10 Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S5

Are you a crazy champ when it comes to mobile phones? If yes, I bet this article is going to be on your favorites’ list. If no, still after reading this you will be compelled to read more about mobile phones. Most of us know that Samsung has launched a new member of its S series recently i.e. Samsung Galaxy s5. It turned out that Galaxy s5 has become the best Android smartphone. Is it really so? For the readers’ convenience I have given a complete comparison of Galaxy s4 and s5 so that every reader can know about the upgrade of S series and decide whether it actually is a best smartphone or not. 10 differences between Samsung Galaxy s4 and Galaxy s5 are mentioned here.


10. Battery Life

Samasung Galaxy S5 vs S4 battery time difference

Galaxy s5: 10.78Wh, 2800mAh

Galaxy s4: 9.88Wh, 2600mAh

Battery of s5 carries 200mAh more capacity (providing talk time of 17 hours) and its watt hour (Wh) ratings shows that it can provide more energy than s4. s5 is provided with a power saving mode which is absent in s4. The screen turns black and white in this mode and you can only access to a few apps saving battery. If you wisely use s5, you can make your cell phone work the whole day of its last 10 percent of the battery.


9. Speakers

Regarding speakers, there is no obvious difference between s4 and s5. Speakers’ of both mobiles have single grille output on the back. Quality of sound is poor but top volume is good. It can be said that speakers of S series are a little disappointing.


8. Specs (Software and Processor)

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S5 - Processor

Galaxy s5: Android 4.4, TouchWiz – 1.92GHz quad-core

Galaxy s4: Android 4.4, TouchWiz – 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801

Android version is same in both sets but s5 has got a new version of TouchWiz. Visual improvement is seen with this interface. S4 has GPU of Aderno 320 while s5 has jumped to Aderno 330. Galaxy s5 has a micro SD card slot supporting 128GB cards while s4 only supports cards of 64GB. Both sets have same memory of 2GB.


7. Camera

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S5 -Camera

Galaxy s5: 16 megapixels

Galaxy s4: 13 megapixels

Camera now holds core importance while selecting a mobile phone. S5 has got a more efficient camera with increased 3 megapixels from s4. Other features of s5’s camera are LED flash, hybrid AF system, 1/3.2 inch. S4 has same LED flash and 1/3.2 inch but with contrast detect AF system. Images captured from s5 are much sharper and easily cope with low light conditions. s5 records HD videos at 60fps while s4 records at 30fps. Galaxy s5 is rewarded with a new technology of ISOCELL sensor reducing the cropping factor.


6. Extra Features

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S5 - Fingerprint Scanner

Galaxy s5 has come up with some of noticeable extra features regarding hardware and sensors which Galaxy s4 lacks. They are discussed under subheadings below.

Fingerprint Scanner:

Under the center selection button of s5 is a scanner, scanning fingerprints. It does not hold a Touch ID sensor as in iPhone 5s. So you have to swipe the finger. This scanner can be used to unlock the phone and authorize payments. S5 ensures a more secure life than s4.

Heart Rate Sensor:

On the back side, beneath the camera, is the heart rate sensor. This sensor exhibits red light onto the finger and then another sensor reveals the heart rate. Although you can get different apps sensing heart rate in Androids and iPhones, but this in built app is faster than other apps.

USB 3.0 Port:

If you have got heavy work load and needs faster charging and faster data transfer, you must buy Samsung Galaxy s5 because it comes with a micro USB 3.0 connector. Very few hand sets are improvised by microUSB 3.0. Its socket is larger but you can also plug a normal microUSB type.

IP67 certification:

Galaxy s5 is improvised with a rubber seal at the USB port and back plate making it water resistant. Kids’ throwing a little water on s5 is not a big deal. But as a precaution, you must always protect any of your cell phone from water.


5. Design

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S5 - Design

Galaxy s5: 70x137x7.9mm, 130g

Galaxy s4: 73x142x8.1mm, 145g

Galaxy s5, as the dimension shows, is a little heavier (15g) and larger than s4. Still it is light weight, as all the sets of Samsung have the quality of being light weighted, and size is appropriate enough to carry it in the pocket.


4. Display

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S5 - Display

Galaxy s5: 5.1 inches, 1920*1080p, Super AMOLED

Galaxy s4: 5 inches, 1920*1080p, Super AMOLED

Here you will feel a little disappointed with an increase of only 0.1 inch in the screen and entirely same resolution of 1080p. But thanks to the tech Super AMOLED, it has put some extra effort in making the colors and contrasts of s5 cross the line of perfection. s5 has hence got a best display of all the s series. Display of s4 is also good but the colors do not look as natural as in s5.


3. Color

Color difference s4 and s5

Galaxy s5: Black, White, Gold, Blue

Galaxy s4: Black, White, Red, Purple, Blue, Black (silver)

S4 has a wide range of colors but all of them are not widely distributed. With the traditional black and white, s5 has launched some fiery golden and polarized blue shades. This can be regarded as a complete range from sophistication to glamour.


2. Price

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S5

Galaxy s5: £550

Galaxy s4: £300

Official price of s5 has not been revealed yet, but some retailers in UK has priced it this. S4 is in the market for a while so its prices have drained a little. Although there is a huge difference in the prices but the stuff you will get in s5 is worth this price.


1. Body

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S5 - Body

Material used in Galaxy s4 is plastic with carbon fiber on the front and back and metal effect trim on the edges. Galaxy s4 turns out to be glossier. In Galaxy s5, at the back, carbon fiber is replaced by dimpled soft touch plastic. This makes the handset easy to grip.

Rest is the same as of Galaxy s4. ‘Plastic’ is the core material which a lot of lovers were expecting would be ditched by metal. According to these differences between Galaxy s5 and Galaxy s4, it is very easy for us to decide that among these two which smartphone is better for us. Select best under your Budget and enjoy the latest technology.

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