10 Most Delicious Eid-ul-Adha Dishes

Tuesday 15th October marks the first official day of the Muslims religious festival Eid-ul-Adha celebrated on 10th of Zilhajah (according to the Islamic calendar) after the completion of the Holy obligation Hajj. This festival is celebrated to revive the Sunnah of Hazrat Abraham (A.S) by sacrificing the holy animal in God’s way. This festival along with prayers and sacrifices is loved and famous for feasting as well. Delicious and unique red meat dishes make your Eid day fully special and enjoyable. To serve your guest with exciting dishes is true celebration of this festival. With the increase festivity we have prepared the list of some ever green dishes specially prepared on this Eid which your taste buds will actually classify as 10 most delicious Eid-ul-Adha dishes. (Hope you will cook and enjoy them).


10. Bihari Steaks

10 Most Delicious Eid-ul-Adha Dishes, Bihari Steaks

Bihari items are famous always loved to eat. They are regarded as the healthiest traditional dishes to cook and eat. Roast the red chillies, cardamoms, coriander seeds, black pepper, cumin seeds and poppy seeds on the griddle and grind it. Now marinate the pounded steaks with yogurt, raw papaya and ginger and leave it for half an hour. Then heat the mustard oil in the pan and fry the onions until golden. Add the steaks and leave it to cook over the low flame. When it starts to dry add the mustard oil, green chillies, lemon juice and ginger in it. Put it on Dum for 15-20 minutes. Your delicious Bihari steaks Hot are ready to eat. It would give you a unique taste of Barbeque recipe.


9. Balochi Tikka Boti

10 Most Delicious Eid-ul-Adha Dishes, Balochi Tikka Boti

This is a special tikka with traditional Balochi taste. It’s very easy to cook. You just have to take the boneless piece of mutton and cut it into relatively large cube pieces. Marinate it overnight after applying salt, yogurt, red chilli powder, mustard oil, lemon juice, all spice powder, raw papaya, chopped coriander and ginger garlic paste. Cut the onion, potato and tomato into cubes. Fry them in the pan with the marinated meat. Then thread the meat cubes alternately with onion, potato and tomato on skewers. Cook the skewers in the fry pan or the on the grill pan. Fascinating Balochi Tikka Boti is ready to serve.


8. Ginger Lamb Chops

10 Most Delicious Eid-ul-Adha Dishes like Ginger Lamb Chops

Roasted lamb chops are very common to eat on this festive occasion therefore we have prepared them in a special way so they may taste and look unique and delicious. Take the chops and flatten them little bit. Prepare the mixture containing garlic, ginger, papaya paste, salt and pepper to rub on the chops. Keep them aside for 3 hours atleast. Take the simple milk cream and add red chilli powder, black pepper, cumin powder, garam masala and lemon juice in it whisk it properly. Coat the lamb chops with this mixture thoroughly. Skewer the chops on iron stick at least 2 inches apart and place them in the pre-heated oven. You can even grill these chops if you want. Baste them with butter before taking them out of oven. Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve.


7. Tawa kaleji

10 Most Delicious Eid-ul-Adha Dishes, Tawa kaleji

Kaleji is the most scrumptious recipe on the first day of Eid. Right after the slaughtering of animal the first part of the red meat on your kitchen shelves would be kaleji. House women cook kaleji in many different styles. Tawa kaleji is easy to cook and delicious to eat. You just have to cut the liver into small pieces and marinate it with ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, lemon juice, red chilli powder, crushed black pepper, oil, salt, all spice powder, crushed coriander seeds, crushed cumin, finely chopped tomatoes and dry fenugreek. Then heat and grease the fry pan and put the marinated liver onto it. Fry until cooked. Serve it with paratha, naan or chapatti with the topping of green chilli and sliced ginger. It is an ideal recipe for all time with authentic aroma and taste.


