10 Most Common Supplements With Their Disadvantages

A supplement is an artificially prepared medicine alternative. Many of us use different kinds of fat-burning supplements, food supplements and chronic supplements etc. The purpose of all these supplements is to help us remain healthy and get rid of different health issues, but unfortunately the supplements can never be the good alternate of medicines or natural eatables. For example if you intake a supplement to reduce weight, then better you do some exercise or go with dieting. The researches have shown that the supplements create serious chronic, mental and stomach complications in our bodies and sometimes when their drawbacks are so serious, they lead us to death. Here are 10 most common supplements with their disadvantages.


10. Chitosan Food Supplement

Chitosan is a kind of fat blocking supplement which is becoming common in different developed countries around the globe. This is helpful to burn extra body fats, but at the same time it is drastic for our heart. It includes the shellfish materials which block the blood circulation in the veins and arteries.


9. Appetite Relaxer

Appetite Relaxer - Supplements

Many of our young men and women are taking this supplement to relax their appetite. It is common in the individuals with acidity and various appetite problems. But the drawbacks it accompanies are quite serious, such as it destroys the natural stomach structure and reduces the amount of HCL in the digestive system, leading to weaken our stomach and its function.


8. Caffeine Metabolics

Caffeine Metabolics is a metabolism enhancer. This supplement is also helpful to lose body weight, but the common side effects it has are lowering the function of immune system as well as abnormal metabolism level in the body, leading us to become the victims of serious health diseases.


7. Colon Supplement

Colon Supplement

Colon supplement is a widely used supplement to prevent the colon cancer and its risks to get spread in the other body parts. But unfortunately the scientists have proved that this supplement, instead of reducing the cancer risk, increases its level tremendously and make the patients suffer from serious heart problems as well.


6. Breast Enlargement Creams


Many of the women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts make use of breast enlargement creams. These creams give them instant results, however accompany so many health issues which are going to destroy your health seriously. Various researches have now proved that the kind of breast enlargement creams we use, weaken the breast cells internally and become the reason of breasts’ shape destruction. Sometimes the women even develop external breast cancer by using these creams.


5. Macular Pregnancy Supplement

Macular Pregnancy Supplement

Pregnancy is the time when the females have to take very good care of their health. Using some supplements or brain relaxing medicines are good for nothing. Macular pregnancy supplement is used by the pregnant women who can’t sleep well during the night. This supplement, instead of helping them enjoy a wonderful and relaxing sleep, causes the anxiety, stress and various brain complications.


4. Homocysteine

It is used by the cervical cancer and blood pressure patients. The patients of these two diseases consider Homocysteine an alternative of the life-killing and heavy potency medicines, but it is not true. Homoycysteine creates serious hormonal abnormalities and the chances of blood pressure to get drastically serious, increase tremendously.


3. Folic Acid

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a very common and widely used supplement by the patients of mental complications, memory loss as well as deafness. The supplements of folic acid are available in the forms of syrups, capsules and tablets. The patients choose the potency and form as per their body requirements. The scientists have proved that folic acid supplements are totally life-killing. They become the reason of malnutrition, permanent memory loss and jumpy legs in the individuals who have become addict to them. Even in some countries of the world, the supplements made up of folic acid have been restricted by pharmaceutical companies.


2. Protein Isolater

Protein Isolater - supplements

The intake of protein is must for our body growth. We usually obtain proteins from the natural diets like eggs, milk, fish etc, but those who are using proteins supplements like protein isolates are absolutely risking their lives. This supplement is the reason of create depression, nervous system abnormalities and various other health complications. Even if the pregnant ladies intake protein isolates, it might become the reason of miscarriage or abnormal delivery.


1. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

This supplement is usually used by the people who are deficient of vitamins. It is said to be an instant source of providing their bodies with b12 ingredients and make their bones strong. But unfortunately more than what advantages it has, it accompanies serious health issues, such as regular intake of this supplement cause the deafness in the children and women, it also becomes the reason of backbone pain and joints problem in the working individuals.

So at any cost we all need to avoid using this health risky supplement. If you feel that your bodies are vitamin deficient, then the best option is to have natural diets, such as green vegetables, milk, chicken and juices to fulfill your body requirements.

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