10 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and we are preparing our eyes to see people dress as the most stupid things ever possible. Halloween is the day of screams, scares, fun, partying and creativity. Recently the creativity has seen its worst on this festival but the entertainment factor has certainly increased. Many people celebrate Halloween around the world with different customary traditions, but the common things among them are the costumes, candy and decorations. Pretty surely you know Halloween and you dress-up for it but there are certain things you would never have guessed nor thought of. Here are some factoids about Halloween, which you can later tell to all your friends and scare them like Olive does on ANT farm. Lets know about these 10 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Halloween.


10. Secret Behind Masks

Halloween was considered to be a festival celebrated in order to save ourselves from the wrath of evil spirits which move from one realm to the other. It was believed that on Halloween the spirits wandered in the human world, finding and hurting the humans. So humans disguised themselves as ghosts in order to mix in and save themselves. Apparently people have forgotten this basic point.


9. Jack o Lantern

Facts You Probably Don't Know About Halloween

The most common type of decoration for Halloween is Jack o Lantern. People buy a lot of pumpkins in these days and nearly 99% of them are meant for decoration. Traditionally these lanterns were supposed to scare off the evil wandering spirits and hence save the house from them. The pumpkin twist is quite recent because in the past any carve-able vegetable was used to make a scary hollow face and a candle was placed inside it. Initially beetroots, potatoes and turnips were used.


8. Various Names and Spellings

Halloween is celebrated all around the globe and innumerable traditions are attached with it. The variation is bound to happen. It started as a Celtic festival and is thus called so. It is also named as All Hallows Eve, Samhain, All Hallowtide and All Saints Eve. Some people also call it Day of the Dead but it is actually different from Halloween. But who cares, all we need is a reason to party! Originally Halloween was supposed to be spelled as Hallowe’en.


7. Celebrity birthdays

Since myths and credulity are in the air when it comes to Halloween, we may be tilted to believe that people born on Halloween have something to do with the ghosts and spirits. Willow Smith and Vanilla Ice were born on 31st October. They probably cut the cake with the spirits!


6. Samhainophobia

The very essence of Halloween is quite hair-raising and spine-chilling, but overall it is pretty fun. But there are many people who don’t see the fun in ghosts and spirits. These people are said to be suffering from Samhainophobia which is the fear of Halloween. Such people are suggested to stay in their room and watch some light hearted movie and not come out to ruin the fun for other people.


5. The Darker Side (Candy and Alcohol)

In the past, people were afraid of ghosts on Halloween, these days we need to be afraid of ourselves. The immense partying on the festival leads to an outrageous consumption of alcohol. So at the end of the day while cleaning up the candy mess, you might also see some drunken people out on the yard. For children the celebration is not safe either. The amount of candy they get to eat can cause obesity and cavities. So surely after Halloween there should be marathon or something to nullify the effects (just a humble suggestion).


4. Costumes

Halloween costume ideas 2020

Apart from candy and all the partying, costumes are the highlight of Halloween. Though traditionally costumes and masks were used to keep the ghosts away, these days the bunny and witch costumes are quite inviting. While many people try to make their ensembles scary, others try to express their inner weirdness, awkwardness and in many cases sultriness via their clothing. We don’t complain about that, but what we do complain about is the approx. $330 million spent on pet costumes! And if you are still not shocked, be ready for the lightening to strike you, this figure is 1/6 times the money spent on human costumes. People need to learn how to use their fortune in a better way.


3. Economy Spike

Halloween is one of the holidays which generate the greatest economy uplift (2nd largest money generating festival). People enjoy spending on decorations, costumes and who can forget candies! Moreover there are many parties too. Statistically speaking almost $8 billion was spent on Halloween in previous year. Almost 10% of the annual candy sale is done in these days. Apart from candy, the decorations and costumes take a lot of cash. These are the days when you are forced to believe that money can buy anything and money can certainly bring happiness. Halloween is the third largest party day.


2. Uncountable Superstitions

It will be a no surprise if it is said that Halloween has a lot of superstitions (since the very beginning is based on one) but the kind of beliefs that people have even in these modern days is literally a shock. People use masks as a camouflage between ghosts (seriously! A ghost can walk through walls but can’t see you under that mask duh!). Around the world black cats are considered bad omen but in England white cats are considered wicked. Whatever the color, cats are considered to be witches’ pets. Spiders are considered to be the spirits of loved ones watching you (a little privacy maybe?). Young ladies who put an apple under their pillows will dream of their future husband (if they get to sleep with the apple under the head!). And there are many more of them.


1. The Beginning

The spooky spiky festival of Halloween has its roots embedded way back in the past. Certainly there were more misconceptions and superstitions back then, and the festival was more of a ritual essential for survival than the fun and pranks it is now. The Halloween festival is believed to have been originated in the Ireland! Back then it was believed that the cloak between the two worlds vanished on 31st October, causing the spirits of the dead to transition between the worlds. People were afraid that these spirits might come to human world and unleash a wrath.

To avoid any harm they used pumpkins and other things. Well can’t say for better or for worst, but these superstitions are long gone and it is all amusement and mockery now.

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