10 Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness

Life is full of mysteries and memories some may bring happiness in our life and some may bring sorrows. Life is very complicated but it can be very easier if we adopt a single fact and that is forgiveness. A big heart is required in order to forget and forgive as it is the hardest task in the world but not the impossible one. It is very easy to say but very difficult to act, smaller complaints can be easily forgiven but serious misdemeanors are a separate category and is the toughest thing to forgive and forget. Many people strive a lot to forgive the wrong one done with them and mostly feel that the person who did it does not deserve it.

Human emotions and anger are associated with any unpleasant thing and these are natural things but some people do not care about other’s emotions. Forgiveness is the best thing that you can do and to realize people that really did badly but not to repeat it again in life. Here is the list of 10 extraordinary examples of forgiveness, only great people can do such great thing.


10. Green River Killer

10 Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness green river killer

Gary Leon Ridgway also recognized as egregious Green River Killer is an American serial killer. He is a culprit who confessed the murder of 48 women in 2003 and was imprisoned in crime of murder of Rebecca Marrero increasing its victim’s count to 49. He may have murdered as many as sixty women according to his confession. He especially derided prostitutes and focused them for his killings. He killed many females and women in the Washington State. In 2003, during deciding Ridgway’s punishment, the victim’s families were allowed to speak and directly interact with him.

Although they were very angry and some battered out at him for his inconceivable crime that make them to suffered a lot and face all the grief. Ridway was quietly listening to the family members’ grief and was facing their anger but suddenly one man came up and said something unpredictable. Robert Rule who was the father of teenage victim Linda Jane Rule when addressed him, he said that there are many people who hate him but he is not one of them, it has become difficult to live because of him and what he believes and what God says to do is to forgive and he have done it. He has forgiven him. These words brought tears in the eyes of Ridway.


9. Patricia Machin

Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness - Patricia Machin

In 2011, Patricia Machin lost her husband when reached home after buying morning paper. Gerrard Machin, her husband had the same routine at that day but was not able to reach home. Patricia experienced something wrong and went out home in search of him. On the way she saw an ambulance and blood splashed on the road. Then she came to know that her husband was hit by a driver; Brian Williamson who was extremely upset on hitting her husband. Patricia Machin showed no anger towards him as she felt that the terrific accident would not be intentional and therefore filed no complaint against him. The honesty of his forgiveness can be shown from his letter to the driver in which she wrote that it was very bad for her but she realized that it was 1,000 times worse for him.


8. Charles C. Roberts

Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness - Charles C. Roberts

In 2006, Charles C. Roberts went to the Amish schoolhouse with three guns. Out of 26 students that were actually present there, he allowed 15 boys, four adult females and an infant children to leave while held the remaining 15 girls imprisoned and tied their feet together and insanely explained the reason of his this act. He wanted to take revenge of what happened to her newborn daughter nine years before. Soon the police arrived and not long after he started firing and killed three students and himself. Two more students died later because of injuries. Such cruel accident realize everyone the hurt and anger of the victim’s family. The family members of victims and the Amish community showed extraordinary example of forgiveness, attended the funeral and comforted his widow and even offered financial support to her.


7. Rachelle Friedman Chapman

Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness - Rachelle Friedman Chapman

Rachelle Friedman Chapman is a young woman who was very energetic but a wild accident in 2010, a month before her marriage ceremony paralyzed her and made her chest down. She with her friends was enjoying a bachelor party that one of her friend pushed her into the pool. She jumped into the shallow end of the pool with her head first and caused fracture of her vertebrae. Friedman was shocked and was full of anger and depression yet she showed a positive attitude. Her fiancé Chris Chapman stood with her during this period and they married one year after that freak accident. It is seemed that the Friedman forgave her friend but she said that she never ever blamed her for this accident. How amazing and great woman she is.


6. Steven McDonald

Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness - Steven McDonald

Steven McDonald was a young police officer of New York City. In 1986, during patrolling Central Park, he and his fellow officers captured three teenagers and questioned them as they were suspected of stealing bicycles. One of 15 years old teenager pulled out a gun and fired McDonald three times consistently. His life was saved by the doctors but this accident made him paralyzed and made him dependent on ventilator to breathe.

