10 Most Bizarre Animal Experiments In History

Experimentation and research work is the key to new discoveries and inventions in this world. Scientists keep on experimenting to unlock the questions in their minds and to explore the hidden mysteries they are interested to know. Experiments have been done on almost every thing including animals and history shows the experimental studies by scientists on them because of their search for knowledge. Most of the experiments appeared logical while some are absolutely maniacal and so astonishingly weird that we just think why they are performed. Here is the list of 10 most bizarre animal experiments in history, which are extremely weird.


10. Two-Headed Dogs

There are well documented records of different scientists who successfully implanted the head of one dog onto another. It was in the early1900s when an American scientist Charles Guthrie accomplished this achievement and his resulted creation lasted for just twenty six minutes. Then two Russian scientists Vladimir Demikhov and A.G. Konevsky during the Cold War successfully repeated Charles Guthrie’s experiment in isolated events. The Konevsky’s process was coincidental as he wanted to accomplish a heart transplant so it was Demikhov who became famous worldwide because of his two-headed dogs. He made some improvements in his grafting operation and he was capable to complete twenty operations. None of these creations survived so long as only one of them survived for almost one month.


9. Male Turkeys Aroused By Severed Heads

Male Turkeys Were Aroused By Severed Heads

Pennsylvania University researchers Edgar Hale and Martin Schein observed in the 1960’s, that the male turkeys that were coupled with the models of female turkeys showed as interest as they would show for the real subject. Then these researchers performed couples of weirder experiments on the male turkeys. They speculated that the male turkeys were totally attracted towards the female head. Step by step they removed the body parts of the model and just left the model’s head on the stick. Still the male turkeys were fascinated by the head and preferred it. The experiment became weird when the researchers took a real female turkey’s head and placed it on the stick. They also placed a preserved male head, a shriveled female head and a head that was made of plain balsa wood and then they found that the severed female turkey’s head on stick worked best but if there is nothing for male turkeys they even settled them with head made of plain balsa wood.


8. Monkey Head Transplant

Robert White; an American scientist is renowned as the first man who successfully operated a true head transplant. In 1970, Robert White showed his capability and handled to transplant detached monkey head on new specie. Before performing this operation White successfully attached a brain of the dog onto another. After the operation when the monkey aroused and found head transplantation, he showed severed anger and even tried to bite the team’s member with his teeth. The monkey capitulated one and a half day after because of the complications due to surgery. It was really a weird experiment, as it was so bad with the monkey and it could be even worse.


7. Franken Kitty

Most Bizarre Animal Experiments In History - Franken Kitty

Karl August Weinhold was a capable German scientist who believed that the human brain was like a battery that is connected to assorted wires through a network named as nervous system. In 1817, he proved his point when he performed a successful experiment on a kitten. He provided details of his experiment; according to his experiment, first the animal’s life was lost including voluntary movement, sensory functions and ultimately its pulse. After that his both cavities were filled by zinc and silver amalgam and then for approximately twenty minutes the animal was filled up with life, opened its eyes and raised its head and finally it got up with tremendous effort, hopped and then drowned exhausted. Weinhold’s experiment can be deliberated bizarre and immoral now days but it’s of the time when science was dominated with arousing the dead.


6. The Lazarus Project

Most Bizarre Animal Experiments In History - The Lazarus Project

In the 1930s Robert Cornish; the researcher of University of California believed that he could arouse the dead organisms until they had not experienced any major organ injury. He suffocated four fox terriers all were labeled as Lazarus and kept them in a machine. The machine was like see- saw in which the miscellaneous device circulated the blood in their body by up and down movement and meanwhile a cocktail of anticoagulants and adrenaline was injected by Cornish. He failed to arouse his first two objects but the last two were successfully revived. However they suffered from severe brain damage and were blinded but they remained alive for months. He became so egregious after this experiment and was even expelled from the university campus and had to continue his work in a lab nearby to his home.


5. Shock The Puppy

Most Bizarre Animal Experiments In History - Shock The Puppy Experiment

Researchers C.L. Sheridan and R.G. King followed up the infamous Milgram experiment in a most weird way, they considered that some of the subjects were doubted that their human sufferer was pretending the electric shocks so they replaced the sufferer with a live puppy. The shocks that were applied were painless but were sufficient to provoke responses from the puppy. With the increase in voltage the puppy first started barking then jumped and finally moaning with pain. At the end of tests the researchers collected the data and reached a distressing conclusion that out of the total 26 subjects; 13 women and 13 men, all the women administered the shock at its highest level while almost 50 percent men refused for more shock administration which they anticipated as severe.


4. An Elephant On Acid

Most Bizarre Animal Experiments In History - An Elephant High On Lsd

In 1962, Louis Jolyon West and Chester M. Pierce who were Oklahoma City researchers wished to discover what would happen if an elephant slipped on acid. They selected a suitable elephant named as Tusko from the local zoo. A syringe bullet filled with LSD was fired at Tusko’s backside by the zoo director. There was 297 milligrams of LSD in the syringe and it was 3,000 times higher than the normal dose for human, the highest dose ever given to living creature. The researchers wanted to see if the LSD would activate a temporary aggression in elephant known as musth. The conclusion was different from their hypothesis, immediately the elephant moved carelessly around and then collapsed and died. Later it was stated in a scientific journal that Elephants were extremely sensitive to LSD.


3. Dolphin Gets Intimate With A Human

Dolphin Gets Intimate With A Human

1n 1967, researcher John Lilly published his controversial book about dolphins named as The Mind of The Dolphin, which provided the details of the time spent by her assistant Margaret Howe with a dolphin. The book showed her time teaching a male dolphin named Peter to speak. Both of them lived in a flooded house for a period of six months. During this time period Howe and Peter played together and dolphin was taught to speak some basic words of English. The Peter became affectionate with Howe and tried to mate with her. Finally she complied with his demands and find that the Peter trusted her so much to be friendly with her. This bizarre experiment had nothing to do with Lilly’s reputation even the funding were ceased when it came to know that he gave LSD to dolphin to speak.


2. Jellyfish In Space

Jellyfish In Space - Weird Animal Experiments

In 1951, a scientist Dr. Dorothy Spangenberg wished to find out the effects of gravity on humans that would be born in space in future. First he thought of an idea and launched few thousand jellyfish in space. She with her team packed almost 2,478 baby jellyfish along with crowd of Columbia space shuttle for performing their experiment. The jellyfish flourished well in the space and their population increased to about 60,000 soon. But after their arrival on earth these jellyfish faced more pulsing abnormalities than normal, they suffered from vertigo as they were not able to adapt to the gravity. It was concluded that the human who share similar features with jellyfish would likely to face same issues if born in space.


1. Disembodied Dog Head

10 Most Bizarre Animal Experiments In History.

The most bizarre animal experiment in history was done on disembodied dog head in 1928. A Russian scientist Sergei Brukhonenko astonished his fellow scientists by presenting his weird life supporting machine.

He claimed that his machine named as autojector was capable to keep a head alive with the help of consistent blood circulation while the remaining body parts are detached with surgery.To show his point, he presented a film of what happened to the dog’s head that was tested by various stimulations. It was surprised to see that the head blinked when light was flashed in his eyes and winced when he loudly knocked a hammer on the nearby table. Finally the head was fed a piece of cheese that passed through esophageal tube. This experiment was considered a weird one and angrily argued and it was never confirmed independently.

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