10 Health Benefits Of Fasting In Ramadan

Fasting means to abstain from eating and drinking for a certain period of time. Most of the people observe fast for religious purposes. In Islam, Muslims have a religious obligation to observe fast in the complete month of Ramadan. Beside religious purposes people also observe fast because it has lot of other benefits. There are many researches which suggest that where fasting has uncountable health benefits it also has emotional and mental benefits. It is a fact that whenever you change something in your life in which you are indulged, even for the short while, it makes your life and priorities clearer. It is well that “Fasting is indeed the greatest remedy — the physician within”. It is really a good practice if it is properly implemented. It will make you feel lighter and more flexible in every respect. Here we have listed the 10 Health Benefits Of Fasting In Ramadan that you can easily derive


10. Helps In Overcoming Addictions

Helps In Overcoming Addictions

Smoking, drinking (alcohol), taking drugs are prohibited during fasting. If you are observing the fast as a religious obligation or even if you want to take health benefits from it, it would be easy for you to overcome the bad addictions and habits. It has been seen that many of the tobacco, alcohol and drug addicted people has successfully overcome these addictions through fasting. One of the amazing benefits of fasting is that it rapidly decreases the harmful effects of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and drugs to your body.


9. Increases Immunity And Healing

Increases Immunity And Healing

Fasting helps your body to get immune to many diseases. When you are observing fasts regularly, like for a week or a month, you surely need to plan a proper and healthy diet so that you may not become weak. Fruits and vegetables should essentially be the part of what you eat. They contain vitamin A and E that boost immunity of your body. Fasting also helps in healing up your wounds and rashes. When you observe fast your body has the free energy and it is automatically diverted to the parts where it is needed. This energy can detox and repair the damaged cells, tissues and organs of the body. Fasting is the best “cure” for anything.


8. Clears Up Your Skin

Clears Up Your Skin

The biggest advantage of fasting is that it rebalanced us on every level. Do you know why the Japanese women have the most beautiful and healthiest skin in the world? The answer is “because they are fasting throughout the year.” Hippocrates believes that fasting enables the skin to heal up. So same idea goes for that how it clears up your skin from acne, dark circles and eczema. Fasting strengthens your skin’s protective layer so it may not get dry and badly affected by pollution, temperature and UV rays. You would be surprised to know that anti-aging growth hormone is produced more rapidly when you are fasting.  This type of fasting (especially for skin) is called as Skin fasting.


7. Give Rest To Your Digestive System

It’s understood that when you are fasting your digestive organs are at rest. It doesn’t mean that digestion stops during fasting; just the rate of production of digestive hormones is slow. The food is breakdown at the steady rates and hence the energy released also follows the particular pattern. The digestion is even appropriate. This is the reason that why ulcer patients are advised to observe fasts. The secretion of acids in stomach doesn’t stop during fasting.


6. Helps You Lose Weight

Helps You Lose Weight

Fasting is being practiced since so long in order to reduce the weight. Fasts are even supervised by the professional nutritionists and doctors in case of serious obesity problems. Choosing fasts to reduce your weight can be very helpful in observing your body demands to maintain the weight. This will lead you to the good eating habits. It is important to mention here that it is not at all the good practice if you are not having a proper diet plan. The decreased metabolic rate can also lead to the weight gain. Low blood sugar, muscle pain, dizziness and weakness all are its side effects. So be careful while choosing fasting a way to lose weight.


5. Maintains Your Blood Pressure And Sugar

If you are a victim of high blood pressure then fasting is the best non-drug method of reducing it. By maintaining the cholesterol level in blood it helps to avoid the fat deposition hence the clogging of arteries. The body’s metabolic rate is reduced and hence the hormones as adrenaline and noradrenaline are secreted in fewer amounts. This helps in keeping the blood pressure at normal rates. Moreover fasting helps in increasing the breakdown rate of glucose. Insulin is produced in fewer amounts as well hence energy is properly transferred to all the body cells. The production of Glucagon increases and hence the sugar level is maintained in the blood.


4. Emotional And Mental Stability

Fasting stabilizes your mental and emotional conditions. Fasts make you flexible, focused and more energetic in doing any sort of work. Mental clarity is improved by Fasting. Fasts keep you calm and help in overcoming the depressing situations. It is the proved fact that you feel the things obtainable during fasting. You are surely emotional while you are fasting and trust me they are more forced than in usual circumstances. At the same time fasting itself helps you to overcome your emotions as well because at that time you are inspiration of yourself.


3. Spiritual Benefits

Spiritual Benefits

Religion always focuses on your spiritual betterment. While fasting for religious purposes you will feel the difference in yourself. You will think in a humble manner. Fasting will make you feel lighter and less dense. Your prayers will become pure, clearer and you would be able to seek guidance. Fasting took our attention to ourselves and we listen what’s inside us. You will become quite and will feel separated from the physical reality of the world. It would be a unique personal experience. Fasting gives you a special spiritual power.


2. Increase Detoxification Rate

Now a day the food we eat is impure means it has lot of additives. All of these additives are usually referred as toxins. Toxins are very hazardous to health as they have fats as their storage compartments. Some of the toxins promote the secretion of unwanted hormones and also starts the decaying processes in cells and tissues. Fasting helps in the detoxification. The fats are burnt and hence the toxins are released when fast prolongs. The important purification organs in the body that are kidney and liver work efficiently during fast and helps in detoxification as well. Fasts for sure take us to the healthy life style.


1. Improves Your Brain Functioning

Improves Your Brain Functioning

Everybody needs their brain to function as much as possible. The best way to improve your brain functionality is Fasting and it is scientifically proved. You might know that Neuronal Autophagy majorly determines the brain health. Through this process your brain cells along with the cells of the whole body, down regulate the unneeded processes, recycle the waste material and focus on repairing themselves.

Without all this your brain would not be able to develop properly and Fasting boosts the rate of   Neuronal Autophagy. Not going so deep in scientific theories but just to inform you Fasting increases the level of Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor in brain that regulates your memory. Isn’t it so awesome?

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