10 Most Attractive Valentine’s Day Party Themes

The day of love and celebration is just coming. Yes, Valentine’s Day on 14th of February is very near and there are a lot of things that are running in the minds of lovers in order to make their Valentine’s Day sweet and great. It is a day that is celebrated world widely to show and express their love towards their loved ones. Different arrangements are done by the lovers in order to realize some one special his or her importance in their lives. There is an outstanding exchange of roses, flowers, chocolates and gifts on this special occasion and some marvelous parties with astonishing themes are also planned. If you are thinking about a special party theme for this valentine then don’t get bore with the ordinary, traditional party decorations. I am here to give you some sparking ideas, here is the list of 10 most attractive Valentine’s Day party themes, try any of them and see the brilliant results in the form of a strong relationship with your love.


10. Seaside Theme

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes -

If you and your love are water lovers and enjoy on beaches and along sea sides than a party at the seaside or at beach is a brilliant idea. There you can enjoy sizzling walk, romantic dance, sweet talk and attractive nature.


9. Open Air

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes  - open air

You can throw a sizzling Valentine’s Day party with this stunning party theme that will leave your guests and loved one more than satisfied and will also leave a lasting impression on them. You can do some table arrangements in your backyard with some bold and bright colors prints on the table and enjoy the special day.


8. Wind Chimes

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes - Wind Chimes

The soft musical sound of wind chimes is very soothing and very appealing. They are an excellent mean for decoration especially for Valentine’s Day party decor. With this ideal theme you can decorate your party area in a unique way. There are different sorts of wind chimes are available and the heart of your lover will melt when he or she will hear the musical sounds that are possible just because of your this idea.


7. Electrical Lights

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes - Electrical Lights

It is a very special and fancy way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day party. If the party arrangement is by decoration with electric lights then it will not only give the party a contemporary look but also a dreamy look too. Electric lights are available in different colors, so select the best colors in best style and apply them on the trees, stairs and other party area.


6. Velvet Theme

Velvet Theme

Just imagine a hall full of bright red velvety carpet, velvety backs of chairs and velvety covers of the table. On the other side whole of the wall will give a hearty velvety theme of valentine. In such a lovely decoration, red velvety stage asks you to come and tie the curtains made of red velvet. Red velvet strings with shiny balls hanging from the roof will make this party special and beautiful.


5. Musical Theme

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes -  Musical Themed

If you want to make your party some more romantic then musical party theme will be a cool idea. A music theme will definitely rock the party and you can enjoy a romantic dance with your loved one too. You can do decorations with musical instruments and corner stage and it is a very distinct theme.


4. Ribbon Theme

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes - Ribbon Theme

Have you seen a ribbon? You must think what a stupid question this is, ribbon is so common but the same ribbon can make your valentine party so attractive and lovely. Let’s imagine you are in garden, there is glittering grass with red and silver ribbon cuttings, ribbon hearts attached on every trees, small bulbs wrapped in red and silver ribbons and hanging ribbons bows, flowers and strings from the branches of trees. If you are arranging an indoor valentine party, then make ribbon flowers and bows to float on the layer of water and enjoy an awesome party.


3. Full of Candles

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes -  Full of Candles

Light up your Valentine’s Day with this bright decorating party theme and enjoy fully. Candles look romantic and appealing and their presence on this day will make the day simply fantastic. They are capable of offering an amazing sparkle and set a unique cool, romantic tone. A little care and effort will make this party theme flawless with candles arranged on the floor, on the table or on the stairs.


2. Balloons Decor

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes - Balloons Decor

Balloons are commonly used for party decoration and no doubt that they are one of the essential accessories for party. If you really want to do celebrations on Valentine’s Day then you should definitely enjoy this item. Balloons add celebrity features and people love that things a lot. This party theme will obviously rock and you can do decorations with balloons drop and release, balloons tied on ceiling or pillars or by randomly placing them on floor.


1. Flower Decor

Attractive Valentine's Day Party Themes - Flower Decor

The addition of flowers in any event make it more outstanding, irrespective of your style and choice, flowers are the perfect way to add charm and beauty in any occasion and also beautifully reflects your personality. One of the most attractive Valentine’s Day party themes is the decoration with full of flowers. From bold to romantic, flowers have the ability of setting in any kind of decorative tone.

They bring fresh and natural beauty to your occasion, so you should get inspired from the natural beauty and do arrangements with flowers and it will definitely cherish your lover’s heart. Red flower’s on the tables, on the floor and flower arrangement around the pillars and stairs is simply perfect.

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