10 Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica

Nature has blessed us with diverse and incredible environments. This earth is filled with the variety of hot deserts, grassy or wild forests, deep oceans, cool islands or icebergs etc. All these different climates add beauty to our planet. When we divide our earth into continents, the most unique and distinguished name that popped up in our mind is of course “Antarctica”, and the first image about this continent is coldest place surrounded by ice. Antarctica can be easily located on world map, the Southern Hemisphere in the Antarctic region. This place not only reminds us with the exclusive geographic variation but also gives an interesting physical combination of matter that combined to form our earth. This is really a mind blowing and stunning place. Antarctica is full of interesting knowledge; here is a list of 10 most amazing facts about Antarctica. Let’s have a round of ten cool facts about this freezing place!


10. Longest Day and Night

An interesting thing about this continent is the longest day and nights. Both the days and nights at the South Pole have a time period of six months. As according to the rule, our earth rotates on the axis with 23 degrees from the perpendicular in relation to the line of its orbit around the Sun. So sun is directly focused toward Antarctica in summers while in winter this place is facing away from the Sun.


9. World’s Largest Ice Bergs

Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica

Antarctica is known for the world’s largest and tallest icebergs. The biggest iceberg among all is large like Island Rhode that’s why it is said that ice island is found in Antarctica. As Antarctica is famous for the size of icebergs so, there are number of attractive ice bergs like world’s tallest iceberg, with the height of 550 feet is found in Antarctica. In addition to this there exists B-15 in Antarctica which is 295km long and 37km wide with a surface area of 11000 km2. This area is greater than Jamaica.


8. Resemblance With Mars

It has been found that Antarctica has some resembling factors and similar climatic condition with Mars. As both have a prolonged period of darkness and both are deprived from natural resources. Landscapes of mars and the dry valleys of Antarctica are quite similar. Both portray a scene depicting that the world does not own them. Likewise, the climatic conditions of these two places are dry and cold. Scientists from NASA are using Antarctica as a place for testing different conditions of Mars.


7. Coldest And Driest Place

10 Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica

It is the worlds’ coldest and the driest place. The lowest temperature recorded in this place is minus 89.40C, the average is minus 34.40C which is very cold. Scarcity of rain and moisture makes it a place to be as a desert. The Antarctica is not only the coldest place but also the driest place as well; it is also known as dry valley because of less rainfall. Antarctica experiences only two seasons; summer and winter. The size of Antarctica grows and expands in winter season, which is also very interesting thing about this place


6. Effected By Global Warming

Antarctica is adversely affected by global warming and depletion of ozone layer and if the whole ice in Antarctica would melt, then it would rise about 60 meters of sea level and would cause problem for mankind. So, there is a need to pay attention on Global warming for the savior of this amazingly beautiful continent. 5 No Human Life There is no human life possible in Antarctica because of its freezing temperature and climatic conditions. People belonging to scientific communities live there temporarily for their research purpose but these people also prefer to live in summer season and they move in winters.


4. Place For Meteorites

Amazing Facts About Antarctica

Antarctica is the best place for those who want to study or research on meteorites. Since 1912, there is a huge variety of meteorites in this piece of earth. Antarctica is also known as gallery of meteorites. The gallery provides an easy understanding of meteorites that are existent in our solar system.


3. No Time Zone – Now That’s Pretty Amazing Thing

This place has no standard time! Yes, this is really something very different. As the day night cycles is very long ,so it is very hard to set any time zone for this place and scientists and people tend to follow the time of their particular home towns.


2. A Superb Example Of Biodiversity

Facts About Antarctica


Antarctica has unique bio diversity, as there are a lot of sea animals and birds that can adapt them in an acute temperature. Birds like Snow Petrel are only found in this region. Moreover, penguins, fur seals and blue whales are also found in Antarctica. The special penguin breeds found in Antarctica includes, Emperor Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin, King Penguin, Gentoo Penguin etc. Penguins of Antarctica are great swimmers and they swim so fast and enjoy in cool breeze. The Seals of this place also has uniqueness and has the crown of the world’s seal population. The seals species found in this place include Weddell seal, the Ross seal, the crab eater, elephant seal and fur seal etc Likewise, Blue whales available in Antarctica are also very larger in size than any other blue whales across the world.


1. No Government No Economy

Another interesting thing about this place is that it is free from government system. There is no economic activity, you need not to have a passport to get in, this place is also free from any companies or media, There is no river, no borders that need protection. But is Antarctic is rich in coal and have lots of oil and gas.

So, Antarctica is politically neutral place and no country claims for its ownership, In 2010, 48 countries have signed an Antarctic treaty system that aims to reserve nature ,devoted to peace and science and this place can only be used for the purpose of research.

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