10 Most Common Causes Of Body Ache

Here we are providing you information related to 10 Most Common Causes Of Body Ache due to which people suffer pain and irritation in their body. We should know about the reasons of body pain and should consult with best doctor for appropriate treatment.


10.Chronic medical illnesses

Chronic medical illnesses

Study shows that 30% of patients suffering through chronic illness complaint of unexplained body aches. These illnesses can be articulating and non articulating. These illnesses include diabetes, hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, irritable bowel syndrome etc. remedies involve good illness control with proper medication and caution. Sometimes exercise, proper sleep and healthy life style helps to get rid of this pain.


9. Infections


Acute and chronic infections effect body physiology directly through micro organisms’ inflammatory responses and indirectly by causing fever, dehydration, hypo-tension, electrolyte imbalance and due to antibiotics as such in some cases. Sinusitis ,tooth infections and many more. These must be addressed timely and treat the cause accordingly. It can be lethal and life hazardous. So don’t get waste time in self medication and take proper consultation.


8. Drugs


Body aches can be due to deficiency of drugs like thyroxin, over dosage of drugs like diuretics, drug prescribed by doctor in appropriate use. These drugs can be daily prescribed no specific drugs or specific blood pressure lowering drugs like ACE inhibitors. Statins used as lipid lowering agents can also cause severe body pains. Snorting few lines of cocaine can drag you in a dig of intolerable pains. Drug dependence and with drawls also cause it.


7. Hypoglycemia

10 Most Common Causes Of Body Ache

It is the most dangerous cause of episodic body aches. HYPOGLYCEMIA is the formal term to explain low blood sugar level in the body. Either it is physiological like prolong (unnecessary) fasting or it is pathological like insulinoma and due to inappropriate insulin use as in type 1 diabetes. Whatever it is, but its effects are always pathological ranging from mild to severe body aches and from confusion to fits, coma , lastly death. It is so common in alcoholics. So maintain your body stores, stop undue and unprotected dieting.


6. Fibromyalgia


It is also known as fibro myositis, fibrositis. It is so far under diagnose condition in under developed countries. So common it is, but rarely get treats. Patient has a long lasting body pains but joints are usually spared of it. It may be due to nonspecific reasons or sometimes gets precipitated due to other illness, like acute infections and accidents. Usually this pain is more bothering at night. All labs are normal. The only way to diagnose it is the presence of at least 11 out of 18 points. These points are known as TENDER POINTS or PRESSURE POINTS. These are including right and left sides of arm, neck, chest, ribs, neck shoulders, thigh, buttocks and heals


5. Electrolyte imbalance/Dehydration

Electrolyte imbalance or Dehydration

It is the most rectifiable and correctable metabolic cause of body ache. Especially in summer, in warm, uncontrolled, environment, resulting in dehydration and decrease in potassium and sodium. Very simple way to improve it promptly is just to take oral rehydration salt containing lemon juice, salt and adequate amount of glucose. Other important cause is less calcium level in the body. So take plenty of salted water, t, and dairy products including milk, ice cream ,yogurts, apple, date, banana and tea. These mineral rich foods can help to kick aches out of your body.


4. Stress induced pains

Stress induced pains

It is not uncommon in our clinical practice that emotional symptoms manifest themselves in the form of bodily symptoms. We can say somatic symptoms without physical causes. The most important somatic symptom is pain ,which is actually cry for help. Actually it shows the concept of DOUBLE BURDEN. That means mental stress leads to pain and resulting increase and uncomfortable work load. Now result in increased mental stress and this non stopping vicious cycle carries on again and again. Conditions involve chronic fatigue syndrome, somatization disorder and depressive disorder with somatic complaints. Pay proper attention to psychiatric and psychological helps. Progressive muscle relaxation, cognitive behavioral therapy and use of antidepressants are so helpful.


3. Flu/viral

Stress induced pains

The most common cause of generalized muscle and body pains is seasonal viral flue like influenza. Usually its prodromal, even before the illness starts in the form of fever, sore throat, cough and most important is running nose. It is very unavoidable to catch viral flue in the presence of droplets spreading virus due to sneezing and coughing. But don’t get worry , it is often less dangerous and self-remitting. only few cases need anti-viral medication. Most of the cases need routine symptomatic medication and good hydration status. So if you are really scared of viral flue causing body aches, then take plenty of water and fresh lime juices. Flu vaccine is also available as preventive measure.


2. Overuse/exhaustion pain

Overuse or exhaustion pain

It means using a muscle too soon, very often and too much. Usually it is due to mechanical misuse of muscles leading to chemical overproduction of lactic acid. It accumulates to cause severe sustained pains. It can be due to wrong positioning, unexplained, prolong stereotypic movements and physical demanding work. But the thing to be noticed is that most of these issues are correctable, preventable and must be avoided. Just re position yourself, take junks of rest, re arrange your working station and take few seconds of relaxation. Occupational over use can be reduced by proper time management and avoiding unnecessary work load.


1. Muscle injury/sprain 

Muscle injury or sprain

This includes injury of tissue around joints (an area of articulation soft tissue and between 2 or more bones). It can be due to sudden loss of balance, or unexpected involuntary jerky movement resulting in twisting of joint.it can cause tear of muscle. It can occur during walking, jumping, playing dancing or falling down. As a result tissue get injures. In start it is localized pain which can spread to neighboring tissue and muscles depending on extent of redness, swelling and warmness. As remedy, raise your leg overnight, have a rest and from day 1 to 3 do icing and then onward hot fomentation will be soothing.

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