10 Harmful Ingredients That Popular Products Contain

Some people are so much crazy about popular products and wish to use them every time irrespective of the time and place but stop for a while and answer this question, Have you ever thought what your beloved items contain? Think of the soap you use, you are pleased by its fragrance and enjoy the rich lather but you are ignorant of a horrifying fact. The soap you use to stay hygienic and clean can cause certain diseases you might never ever even have imagined. Yes it’s shocking, but this soap is only a member of those products that contain harmful ingredients and are used in everyday routine. These products can cause a potential damage to our health. Food products, plastics and cosmetics etc are a very few examples of such things that can cause you to suffer from health disaster and one day you might be admitted in the emergency room of the hospitals because of these hazardous products. These are silent killers and you might be exposed to them from many years without suffering from any adverse effect. This is a point that should be keep in mind but no need to worry as worry only enhances your problem not going to resolve them. Here is a solution, the list of 10 Harmful Ingredients That Popular Products Contain and that should be eradicated from your list. Save yourself, not to buy the things that contain such ingredients as there should be no compromise with your health.

10. Aluminium


Aluminium is a well known element and every one is familiar with it due to its repeated use of name and actions during chemistry classes. It is an ingredient of natural foods, some natural and artificial foods contain very small quantity of this element. It has also many other uses like it is used as food additive, in cosmetics, antacids, astringents, antiperspirants and buffered aspirin. It has many adverse effects as it causes brain and bone diseases along with kidney diseases. The reason of being suffered from kidney diseases by using aluminium is due to the reason that when it is ingested, it leaves the body through urinary system with urine. The one suffering from renal diseases is unable to remove the aluminium from the blood. Children having Aluminium in stomach suffers from weakened bones as it prevents the absorption of phosphates.

9. Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite

An ingredient that is found in few vegetables and fruits naturally but it leads to problem when it is added as an artificial ingredient in foods. Sodium Nitrite is abundantly used in food industry due to two reasons. Firstly, it is used to add color in foods thus making them more appetizing. Secondly, it is used as a preservative to preserve different meat products. It also restricts the formation of Bacteria that is the major culprit to cause food poisoning. Thus its safe limit in foods should be known, a diet crossing this limit may cause methemoglobinemia a condition that contains high amount of methemoglobin than normal in blood which causes respiratory illness like tissue hypoxia and can be lethal. Sodium Nitrite has also carcinogenic effects so it can also cause cancer.

8. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated Oils

It is also known as “plastic fat” and is extensively used for making the oils stay in different food products. Hydrogenated oils are also used to increase the time period of usage of products. An important ingredient of crunchy crackers, delicious cookies and tasty margarine’s but on the other hand, they are highly dangerous to your body. One should stay away from hydrogenated oils as it causes hearth diseases, leads to nutritional deficiencies and also cause degeneration of body cells. It s high viscosity cause hypertension due to thickening of blood, increase the risk of arterial plaques. The inappropriate blood circulation causes serious neurological problems like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Phthalates


Phthalates also referred as plasticizers, these chemicals can imitate assorted hormones of the body. These chemicals are often used in the preparation of plastics in making them tensile and soft. Phthalates are also present in cosmetics and other products like body lotions and nail paints. Fetal exposure to such chemicals lead to serious problems and developing children suffers from same conditions. Experiments on rodent’s family by exposing them with phthalates showed different problems like renal damage, liver cancer and impaired reproductive system. This is not so much pathetic as these chemicals are easily detected and eradicated from your list.

6. Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil

It is produced during manufacturing of petroleum from the crude oil, is used abundantly in various products in all over the world. It is colorless, odorless product that is cheap and easily available and due to these properties it is widely used in cosmetic industry. Its special property is that it does not easily oxidized and the products are kept for a prolonged period of time. It is a good choice for cosmetic industry but its adverse effects are also very alarming. It forms a coating over skin and makes the skin difficult to remove the toxins from the body. Its another serious effect is as it is taken and absorbed by skin, it is metabolized by liver and during its passage from intestines it absorbs fat soluble vitamins and causes deficiency of nutrients.

 5. Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A

It is synthetic product that is used in synthesis of different epoxy resins and plastics and has been used commercially since 1957. These epoxy resins are used in inside lining of certain beverage cans and foods. Bisphenol A is used in manufacturing of thermal paper. It can also leads to serious endocrine disturbance. Researches on animals have shown its adverse effects. It commonly causes obesity and neurological disorders, girls who want to loose weight should extra take care while buying such products. It is carcinogenic and causes testicular, prostate and breast cancer. It also impairs the function of thyroid gland.

4. Excitotoxins


These are essentially important neurotransmitters that are important for working of nervous system. Their imbalance in our body by intake of such ingredient containing products is extremely injurious. It is a deadly element with extreme capability of damaging the nervous system. These chemicals kill the nerve cells by their over excitement. These are common ingredients of canned soups, diet soda, breakfast sausages etc. It can cross the placental barrier and if ingested during pregnancy cause serious damage to neonatal brain and to baby itself.

3. Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol

A common ingredient, that is used in different products of cosmetic industry, as a solvent in perfumes, a substitute for surgical spirits and industrial methylated spirits. Isopropyl alcohol is also used for the preparation of fast drying inks and oils. Other common uses include; as a de-icing agent, dehydrating agent, disinfecting agent, window cleaner and as an antiseptic agent. Its harmful effects can even cause poisoning if the skin is excessively exposed to it. It is an irritant that causes irritation of skin, upper respiratory tract, eye and mucous layer. Isopropyl alcohol poisoning leads to symptoms like dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and CNS depression. It can also cause coma.

2. Paraben

Harmful Ingredients That Popular Products Contain

One important class of preservatives that is broadly used in personal use products is paraben. It is included in this list due to its carcinogenic properties. It contains different types of chemicals the methyl, butyl and propyl forms of it; interact with the proper functioning of endocrine system. They also affect the male reproductive system by reducing the production of testosterone. It increases the sensitivity of skin to sun and make the skin more prone to damage, can also leads to eye damage. Researches have shown a relationship between exposure to parabens and breast carcinoma.

1. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate And Sodium Laureth Sulphate

10 Harmful Ingredients That Popular Products Contain

Shampoo and body wash are products of routinely use, but be careful in its selection. Now, whenever you go to a store to buy it carefully read the ingredients that are used in its composition.Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate are the ingredients which produce tremendous leather but these chemical cause dryness of skin by removal of essential moisture, also irritate the skin and cause hair loss.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and its proper functioning is extremely important, its functions involve absorption of useful substances and excretion of harmful products. Usage of harmful ingredients containing products is extremely injurious as it would interact with normal functioning of skin and may leads to serious illness on its absorption.

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