10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai

Dubai is a well developed city in the United Arab Emirates with contemporary architecture, hotels and shopping malls and is also blessed with tremendous natural beauty making it a wonderful place to visit. It is a wealthy and luxurious city with number of tourist’s attractions, tourists frequently visit this city and most of them love to do shopping there. If you want to have a memorable experience of Dubai tour then here is the list of 10 most beautiful places in Dubai that should be visited to enjoy the Arabian adventures. It is quite difficult job to select few places from the long list of Dubai attractions as everyone has its own taste regarding tourism. Dubai is really a beautiful place for visitors and is one of the world’s most visited places, so don’t miss the chance to see the beauty of this city.


10. Dubai Marina

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai -

Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city that is established along a three kilometres stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. It is the world’s largest artificial marina and offers glorious views, boat rides and walkways.




9. Dubai Beaches

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai - Dubai beaches

Dubai is a place that is blessed with a number of clean and scenic white sandy beaches where you can enjoy a lot, the soft sand, temperate and crystal clear water and pleasant sunshine make Dubai beaches an impressive tourist attraction. The resorts and parks associated with beaches provide a pleasing environment for sun bathing, relaxing, walking or participating in wide variety of sports activities like swimming, sailing, surfing and water skiing. Some of the popular beaches of Dubai are the Al Mazmar Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Jebel Ali Beach, Russian beach, kite beach etc.


8. The World Islands

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai - The World Islands

It is an artificial cluster of numerous small islands that are designed in the rough shape of a world map and is located 2.5 meters off the cost of Dubai, UAE. It comprises of 300 private small artificial islands that are divided into four categories; estate homes, private homes, dream resorts and community islands. The World Islands are unique and give you an extreme sense of luxury and pleasure.
7. Burj Khalifa

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai - Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai and is known as the world’s tallest building having the height of more than 828 meters.  This stylish and amazing building is a perfect example of marvellous architecture. It provides a spectacular view of the city sparkling in the night. It houses various residential accommodation, there is an observation desk on the 124th floor with optical telescopes, commercial spaces and also the renowned Armani hotel.


6. The Palm Islands

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai - The Palm Islands

These are two man made islands in Dubai, in the form of palm trees and are known as the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the third island that was planned named as Deira Island. The arrangement of these islands is in the form of palm tree, capped with a crescent. There are more than 100 luxurious hotels, residential beach side apartments and villas, water theme parks, marinas, shopping malls, restaurants, sports activities and health resorts. Here along with all these entertaining things, tourists can enjoy the glorious sunsets, pools and gardens.


5. Ski Dubai

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai - Ski Dubai

It is in fact an indoor ski resort with indoor ski area of 22,500 square meters. It is a section of the Mall of the Emirates which is one of the world’s largest shopping malls. This resort contains an eighty five meter high indoor mountain with five slopes of fluctuating steepness and difficulty, it also includes a 400-metre-long run, the first indoor black run in the world and a tow lift and quadrant lift that carries snowboarders and skiers up the mountain. Adjacent to the slopes there is Snow park play area containing sleigh and long sled run, climbing towers, an icy body slide, enormous snowballs and an ice cave. Ski Dubai is home to numerous penguins that play there at several times and once you get admission in it you are also provided with winter clothing and snowboard accessories.


4. The Dubai Fountain

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai - The Dubai Fountain

It is the largest choreographed fountain system in the world which is established on the 30-acre artificial Burj Khalifa Lake in Dubai. This fountain is 900 feet long and also has five circles of fluctuating sizes and two central arcs. The Dubai Fountain can sprinkle 83,000 litres of water in the air at any time and have been installed with over 6,600 lights and 25 color projectors. It consists of numerous high pressure shooters and jets that makes the water enables to dance on a spectrum of classical and modern Arabic and world music, whereas the shooters have the capability of shooting the water to a height of 500 feet in the air. The water movement in the air is in various different patterns and combinations and the beam of light shimmering upward from the fountain is visible even from more than 20 miles away, making it the most glittering spot in the Middle East.


3. The Dubai Mall

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai - The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall according to total area and sixth largest according to gross leasable area. It is so innovatively and beautiful designed that the visitors do not resist themselves to visit it, therefore attracting over 75,000 visitors every week.

This mall includes the wonderful Dubai Aquarium and Under Water Zoo which is the world’s largest acrylic planet, Dubai Ice Rink that is based on refrigeration plant technology that maintains the consistency of ice bed, SEGA republic; an indoor theme park where visitors can enjoy more than 150 amusement games, Reel cinema with more than 2,800 seats and this mall contains more than 1,200 shops with numerous worthy items and also has the world’s largest sweet shop. It is a beautiful place that is visited by many more visitors than many others beautiful and renowned tourist’s attractions including Times Square, Central Park, and Niagara Falls that have millions of visitors annually.


2. Burj Al Arab

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai -

Burj Al Arab is one of the famous and luxurious hotels of Dubai, which is the world’s fourth tallest hotel and often referred as the only 7-Star hotel in the world. It is situated on an artificial island that is located at 280 meters away from Jumeirah beach and is linked by a special curving bridge. It is a remarkable landmark that has a height of 1,053 feet and resembles the sail of a ship. Its impressive building with extraordinary interior decoration including a sky view bar with stunning views is simply outstanding.

The Royal suite of this hotel is ranked at position 12 in the list of most posh and expensive suites of the world, whose dynamic rich colored idea is stimulated from the contemporary fantasy of Arabs. It is no doubt the jewel of the Dubai and it took a number of years of devotion to construct an icon like Burj Al Arab and is an appealing place that should be visited. There are a number of wonderful things to visit and do here, the dancing fountains and attractive gold walls along with extraordinary management and maintenance is absolutely gorgeous.


1. Desert Safari

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Dubai - Desert Safari

The most beautiful place to visit in Dubai that is gaining much popularity among tourists in Dubai is Desert Safari. It is one of the great attractions of Dubai that should not be missed to visit, it gives an amazing experience of enjoying sands of the desert and is an outstanding way to refresh and amaze yourself. This amazing place can be visited in morning, evening and also at night, here you can enjoy the thrilling adventure by getting a vehicle and experience the most wonderful ride of your life, the never ending sand dunes, the glorious views along with mystery of sizzling desert give an immense source of pleasure.

There are a number of attractive things to do and visit including camping, camel safari, glamorous belly dance, sand boarding and mehndi designing. Here you can also enjoy the sand skiing by sliding on the great dunes of deserts, the thrilling ride on the bike and the adventurous time by spending in comfortable SUV car with travelling activities. Once you visit this wonderful place you will wish to come again and again.



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  1. I have been visit Dubai for 6 time and its realy a nice and attarctioner city in the world.
    also i have been visited all the list it places, therefore i kindly request if still i can find same places new to visit.

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