6. Herbed Roasted Beef

Herbed Roasted Beef

Herbed roasted Beef is a unique recipe may be new for many of you but its very simple and easy to prepare. Pre heat the oven to almost 325 Fahrenheit. Take a bowl and mix garlic, basil, oregano and black pepper in it. Take the roasting pan and put the piece of meat you want to roast in it. Pour the mixture prepared on it thoroughly. Put it in the oven and cook it for almost 1 hour. Take it out when ready. Squeeze lemon on it and add the pour melted cheese on it. Cut it into thin pieces and serve it with mayonnaise. Taste and praise is guaranteed.


5. Mughlai Keema

Mughlai Keema

The Mughlai dish admired to eat with layered paratha. It is simple and fast to cook. Take a sauce pan and heat the oil in it. Add onion and minced meat in it and fry. Add ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, salt and black pepper into it. Then add a cup of water and cook it until the oil appears on the surface of the minced meat. This indicates that meat has tenderized properly. After this add garam masala and cook it for 5 more minutes. Pour it into the serving dish. Garnish it with fried onion, green chillies, coriander leaves, French fries and boiled eggs.


4. Lebanese kebab

10 Most Delicious Eid-ul-Adha Dishes, Lebanese kebab

Famous Lebanoni kebab is specialty and traditional dish of Lebanon which they share all over the world. What you have to do is to put the minced meat in cooking bowl along with ginger, onion, garlic, oil and salt in its own water. After it is dry add green chillies, boiled macaroni’s, tomatoes and peas in it and chop it. Then add black pepper in it. And give it the shape of kebab or roll as you like. Heat the oil in the fry pan, dip the rolls/kebab in the egg, then in bread crumps and put it to fry in the heated oil. Take it out after they are golden brown and serve with pine apple sauce and garlic bread. Your family especially your kids will enjoy this traditional dish on this Eid-ul-Adha.


3. Batta Ghost (Pasanday)

Batta Ghost (Pasanday)

Batta Ghost also known as Pasanday is a mesmerizing dish of Eid-ul-Adha. Hard to chew but enjoyed by all. They are very easy to cook as well. Hammer the meat (Pasanday) and make the properly straight. Put them in the cooking pan in half cup of oil. Put the black pepper, red chilli and cumin (grinded) one by one while cooking. Add green chillies in end so it may not lose its smell and taste. Add water in it (half-one cup) and leave it to cook in Dum. When it is dry add few drops of oil and cook it for 15 more minutes. Take it out in a dish. Sprinkle lemon juice on it and enjoy it with tomato ketchup or paratha as you like.


2. Seekh Kulfi Kebab

Seekh Kulfi Kebab

Unique form of kebabs demanding little of your tying untying practice. Take pieces of meat and chop them on slab. Chop ginger and onion separately and mix them with yogurt. Apply this mixture on the chopped meat. Then tie the meat on iron stick and leave it to cook for 20 minutes. In the meanwhile prepare the mixture containing red chillies, onion and black pepper. Untie the meat again. Unfold it. Fill the mixture just prepared in it and then again tie them on the sticks to cook. While they are cooking crush almonds and mix it with flour and yogurt. Pour this mixture on kebabs that are cooking on the grill or in the pan. Cover them for 5 minutes after which Kulfi kebabs are ready to serve and eat.


1. Mutton Chilli Fry

Mutton Chilli Fry

The recipe is no doubt mouthwatering as its name. It has little bit of lengthy procedure but it’s very easy to cook. Wash meat and cut it into small pieces. Take onion and cut it into thin long pieces. Then take garlic and ginger and cut them into very thin small pieces. Heat your Tawa and fry green chillies on it. Fry ginger, garlic and coriander seeds in the same way but separately. Fry onions until they are dark brown and keep them separate.

Now take garlic cloves, cinnamon and cardamom and fry them in the large sauce pan, add meat, salt and turmeric powder to it.Cook it until meat leaves some of its oil. Add water to it and wait until it is completely cooked. Add the remaining spices and cook for 10 more minutes. Add lemon juice and fried onions to it and pour it into the serving dish. Garnish it with fried chillies and coriander leaves. The delicious best recipe is ready to eat.

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