10 Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer 2020

Every year the arrival of summers make us unhappy as we start thinking of the long hours load-shedding, non-stop sweat production and hectic daily routine which are likely to make us feel irritated in summer season. But sometimes when you can manage some extra spare time to go for a luxurious summer holidays with your friends or family members, then obviously you want to select the cool and peaceful lands. Let me tell you that not all the vacation places in the world are ideal to spend summer holidays in terms of their beauty and luxurious weather as well as meeting your standard requirements. In such case, making a wise selection of the best and most appropriate summer holiday place becomes quite tough. Not to worry at all because we are here to give you an overview of the 10 most beautiful places to spend this summer 2020 so that you can plan your dreamy trip conveniently.


10. Ontario, Canada

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer -

It is a sunny and hilly area. No wonder if its beauty keeps you occupied while you check on its pictures online to finalize the decision. Ontario is a small city of Canada with sufficient facilities and fun-filled spots to make you feel proud of while you are here in summers.


9. Strasbourg, France

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer - Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a small town of France; the local people also name it to be a land of wonders and spectacular beauties. There are various reasons for you to plan spending summers here, the first and most significant is its natural beauty. The nature has gifted this place with lots of spectacular monuments and green areas.


8. Maldive Island


Maldive Island is a place of dreamy holiday lovers. This small yet refreshing island is all surrounded by crystal clear water and green hills. A lot of resorts and hotels can be found here to stay at during your holidays.


7. Dubai, UAE

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer - Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a land of fun and shopping. It is especially a favorite tourist destination due to its awesome and spectacular shopping malls. Not only in summer, but also throughout the year, Dubai is doubtlessly a stunning and one of the beautiful places to spend the vacations at.


6. Nile Valley, Egypt

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer - Nile Valley, Egypt

Nile Valley is a small valley of Egypt, popular for its rich historical and cultural values. Here the beauty of nature and the charm of night life is enough to keep you occupied during the holidays. I am sure you would not at all regret your decision of visiting and living in this beautiful place.


5. Pristine Coastline of Croatia

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer - Pristine Coastline of Croatia

Don’t get surprised if you haven’t heard the name of this place, just believe me its beauty and wonderful resorts are what made me enlist its name here. Pristine Coastline of Croatia is a small valley situated close to Mediterranean Sea. Here the beauty of nature and wonderful historical monuments are what would add a plus to your level of experience and joys. The fabulous beaches and hilly areas in this valley look like the pride of the city.


4. Ishikawa, Japan

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer - Ishikawa, Japan

Japan is not only a developed and well versed nation but also a beautiful and awesome land for tourists to come and stay at. Ishikawa is the proud city of Japan and no doubt one of the stunning tourist attractions in the world. This city is not only famous for what the nature has gifted it but also is spectacularly named for its rich traditional values.


3. Cape Town, South Africa

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer - Cape Town, South Africa

Who wouldn’t like to visit Cape Town, a dreamy and gorgeous place of South Africa? This is especially famous among the newly married couples to come and enjoy their summer vacations. If you feel tired and want to enjoy the company of nature friendly atmosphere, then come to Cape Town and bless you with the natural and man-made beauty.


2. Dolomites, Italy

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer - Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites is one of the major tourist points in Italy. This wonderland is famous for its natural beauty of gardens, trees, waterfalls, hills and parks. But another factor to add a plus to its standard is the delicious cuisine. You would not love to miss tasting the sea foods and various other traditional cuisines while you are in Dolomites. I am sure every moment you spend here, would definitely be enjoyable and wonderful for you this summer.


1. Balearic Island, Spain

Most Beautiful Places To spend This Summer -  Balearic Island, Spain

For me, the heaven on the earth lies in Spain. This is doubtlessly a worth seeing land of the world. In addition to various other charms for the tourists in Spain, Balearic Island is a flavored and value added place to spend both winter and summer holidays at.

This is a small yet very pretty and gorgeous island, surrounded by green and blue crystal clear water. Here the people are very friendly and definitely you would not be short of residential or eating facilities. This authentic land of beaches and coastlines is like the pyramid of Spain to increase the graph of this country’s success in the world’s eyes.

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  1. Islamabad,Chitral valley,Muree and many other Places in Pakistan is best Places for spending this Summer …..no doubt

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