10 Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared

Childhood is the golden period of everyone’s life in which every child love to play with kids and toys. Little boys show some distinct taste they are more attracted towards cars, bikes and other such activities whereas innocent little girls are appealed by cute and adorable dolls. For many kids, a doll is not only a doll, for them it means more like it can be a companion, a friend or a sibling. However, there are some tales that reveals the mysterious sides of some dolls that take the life of some or become evil spirits, while some other dolls are extremely strange with frightening histories and are not made for playing. Here we have the list of 10 freaky dolls that will make you scared. The thrilling and weird facts will definitely make you shock.


10. Patty Reed’s Doll

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Patty was eight years old girl who was moving to California in 1846 with her family members, as a part of Donner Party. During the journey these pioneers were trapped by winter and many of them were died. At the middle of the journey, Patty was asked by her family members to discard all her toys in order to lighten the weight. She obliged, but managed to hide her beloved doll beneath her dress. It was surprising to know that the Doll along with all Reed family survived the thrilling journey and was capable to live an enjoyable life in San Jose. The doll of Patty is now exhibited in Sacramento, California, at Sutter’s Fort State Historical Park Museum.


9. Voodoo Zombie Doll

Freaky Dolls  - Voodoo Zombie Doll

Voodoo Zombie Doll is one of the freakish dolls that will make you scared it was originated in New Orleans and was purchased by a woman in Galveston, Texas through eBay. There were some rules by the eBay that should be followed in order to buy the doll. The rules included not to remove it from its silver casing, as a woman broke this role and she was sorry for that. It was claimed by the woman that the haunted doll came in her dreams and would repeatedly attack her. It was again sold but the recipient found an empty box whereas the doll kept reappearing at the doorstep of woman.


8. Joliet Doll

Freaky Dolls  - Joliet Doll

Joliet is a cursed and haunted doll and it is said by a woman named Anna that this haunted doll was passed down in her family, from mother to daughter. Each of the daughters was voodooed to have two kids a daughter and a son and each son died at the third day of his birth. It was believed by the family that each soul of the boy is voodooed to inhabit the doll until the Day of Judgment. Screams and giggles are heard at night that come from the haunted doll and the family also claims the voices of crying of infants and the doll seem to be a vessel in which all the baby boys’ souls are trapped.


7. The Pulau Ubin Barbie

Freaky Dolls  - The Pulau Ubin Barbie

Barbie is no doubt the most popular and adorable doll in the world that every girl wish to have. During the start of World War I, many foreigners were brutally killed. In 1914, in Singapore, one German couple was investigated as they were suspected to be detectors. The couple was arrested but their daughter got escape. The girl fell from a cliff and died and therefore a shrine was constructed to pacify the spirit of girl in Pulau Ubin, with a ceramic church table that probably contains girl’s hair and cross. The old urn was replaced by a Barbie doll at the Shrine six to seven years ago after a man had the same dream involving a Barbie doll consistently three nights. The doll is surrounded by lipsticks, perfumes, nail polishes and other cosmetics which are brought by people. The people go to shrine to worship the doll and they believe that it has paranormal powers to heal power and grant fortunes.


6. Elmo

Freaky Dolls  - Elmo

Elmo dolls have rocked the kid’s holiday toy list, since 1996. It is extremely scary when this doll threatens to murder you. In 2008, two years old kid James Bowman own an Elmo Knows Your Name doll which was computed to narrate its owner’s name, along with numerous personalized wordings. This creepy doll not only recite James’s name but also used the word “kill” before it, like it would sing “Kill James. This Doll was then placed out of the toddler’s sight. The doll used to give threats only after changing its batteries. The family was also offered by the manufacturers to replace the doll. It is not known whether they have accepted the offer or not.


5. The Devil Baby Doll

Freaky Dolls  - The Devil Baby Doll

New Orleans possesses a history full of black magic and folklore. During 1800s, a girl from a good family married a rich Scotsman but her annoyed, ex lover decided to take revenge from her and asked the queen of black magic to help him. The queen named Marie Laveau, cursed the bride and as a result the girl was died after giving birth to a monstrous creature. It is said that the creature was the breed of Satan himself, the magic queen brought the baby at her home and cared until her death. There were rumors that once the creature was died and was buried alongside her. The people of New Orleans are afraid of the Devil Baby and to save themselves they sculpt fake devil babies and hang the dolls outside their houses to scare the real one. Few of these dolls are still exist but are extremely coveted. In the early 20th century, many customers of the new version of the Devil baby claim that these dolls are evil and can move their eyes and their own. They come with warnings “buyer beware”


4. Pupa

Freaky Dolls  -  Pupa

Pupa is almost 14 inches tall doll whose legs and arms are made of felt and its hair are made up of real human hair. It was manufactured in 1920s and resembles its original Italian owner. The original owner of Pupa claimed that it was alive and was her good companion and friend. It was even talked to her for more than years and also saved her life. After the death of owner in 2005, the haunted doll became very active and wanted to be released. One of the family members also watched the doll walking and rising its feet within the case on video. Pupa is also seen to change its facial expressions and to move the things around her in glass case.


3. Mandy the Doll

Freaky Dolls  - Mandy the Doll

She is an antique ceramic baby doll more than ninety years old and was made around 1910 or 1920 in Germany or England. Mandy was denoted to the Quesnel Museum in 1991. Some say that she possesses some unusual power that makes her so freaky. The donor of Mandy said that she would wake up by hearing the crying of baby coming from basement in the mid of the night and on arriving she found no baby and just an open window. The crying was ceased after the doll was donated to the museum. But after her arrival at museum, strange happening continued, the lunches go missing, office supplies and stationary found on other places and voices of footstep heard when no one is around. Visitors of the museum claim that she blinks her eyes and even likes to disarray with camera if anyone tries to take her photograph.


2. Letta The haunted Gypsy Doll

Freaky Dolls  - Letta the haunted doll

Letta is a two hundred year old, hand carved doll discovered by Mr. Walton in an abandoned, old, haunted house in 1972. This doll was made by a Romanian gypsy for his son who was drowned more than two hundred years ago in Europe. The gypsies believed in soul transference and therefore it was believed that the weird mannequin possess the soul of young boy. Mr. Walton carried this doll with him to his home. The doll hair resembles like that of real hair and beneath the scalp there is something like human brain. This doll was named Letta because of its European gypsy heritage, or due to the reason that the doll often screams, Letta me out. Nothing destructive happened around the doll in recent years. The luck of Mr. Walton changed and his business began to boom after finding the doll. However, it rains whenever the Letta is taken outside, dogs bark and try to attack on Letta, the hanging pictures may fall down and the people experience fear after viewing Letta and it caused many to go in to fits of hysterics.


1. Chrystal, True, Isaac, Sharla, Lilly, Monika, Ashley, and Cameron

Freaky Dolls  - 10 Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared

These are the names of different dolls that live in a rural area of Pennsylvania with a family of five. The owners of these freakish dolls knew that they were haunted, irrespective of this fact they bought each one and in order to investigate the supernatural ability in them they gave them a lovely home. They wanted to examine the dolls and for recording the day and night activities of the doll, they set up a camera. Some individuals enjoy watching kittens and puppies, while some are entertained by visualizing the live feed of ceramic dolls.

The camera also recorded some weird proceedings around the dolls and in 2009, it captured a phantom that was assumed to be of a little boy and appeared at the bottom of the steps in doll house. These dolls do not sit on the shelf as a decoration piece, these ceramic beauties, have taken on a life of their own. The haunted doll house camera reveals some paranormal activities occurring in doll house.

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