10 Most Amazing Transparent Animals

Nature surprises us always especially when we are least expecting from it. Well it would not be wrong to say that nature is fascinating and a time’s weird. It shows us such wonders which are beyond our imagination and expectation of course. This world is full of most amazing and beautiful animals and plants. Here we are talking about the animals; some of them are famous for their camouflage capabilities, some for their extraordinary huge bodies and weight, some for their long necks and some for their see through bodies. Yes you read it right “see through bodies”. These animals show everything they have inside them making nature more inspiring and intriguing for us. They are real and can be found on ocean and ground both. Here is a list of 10 Most Amazing Transparent Animals Still Exists in nature today.


10. Transparent Sea Cucumber

Most Amazing Transparent Animals -

These marine species are found in the Gulf of Mexico. They are slow moving creatures with soft bodies. They are the most unique species that have existed since thousands of years and have found variety of ways to survive.  They are found 2750 meters below the sea level. If you have had a chance to have its glimpse even it would be a very fascinating experience. They hide under the radars usually to easily attack the prey.


9. Transparent Salp

Most Amazing Transparent Animals - Transparent Salp

Transparent Sea Salp is usually mistaken as the jelly fish egg. It is found only in the sea and feeds on the small fishes and marine algae in water. They are completely “see through” species only their belly is colored that breaks the pattern of transparency. They are little bit strange even they don’t sting. They are barrel shaped freely floating creatures. They move by pumping water through the body. They move in long chains in the sea. If you will go for swimming some day they will surely stuck up in your hair accidentally.


8. Transparent Amphipod

Most Amazing Transparent Animals -  Transparent Amphipod

This very unusual specie was found on the expedition in the North Atlantic mountain range deep sea. It is most commonly known as Phronima. It is completely transparent specie showing almost everything it has inside and outside. It has amazing camouflage capabilities and is not easily found by the attackers. Though it appears quite attractive and small but is extremely dangerous and poisonous. It is similar to the crocodile Ice fish in appearance which is also a beautiful see through creature. It has almost 10,000 different species. Its size usually ranges from 10 to 15 millimeters.


7. Transparent Snail

Most Amazing Transparent Animals - Transparent Snail

This snail is newly discovered transparent specie. It is a beautiful creature and is shaped like a dome. They are found in Croatia. Snails are minuscule and they don’t have the ability to move freely though they are not completely static. They move with the help of other bigger animals and mammals or through water movement when in sea. They were discovered in the deepest cave system and are mostly found there. There are number of closely related species of snails that vary slightly that it’s even difficult to distinguish them. Its shell is so clear and transparent that it enables you to see what’s inside.


6. Tortoise Shell Beetle

Tortoise Shell Beetle


Though the specie is not completely transparent but I didn’t afford to skip it from my top 10 list. This is extremely beautiful and one of my favorite beetle ever existed. Its carapace is totally invisible. Actually the beetle has capability of camouflaging so can easily deceive its predator. Below its transparent carapace it exhibits beautiful colors on its back. These colors are the warning symbol of danger to its predators. There are number of species of tortoise shell beetle exists. Different species can have its own distinct color and slightly varying size.


5. Transparent Fishes

Most Amazing Transparent Animals -  Transparent Fishes

There are many unusual species of transparent fishes that exists in nature. Some of them are dangerous while others just ignore you in the sea. Transparent Goldfish is a glassy fish that was created artificially by the selective breeding of pale goldfish. Transparent Headed Barreleye Fish was discovered when it was found damaged on the surface of sea because of the low pressure in deep sea. It has the rotating eyes in its transparent head. Transparent Cave Cray Fish is another type. They as their name indicates are found in the deep dark hidden caves. Transparent Zebra fish is also one of the artificially created transparent animals in the world.


4. Transparent Squid

Most Amazing Transparent Animals - Transparent Squid

Transparent squid or glass squid is found in southern hemisphere’s oceans. It is the strangest specie you can ever see. Its eyes possesses light organs and it rolls into a ball when needed just like a hedge dog. It is found deep into the seas and oceans. It is very dangerous and poisonous because its ball shaped body is filled with ammonia. Its size ranges from 10cm to 3m. You can see everything through it from underside. This creature has an ability to change its body temperature according to its own surroundings. It is a food for many big fishes and ocean birds. They also have upto 60 different species.


3. Glasswinged butterfly

Most Amazing Transparent Animals - Glasswinged butterfly

All the butterflies of the species Greta o to are called as transparent or glass winged butterflies. They are mostly found in Mexico and Panama. These butterflies have the transparent sections in their wings. The wings are delicate and beautiful with veins running through them. They are mostly less visible than other butterflies and have camouflage capabilities. They have a wing span of 2-3 inches. Wash and butterfly and you will have them just like those of Greta to family butterflies. These butterflies have a habit of migration from one place to another and they can travel upto 12 miles a day. Spanish people call them “espejitos” meaning like a mirror. They are unusual but very beautiful.


2. Transparent Jelly Fish

Most Amazing Transparent Animals - Transparent Jelly Fish

Transparent jelly fish is the most commonly known glassy creature found almost in every sea and ocean. It is said that as the number of jelly fishes in the ocean increases its temperature rises. It has long tentacles to catch the prey. It attracts it food by its natural bio luminescent feature. The comb jelly displays the most beautiful rainbow colors. Most of animals of the phylum to which this jelly fish belongs are transparent. Their body is composed of water (95%) and has no brain, bones and even heart. Though fatal but they are considered to be the most elegant and beautiful sea creatures. It is advised that whenever you go to swimming be aware of these jelly fishes because they stings badly.


1. Transparent Frog

Most Amazing Transparent Animals - Transparent Frog

Transparent frog also known as Glass Frog is the weirdest specie of the amphibian family Centrolenidae. They are mostly found in Central and South America preferably in the tropical rain forests. There are 60 different types of glass frogs that exist but the specie is endangered due to the loss of habitat. The body is bright or olive green in color and heart, belly, liver and intestines are clearly visible form the translucent skin.

The female lay about 20 to 30 eggs at a time on the underside of leaves hanging above the water and the male glass frogs provides care to their baby eggs. In order to avoid the life danger from snakes and birds, they come to the ground only when mating is required. They have the camouflage capabilities as well. Their estimated life span is 10 to 15 years.

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