10 Most Beautiful Highways In The World

Sometimes it is not the destination but the journey that matters a lot, people sometimes prefer long routes over the small ones if they are clearer and smoother just to enjoy. Driving is a skill and it becomes adventurous when your journey is thrilling and full of twists and turns as only a skilled driver with fast reflexes can handle the situation fully. It is a famous saying that good roads can never make good drivers so if you wish to test your driving skills then you should journey through some most beautiful highways in the world. You might have some experience of breathtaking and thrilling moments but at the end you will get an adventurous and full of fun journey. Here we have a list of 10 most beautiful highways in the world, the person who can drive here can drive anywhere, and some of these are as thrilling as beautiful.


10. Oberalp Pass, Switzerland

10 Most Beautiful Highways -

Oberalp Pass is a 2044 meters elevated high mountain pass in the Swiss Mountain and it serves as a connection between the Graubunden Oberland and Central Switzerland. This spectacular and incredible road enables to visualize the breathtaking views of valley as well as those up to the Gotthard Mountains. It is very renowned among the drivers coming from Europe but the road that crosses the path is closed in winter and open in just summer months. During winter season being closed for road traffic this road is used as a ski slope, hiking track and toboggan run. Sometimes this road open in springs depends on snowing but usually at the end of May.


9. Trollstigen, Norway

10 Most Beautiful Highways - Trollstigen, Norway

This is a curved mountainous road in Rauma region, Norway and is a part of Norwegian National Road 63 linking Valldal in Norddal and Andalsnes in Rauma. This steep winding road is a famous tourist destination and the major reason of its attraction is its sharp incline of 10% and eleven hairpin bends up a sharp mountain side.

The meaning of Trollstigen is the Troll Lader and is related to a sequence of impressive roads with some attractive views and a few astonishing waterfalls. This beautiful road has many sharp bends and is very narrow that limits somewhere the passage of two vehicles at a time. This road has an elevation of almost 850 meters and it is closed during winter and autumn season and the opening depends on the weathers conditions.


8. San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

10 Most Beautiful Highways - San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

The San Bernardino Pass is one of the most beautiful highways present in the whole world, it is a high mountain pass that has an elevation of 2,066 meters or 6,778 feet and is located in the Swiss Mountains and connects Mesolcina valleys and Hinterrhein between Thusis and Bellinzona. It is a dreamy road that provides some spectacular and breathtaking views of the mountains with an amazing tunnel that is 6.6 kilometers long and the road is overshadowed by churches and castles, valleys and sprawling bridges enabling you to visualize some of the most attractive scenes of Switzerland.


7. Los Caracoles Pass, Andes

10 Most Beautiful Highways -  Los Caracoles Pass, Andes

The Los Caracoles Pass also named as Cristo Redentor is a road that passes through the mountains in the Andes between Argentina and Chile. It is the main road that carries heavy traffic and takes transport out of Chilean capital city into Mendoza city of Argentina. This very famous highway is mostly covered with snow throughout the year and it is a very hard thing to deal with. Instead of the steep inclines this road has strong safety record because of its pretty well maintenance. From the side of Argentina this road gently inclines and enters a tunnel that is approximately at elevation of 3,200 meters. The tourists that pass through this road enjoy an exciting ride by enjoying the beauty of nature and also the beauty of road.


6. Stelvio Pass, Italy

10 Most Beautiful Highways - Stelvio Pass, Italy

The Stelvio Pass is 2757 meters elevated pass above the sea level that is located in Italy near the Swiss border and connects the Valtellina with Merano and the upper Adige valley. It is known as the highest paved Alps pass in the Eastern Mountains and the second highest in the mountains. This zigzagging road has one of the best consistent hairpin routes in the world. This road is featured with around 60 hairpin turns and it gets narrow at some point and posses a few very steep inclines and is a challenging and famous route for motorcycle rallies and also for bicycle races. It was picked by Top Gear’s as the greatest driving road in the world, this pass is blessed with beautiful and spectacular surroundings.


5. Col De Turini, France

10 Most Beautiful Highways - Col De Turini, France

The Col De Turini is a high mountain pass that is at an elevation of 1,607 meters and is located in the mountains in the area of Alpes-Maritimes in the south of France. This is a dizzying road with tight turns and huge height, ending in Sospel which is a very gracious small town of France. It is built on retaining walls and is renowned for a stage of the popular Monte Carlo Rally car race that is held on this dizzy and tight road with many hairpin turns. This road also made special appearance three times in another famous road race, the Tour de France. The breathtaking scenes of the road make it one of the most exciting and beautiful highways in the world.


4. Scenic Byway 12, Utah

Scenic Byway 12, Utah

Scenic Byway 12 also named as Highway 12 is a state highway that is located in Utah, USA. This highway is at an elevation of around 5,000 to over 9,000 feet above sea level and took almost four decades for its construction and spaces the area between Capitol Reef National Parks and Bryce Canyon. It is one of the prettiest roads of the whole United States of America that curves 124 miles throughout the mountainous landscape of southwestern Utah. You can enjoy a long drive on this road by visualizing the famous tourist’s attractions along the road including the Kodachrome Basin State Park, the Anasazi State Park Museum and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.


3. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

10 Most Beautiful Highways - Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

This flawless road is one of the greatest driving roads in the world that extends for 11.7 kilometers up the mountain and ascending 1,219 meters. It is featured with 21 corners and three lanes; one descending and two climbing. It enables the visitors to visualize the scenic views of the town below and ends at a parking lot with only a palace that belongs to country’s ruler and a hotel. This beautiful road is a blend of fast straights and extensive curves that perfectly merge into one another and therefore forming this superb driving road in the middle of the desert. This road is very challenging for cyclists who come here for training.


2. Milford Road, New Zealand

10 Most Beautiful Highways

This stunning road is 144 miles long and is a part of the State Highway 94 that is one of the highest and most beautiful state highways of New Zealand, it connects the town Te Anau with one of the most famous New Zealand’s destination Milford Sound. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful road in New Zealand but is very risky road having crash rates almost 65% higher as compared to the rest of New Zealand’s network. This road passes through the heart of Southern mountains of New Zealand and there are iconic landmarks present along this stunning road including Mirror lakes, Mount Talbort, Mitre Peak and the Homer Tunnel, therefore tourists enjoy scenic views like crystal clear lakes, waterfalls, dense rainforests and also Fiordland National Park.


1. Transfagarasan, Romania

10 Most Beautiful Highways - Transfagarasan, Romania

The beautiful Transfagarasan also known as Ceausescu’s Folly is the second highest and most dramatic paved road in Romania and connects the historic areas of Wallachia and Transylvania and the cities of Pitesti and Sibiu.

This road represents an area of twists and turns of about ninety kilometers that run from North to South across the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathian Mountains between the highest mountain’s peaks in this country.It provides access to Balea Lake on the top of the mountains, the northern end of this road is the most impressive and is featured with sharp hairpin turns, the long S curves and steep descents provide definitely breathtaking views. This road is covered mostly in the snow and there are only a few months to enjoy its drive. It was titled as the best road in the world By Top Gear.


  1. I am not exaggerating but also check out the coastal highway which is connecting Karachi to Gawadar. If you’d driven once in your life, you’ll surely be gonna place it som where in your top ten ranking. Done forget to check it out.

  2. Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler, B.C. Canada is also an amazing route.

  3. Clearly the author likes bends and twists over the grandeur of nature. If you love nature, the Banff – Jasper highway through the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada, is hard to beat.

  4. Dear Admin,
    If you want to go Peshawer to Chitral, there is one way road(Lawari Top).. if u can see so must me its way comes on the top ten.

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