10 Most Cruel People Ever In History

There have been people in the past era till the recent ages that have been the symbol of Cruelty for the Mankind due to their actions, butcheries and atrocities. A person tends to be crueler when he is in thirst of Power and the cruelest people seen in the history are mostly dictators and leaders of a nation. So there were a large number of such men who have ruled with bloodshed and massacres in those Nations whom they wanted to surmount and rule by their prime. Despite of this great number, we have chosen 10 Most Cruel People ever in the History.




10. Ismail Enver Pasha

Most Cruel People Ever In History -

Leader of the Young Turk Revolution, Ismail Enver Pasha had been quite dominant but he became more powerful as he commanded the Ottoman Empire in World War I and Balkan Wars. He is one of the dictators who killed many people for the pursuit of Supremacy and governance. The uniqueness of this leader is that despite of a great experience in the battlefield, he encountered loss in battles one after the other. In this disgrace of his loss, he killed 1.5 milled Armenian people and 1 million people from other races just to recompense for his losses in the battlefield.


9. Idi Amin Dada

Most Cruel People Ever In History - Idi Amin Dada

One of the cruelest leaders of Uganda, Idi Amin Dada is remembered for all the atrocities being witnessed in his era. He was renowned for the hatred for the British. His tenure was pigeon-holed by political subjugation, ethnic harassment, human rights exploitations, extra judicial assassinations and the dismissal of Indians from Uganda. The number of people killed during his time is estimated to be 80,000 to 500,000. He was the dictator and the president of Uganda from 1971 to 1979. Later after many years of his military services and oppressed tenure, he was ultimately overthrown.


8. Saddam Hussein

Most Cruel People Ever In History - Saddam Hussain

Probably the most controversial and the most recent leader of Iraq is Saddam Hussein who was seized by the judicial Hanging and Iraq was left in a state of war and is facing the consequences till the date. He originated a large number of conflicts during his tenure. He inaugurated a large massacre against the Kurds, Shabaks, Assyrians, Mandeans and other groups who agitated against his headship and brawled several wars against Iran and Kuwait with number of people being killed reaching up to 2 million.


7. Genghis Khan

Most Cruel People Ever In History - Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is the founder and the originator of the Mongol Empire. This empire turned out to be the longest surviving empire afterwards. Genghis Khan is still considered as the symbol of cruelty because of his actions in his era. After the beginning of the Mongol empire, he started conquering most of the Europe and Asia and he was quite successful all over. Then he conquered and made many nomadic tribes under his rule and his family had run strict military regime.


6. Pol Pot

Most Cruel People Ever In History - Pol Pot

Pol pot became the leader of Cambodia on April 17, 1975. He was also the leader of Khmer Rouge and the Prime Minister of Cambodia. He forced equality and for this he made it mandatory for all the City people to move to Farms and Farm men to move to Cities. The results were not in his favor so he started punishing people and destitute them from their rights. This effort of equality turned out to be a massive cause of Malnutrition, poor medical treatments and genocide for the Cambodians, reaching 2 million of the population. He established a “field of Murder” where all the executions were carried out.


5. Leopold II of Belgium

Most Cruel People Ever In History - Leopold II of Belgium

Born in Brussels, he was the king of Belgium since 1865-1909. He established and exploited a “Congo Free state”. This state was made to extract Ivory and rubber and was done with the assistance of forced Labor which later on turned out to be a cause of 3 million people. Through his Personal force, he managed to rule an area of land which was 76 times larger than the original Belgium. The torture for his workers and the massacre he has set off in his time period has made him bagging space in this list.


4. Ivan IV of Russia

Most Cruel People Ever In History - Ivan IV of Russia

Ivan the terrible was the Grand Duke of Muscovy; being the first ruler of Russia he was considered an outrageous cruel ruler. He was fond of torturing his people and for this purpose he built walls around the city for preventing the escape of the people. He ordered to gather 500 to 1000 people every other day who were killed and tortured in front of him and his son. He also had a mental illness which evoked in episodes usually.


3. Vlad Tepes

Most Cruel People Ever In History - Vlad Tepes

The level of cruelty at its extreme has been signified and witnessed in the period of this Prince of Wallachia, Vlad III. He has been known to have given the cruelest of all the punishments to his people. He used to boil the Human Bodies alive. He was also fond of facial and rectal impalement along with disemboweling and other forms of torture. He used to eat and drink happily among the corpses while tortured thousands. In the city of Almas, he impaled nearly 20,000 men, women and children. Vlad tortured his people by ordering to be nailed, hanged, strangulated, boiled, impaled, decapitated, blinded, and cutting of the parts of the body such as nose, limbs and sex organs particularly in case of women.


2. Adolf Hitler

Most Cruel People Ever In History - Adolf Hitler

Being the leader of National Socialist German Workers Party and the Austrian Borne leader of the Germany, Adolf Hitler led the Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1945. He has been the focus of the Nazi and the Instigator of World War II. The thirst of power and to conquer the land and racial subjugation has led to the massacre of tens of millions of people and genocide of nearly 6 million Jews, which is known as Holocaust. His party as a whole was responsible for killing of almost 17 million people. Later when the Russian troops were almost there to invade to the land of Nazis, he fought from street to street and resulted in a suicide by shooting himself and eating a cyanide capsule.


1. Joseph Stalin

Most Cruel People Ever In History -Joseph Stalin

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union in 1924. He wanted to move the country to the new economy and to progress under his age. He was a part of that bench who led the Russian Revolution and was probably the most powerful political figure that ever came. His ideals unfortunately were not fruitful and it turned out to kill almost 10 million people by starvation.

He launched the “Great Purge”, by which he murdered every other person who was in contradiction to him. He ordered his men to kill or starve to death, all the peasants around. He nearly executed 20 million of people of his own nation during his 29 years of tenure.



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