10 Most Beautiful And Popular Beaches In Spain

Spain has always been one of the most beautiful countries to visit. The beautiful and extravagant sceneries, buildings and historical places make the tourists spellbound with its beauty. Spain is included among the list of those handful countries which cherish the opportunity of enjoying all four seasons in some portions of the year. During the season of summer, many tourists and beauty lovers come to Spain in order to spend their time on the beautiful beaches and have a memorable time. Keeping in view the interest of you people in such places and the popularity of beaches especially in European countries, we decided to make your visiting list a bit easy for you. So, here we shall explore 10 most beautiful and popular beaches in Spain which you must visit whenever you come to such glorious creation of nature. Let us look at them


10. El Cotillo

El Cotillo

This beach is located in the city of Las Palmas and is the center of attraction for hundreds of tourists and visitors. There is a hotel near the beach which shares the same name as the beach and is located a few kilometers from the spot. Visitors come to the sea in the warm sunshine and spend their nights in that hotel. The beautiful blue color of water provides a pleasing warmth for beauty lovers.


9. Playa de La Barrosa

Playa de La Barrosa

This beach extends to a distance of about 6 km and is located in Cadiz, Spain. There are not many residential places near the beach and people spend their time in different restaurants and other places. This beach is particularly famous for its water sports because of the cool breeze flowing across the whole area. The beautiful places and delicious food makes it a pretty good choice to visit.


8. Playa de Las Catedrales

Playa de Las Catedrales

One of the most interesting features of this beach which makes it unique than others is the presence of a large number of cliffs surrounding the beach. It is located in Galicia. The cliffs rise as long as about 30 km and these give rise to strong tides and breeze. This is a common visiting place for many photographers and other nature lovers who come to capture the mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets.


7. Playa de Illetas

Playa de Illetas

Located at the north side of this beautiful place known as Formentera, playa de Illetas is certainly one of the best beaches in Spain. On one side of the beach is present a beautiful stone wall surrounded by a number of restaurants and party places. The full view of beach from the top of hills makes the viewer’s spellbound. The sand present here is somewhat finer than normal and sand walkers enjoy walking on the shores.


6. Torremolinos


Torremolinos beaches were one of the very first developed beaches in Spain but unfortunately couldn’t held their shape. Still these beaches are one of the most visited beaches especially in summer season. As a result, they contain a large number of bars, restaurants and sports facilities throughout the shores. Located a few kilometers away from each other, they serve the best vacations package for the visitors.


5. La Concha

La Concha

This beach is present in San Sebastian and is considered one of the best urban beaches in Europe. It is also known to be the most photographed beaches in Europe and remains populated by the visitors throughout the year. The most beautiful feature of this beach is the golden sand which gives a glowing effect at the time of sunrise as well as sunsets. Tasty food and restaurants just act as icing on the cake.


4. Nerja Beaches

Nerja Beaches

Nerja beaches are included in the list of those which were awarded the prestigious award known as Blue Flag and has also achieved the Q-standard quality award for its excellent cleanliness. One of the most famous among them is the Playa Burriana. It contains a large variety of restaurants and other food places. Scuba divers and surfers can also relish their chance at these beaches which makes them one of the most complete beaches for the visitors.


3. Cala Saona

Cala Saona

This particular beach lies right next to the beach in Ibiza which gives it a pretty hard competition for the visitors to choose between them. This beach contains white sand and is surrounded by rocks from its sides. Even though it is relatively smaller as compared to other names in this list, yet this is surely one of the best you can find in Spain. It has restaurants, parking spots and all other things which you can ask for. According to some of the tourists, it provides the best view of sunset among all the other beaches in Europe.


2. Playa de Isla Canela

Playa de Isla Canela

On the second spot, the beach we have is known as Playa de Isla Canela. The word is originally derived from the word “Isla Mujeres”, meaning Island for Women. It is situated in Cantabria. Apart from the normal beach and beach related things, this place is also famous for the camping purposes. It contains a number of playgrounds and sports fields for the interested visitors. Besides, there is also the availability of surfing and skiing. The water events include the likes of whale shark tours, dolphin discovery and fishing while the land events cover beach volleyball, biking and golf etc. Different hotels are there with a large variation of budget and one can choose the best package for him.


1. Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya

The beach which takes the top position in our list is Cala Llenya located in Ibiza. It is present near San Carlos and contains different bars, restaurants and loungers etc. The size of this beach is about 200 meters long and more than 50 meters wide. One unique feature which is available in this beach is the special assistance for disabled persons. It contains all the necessary ingredients which you can hope and look for when you come to some place on vacations and if you plan to spend them in Spain.

This place should be your top most priority.

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