McDonald and his wife were almost newly married as they did not celebrate their first anniversary and his wife was conceiving at the time of this heartbreaking event. The doctors suggested his wife to take her husband home and take care there, in spite of all these miserable things McDonald decided not to take revenge as it is not the solution. Instead of keeping hard feelings for the boy, he forgave him. The boy was released three days after this event but was died in a motorcycle accident. McDonald struggled a lot to fulfill his own mission spread his thoughts to promote forgiveness and peace.


5. Marion Salmon Hedges

Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness - Marion Salmon Hedges

Marion Salmon Hedges who was hit by a shopping cart in a New York City mall. This cart was dropped on her head from a fourth-story of the parking garage that made her to suffer a critical brain injury. In the mall the two teenagers decided to do some fun and they lifted a shopping cart on to the security railing at the fourth floor and it became stuck. The boys were persistent in their act and managed to send the cart at the end and threw down onto the head of Marion Hedges who was standing down.

This fun caused Hedge to be in coma and even blind from her left eye. Another boy tried to stop the boys to do this lethal stunt but it was useless. He helped the police in arresting the culprits. Irrespective of all her injuries she had no bad feelings for the boys and because of her charitable nature she said that she has not heard about them but she wishes them to be well and she feels very sad for them.


4. Pierce O’Farrill

Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness - Pierce O’Farrill

In 2012, James Eagan Holmes went into the midnight show of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, and unlocked fire on the people. In this weird tragedy more than 58 people were injured and 12 were died. Among the injured people one was Pierce O’Farrill, who received three fire wounds. Luckily his wounds were not lethal and few days after he was discharged from the hospital. In stead of showing bitter and hard feeling about the culprit he showed benevolence. He said that he has forgiven him with heart and in the time of hearing he felt sorrow for him.


3. Corrie Ten Boom

Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness - Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom is an amazing woman who threw her life in danger during the Holocaust to save the lives of others. She was a Dutch Christian who helped many Jews along with her family members during World War II and was imprisoned for this act. There was a fake wall constructed in her bedroom that helped in hiding those who were seeking shelter. In 1944, through some information the Gestapo raided at her home and arrested her with her family members. Those who were hiding in their home were unable to detect. It was very sad that her father died few days after being arrested.

Later in the same year her sister was died at Ravensbrueck and she escaped strangely from the death as she was mistakenly released from Ravensbrueck a day before when all her age fellow women were killed. During at a church service she met with a Ravensbrueck prison guard. Ten Boom was spreading the message of God’s forgiveness and the guard asked her to personally forgive him for what cruel works he did. She faced strange feelings and thought that she is not able to forgive but suddenly she prayed and got strength to accept his apology.


2. Renee Napier and Mary Dickson

Renee Napier, Phillip And Mary Dickson

Renee Napier and Mary Dickson suffered from the worst nightmare as being a parent when in 2002, the Napier’s daughter and Dicksons’ daughter who were 20 years old were killed wildly by a drunk driver.

It was a miserable grief but they tried to help others and to avoid this type of grief. The Dicksons worked with the help of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) organization, while Napier founded a foundation named as The Meagan Napier Foundation in order to promote safe driving. She tried to wide spread her message so that she can save as much as lives as possible. During the imprisonment of drunk driver he was allowed to talk and tell his story to Napier. Napier really wished to spread her message of forgiveness and therefore Napier and the Dicksons succeeded to release the driver. It is an extreme level of forgiveness.


1. Immaculee Ilibagiza

Extraordinary Examples Of Forgiveness - Immaculee Ilibagiza

The most extraordinary example of forgiveness is Immaculee Ilibagiza, who is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide that occurred in the mid of nineties. The political issues between the Tutsi and the Hutu tribes caused assassination of thousands of members of the Tutsi tribe and numerous members of Hutu tribe who were against of killing. In1994, Damascene who is the elder brother of Ilibagiza, requested his father to shift at a safe place while his father decided to stay there.

On the 6th of April, the Hutu’s president and all the members on the boat were killed, and then the Tutsi members were targeted. Ilibagiza with her younger brother, Vianney, got a way to a local Hutu priest’s home in order to gain protection. But on reaching there she came to know that her brother can not stay. Ilibagiza hide there with seven other women and on leaving that place she had lost her 22 kilograms weight and came to know about the murder of his family members.

Ilibagiza forgive the people who were responsible for her family members’ death as she felt the bitter feelings of extreme anger destroying her. It was not an easy decision for her but she did now days she lives in the US and is author of a book in which she has written her experience.

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