iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 are featured with 4G LTE support. But the iPhone 6 is much more improved as it supports 20 LTE as compared to the iPhone 5s that is supported with 13 LTE. Other features of connectivity that are present in new iPhone 6 include 802.11 ac WiFi and NFC, that work together with the Touch ID sensor and help the Apple in introducing a new Apple Pay mobile payment system.


5. Specs

iphone 6 specs vs iphone 5s

The 4.7 inches display of the iPhone 6 offers the same 326ppi pixel density like the 4 inch display of the iPhone 5s, so the Apple has added more pixels to fill the bigger screen. The iPhone 6 also has improved contrast ratio, and dual domain pixels that will aid in improving the viewing angles of the display. The new processor in iPhone 6 has better efficiency than that of iPhone 5s. There is also an additional feature in iPhone 6 termed VoLTE, which will definitely help in making better quality calls, but you will get this feature on EE in the United Kingdom.


4. Camera

camera comparison in iphone 5s and iphone 6

Both the camera of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 have been featured with an 8MP rear facing iSight camera with 1.5 micron pixels and f/2.2 aperture. However there are some improvements that have been made in iPhone 6. The improved feature that has added in iPhone 6 is focus pixels with the help of this feature you can get better auto focus. The front facing camera of iPhone 6 has better aperture and is capable to capture photos in low light, and has improved face detection and therefore is superb for selfies.


3. Processor And Performance

iPhone 5s And iPhone 6

Each next version of Apple phones come with improved processor and performance. Currently the iPhone 5s is featured with a 64-bit A7 chip and it is expected that iPhone 6 is featured with an A8 chip. The apple A8 tear down discloses big processor power in small iPhone 6 package. The new Apple A8 central processing unit within the new iPhone 6 features 2onm transistors and this is twice as many as that found in iPhone 5s. Furthermore, the new 20nm chip is fifty percent more powerful as compared to graphics and as a CPU and it is twenty five percent faster than the iPhone 5s.


2. Software And Storage

Software And Storage differences in iPhone 5s vs iPghone 6

Both the iPhone 5s and 6 will run the same operating system that is iOS 8. But the one distinct feature that has added in iPhone 6 is Reachability and with the help of this feature the users can reach the whole screen with the help of one hand by touching twice on the touch ID fingerprint sensor. It will help in bringing about all the things on your display down to be within reach.The storage of a mobile plays an important role in its liking and disliking. The iPhone 5s is available in with storage capacity of 16GB and 32 GB options, before the arrival of the iPhone 6 a 64GB was also available. In designing iPhone 6, Apple decided to design it in 16GB, 64GB and 12 GB models. So, the designing of a model with 128GB is enough to skip the option of the 32GB.


1. Battery Life

Differences Between iPhone 5s And iPhone 6 - Battery life

A major improvement that is made by Apple in iPhone 6 is its battery life. Battery life plays an important role not only in liking and disliking of a model but also in its purchase. A set with better battery time is preferred by everyone. It is known by everyone that the Apple phones have some issues regarding battery life and Apple is battling with this conflict. The slim nature of iPhone makes it difficult to pack in a super battery that has the capability to power the device for prolonged period of time. Apple could introduce power saving mode in its devices similar to that of Sony and Samsung.

With the help of this software the unnecessary applications would shut down and the features that drain batter when the battery power is extremely low. Regarding the battery life of iPhone 6, it is claimed by the Apple that its talk time has improved from ten to fourteen hours and the internet use has also increased to ten hours as compared to the iPhone 5s with eight hours.

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