10 Most Common Causes Of Miscarriage

With the passage of time, the human health issues and problems have greatly been arisen. There can be so many reasons for it, such as the diet we eat is not that healthy and pure as we want, the environmental pollution, stress and working too hard to compete the rivals in the race of progress. The pregnant women who are a part of such activities are more likely to face miscarriage problems. To give you an accurate idea of what the miscarriage actually is, here comes its brief definition. The death of the embryo when it is still in a woman’s womb is called miscarriage. The stage when this happens is prior to the prenatal developments of the fetus. But what causes miscarriage? Here are 10 most common causes of miscarriage given so that our female readers can take much more care of themselves during their months of pregnancy.


10. Use Of Antibiotics

Most Common Causes Of Miscarriage -

Sometimes the pregnant women remain too much concerned about their babies. They don’t want to lose the hopes of getting a new guest at home and for this they make use of unknown antibiotics just by themselves. It is must for the ladies to use the medicines and antibiotics only when a doctor or gynecologist prescribes. Experimenting with your health by yourself is not going to work during pregnancy. So be aware and say NO to all the antibiotics or medicines you are not sure about even if they are simply to overcome headache or are pain killers.


9. Stress And Anxiety

Most Common Causes Of Miscarriage - Stress And Anxiety

It becomes the responsibility of the husband and family to take very good care of a pregnant lady. Do not give her any kind of stress. Help her avoid anxiety so that she can conceive in a better way. Don’t think anything negative which can cause serious mental problems or stress for you during pregnancy.


8. Over Work

10 Most Common Causes Of Miscarriage

The women who have got the good news now need to avoid over-work. Do not take burden or mental or physical stress. Just let your life get settled itself during pregnancy months. Sometimes the rate of miscarriage arises in the ladies who are not able to manage their daily schedule and keep on working hard the whole day. If you are a professional lady, then quit the job and take complete rest.


7. Genetic Abnormalities

Genetic abnormalities are yet another reason to cause miscarriage. The women who are likely to conceive should be ensured that they don’t have any genetic problems such as sugar, blood pressure or other genetic diseases. For this they should take much care of their body and their rest so that these kinds of abnormalities stay away from them during pregnancy months.


6. Alcoholism Habits

Most Common Causes Of Miscarriage - Alcoholism Habits

Most of the ladies in Europe, America and even Asia face miscarriage problems just because of their alcoholism habits. They drink too much wine or are habitual of smoking. This leads them face serious health issues and even they lose their unborn baby in the fetus. During the pregnancy months, you have to be more than careful, simply say a big NO to both smoking and drinking to avoid miscarriage.


5. Hormonal Problems

The changes in hormones are must during pregnancy. The women should try their best to manage their health and shouldn’t go lazy. Because this can lead to severe hormonal changes within their body and even the chances of getting a miscarriage arise. The hormones found in the embryo are more likely to become the cause of miscarriage in case there is an abnormality in them. So the better option to avoid it is to have a regular health check up. Ask your doctor to prescribe you a hormonal test every month so that you can get to know if all the pituitary and fetus hormones are proper or not.


4. Unhealthy Diet

Most Common Causes Of Miscarriage - unhealthy diet

We cannot neglect the importance of healthy diet and liquids for the pregnant ladies. It is must for a conceiving lady to take very good care of her diet. She should eat healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and drink juices and milk. Avoid tea or hot drinks because this can raise your blood pressure during pregnancy months.


3. Chromosomal Changes

The changes in chromosomes are must in the body cells of a pregnant lady. In most of the situations, these changes occur when a mismatched chromosome is produced in the fetus cells. This abnormality can lead to fifty percent chances of getting a miscarriage. The medical tests are the best option to check if the chromosomes in the fetus and embryo are normal or not. Seek your doctor’s advice to have a best medical test so that you can avoid any health issues.


2. Taking Lesser Sleeps

Most Common Causes Of Miscarriage - Taking Lesser Sleeps

Taking proper sleep is a must factor to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. The women who do not take proper sleeps of about eight hours are more likely to become the victims of miscarriage. Relaxed and proper sleep is not only essential for your health but also for the unborn baby.


1. Blood Clots In Fetus

The menstruation cycle stops during pregnancy so in no way the blood clots should be produced in the fetus of a female. But if they are producing, then more than ninety percent ladies would have a miscarriage.

To avoid this problem you should consult your doctor and have a complete check up on regular basis.

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