10 Most Amazing Places In Florida That Are Not Disney World

The world’s and of course United States most amazing and exciting place to visit with the numberless attractions is Florida. Much of the country is Peninsula between Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Straits of Florida. The fourth most populous place of U.S, Florida offers the visitors and tourist the best of best in every respect. Disney world in Florida is the most famous and there would be no one who will forget to visit that dreamland ever. Besides Disney World there are also many places that you should not miss during your visit to Florida. Here we have listed 10 Most Amazing Places In Florida That Are Not Disney World so that you may not forget to have unforgettable memories there as well.


10. LEGOLAND Florida

Most Amazing Places In Florida -

The most remarkable place of Florida to visit with the family during vacations is LEGOLAND Florida. The place is not so far away from the amusement parks of Tampa and Orlando. This is 150 acre theme park with more than 50 rides, shows and many other attractions. This is such a wonderful, colorful and attractive place to visit. Everything there would be organized. It is the fantastic place to visit if you have had a chance to go to Florida.


9. St. Augustine

Most Amazing Places In Florida - 9. St. Augustine

This is the oldest city of Florida. It is the European established settlement. It’s also the metropolitan area of United States. This place is a very famous romantic and luxurious vacations and honeymoon spot of the world with the uncountable attractions. The world’s most classic hotels and finest restaurants are found here. You can taste the water of the Fountain of youth Archeological Park there what you can do nowhere else in the world. You can have the tours to the historic museums; can have the exciting helicopter rides; can go to see the wildlife and birds and much more. The weather is amazing, historic sites are amazing, there are number of family fun places and five star resorts. You will surely have an unforgettable tour here.


8. Crystal River

Most Amazing Places In Florida - 8. Crystal River

Crystal River a city of Florida in Citrus country. This place is perfect for the nature loving tourists and visitors. Crystal River is a place where you can have your dreams come true. You can swim here with the manatees. The Crystal River naturally flows at constant temperature that is 72 degree Celsius throughout the year. So you can swim in winters as well. Best staying place in the city is the Plantation that was previously known as Plantation Inn. This inn has the true southern charm with the most attractive white buildings. Golf, water and the finest dining offered are the best part of the tour or your stay you can say. The two most famous beaches Pine Island beach and Fort Island Gulf beach are worth visiting there.


7. Panama City beach

Most Amazing Places In Florida - 7. Panama City beach

Panama City Beach is a city of Florida in Bay Country on the Gulf of Mexico coast. This city rightly has a slogan of “The World’s most beautiful beaches”. Panama City beach separate the two cities. The place is also famous as the Spring Break Capital. The beach is famous for its sugar-white sandy beaches. From singles to families and from workers and business men to retirees this place attracts everyone. It has many things to do for every age group. The most amusing place there is Shipwreck Island water park, everyone who will have a chance to go to Panama City Beach especially families should not miss this place. Zoo world is also the place to see the beautiful animals and exotic plants. There is also number of outdoor activities that this place offers. Restaurants, resorts, fishing, sea food and much more is offered by this place.


6. Busch Gardens

MostAmazing Places In Florida - 6. Busch Gardens


This is an extraordinary place on 335 acres of Florida. Busch Garden is Florida’s most famous and exciting amusement park, actually not a single park but two parks headed by SeaWorld Entertainment. One original park is in Tampa and second one is in Williamsburg. The park allows interacting with the world’s most endangered animals and has the scariest thrilling rides that can be ever imagined. There is the large roller coaster collection that’s one of the major Tampa’s attractions. If you think you are also among those whose are born to explore then this is a perfect place for you. Whatever you will do will be an adventure.


5. Sanibel Island

Most Amazing Places In Florida - 5. Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is the most natural Island located in Florida. The heart of the Island is the beautiful city Sanibel in the Lee country. It is most relaxing and family friendly place to spend your vacations. There are no such tall buildings than the palm tree in Sanibel. It’s like you can escape from the pace of life to the most exotic calm place of the world. Unmatched wildlife viewing, seashell collection, paddling in the boat, great restaurants and the heritage and cultural shows would be the most memorable experiences you can have on this Island. This ungroom beach is really worth seeing place in Florida.


4. Key West

Most Amazing Places In Florida - 4. Key West

Key West is hiding the wonderful treasures for the travelers. Key West is the island on the southern tip of Florida Keys, on the North American Continent in States of Florida. You have been visiting this place for the first time ever this would be a real fun treat for you I bet. Key West Florida offers the water activities, shopping, art and cultural exhibitions, lively nightlife, beaches, historic sites, best sea food and much more. Some people have made the place their permanent residence while some people just visit Key West to enjoy its tropical climate. It’s a best place if you have been trying diving and snorkeling for the first time. Key West restaurants and sunset is most enjoyable experience. In short it offers the tourists plenty of things to do from all over the globe.


3. Everglades

Most Amazing Places In Florida - 3. Everglades

The Everglades is the beautiful natural region in the South of U.S state of Florida. Everglades is the best place to spend peaceful vacations. It has ten thousand extremely beautiful islands with five star stay resorts. It is famous for its wildlife amusement parks. Only few of the people have chance of relatively adventurous experience by visiting this place. The place offers you to be closest to the nature than ever. The alligator park is the most interesting and thrilling place where you can swim with the alligators. The safari park is also an exciting place to visit. Wildlife from five different habitats is found in everglades named as Hammock, Sawgrass, Pineland, Mangrove and Slough. Birding, boating, nature walk, wildlife drive and delicious lunch is what you can have a whole day long in The Everglades.


2. Miami

Most Amazing Places In Florida - 2. Miami

Miami is located in Southeastern Florida on the Atlantic coast. This is the second largest metropolitan area of U.S after Washington DC. It is one of the world’s best and most famous vacations spot. Miami has something for everyone. There are endless enjoyment opportunities that the city offers to its people and visitors. It is said that Miami comes to life when the sunsets there. The trendy night life of Miami is exceptionally famous and lovable, the plush hotels and the historic hideaways, endless shopping places, sea fishing and sports, cultural art exhibitions and shows, the wonderful Miami’s international airport and much more in the completely unexplainable beauty. If you will go to Miami you will be happy to know that you have a long list to choose from what you want to do there.


1. Orlando

Most Amazing Places In Florida - 1. Orlando


Orlando is the heart of Florida. This is a place where you can have all your dreams come true. Orlando is among the largest metro areas of U.S. This city has many beautiful places as Disney World, Sea World Orlando, Universal Studios Florida and many others that will offer you a completely adventurous tour. There are amazing shopping places, world class resorts, golf courses and dining areas in the Beautiful city.

Orlando’s downtown’s itself and many other small towns in Central Florida displays the cultural heritage and they celebrate the public art proudly. The quality of life in the city is unimaginable. It would not be wrong to say that the city offers you the best of best educational, economic and cultural opportunities. It’s like living in the vibrant star of the world perfect place to be named as “The City Beautiful”.

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