10 Most Important Life Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

A very renowned saying is “Prevention is better than cure”, but what to do if any emergency or accident happens in stead of your preventive measures? So the best answer is to cope up the situation with full devotion. Any accident or emergency can occur at any time with no warnings and no signs. You should be ready to handle such situation but how? Here is a list of 10 Most Important Life Saving Tips Everyone Should Know. These tips include the initial treatment that is given to an injured or sick person in emergency or life threatening conditions, before the arrival of professional treatment. These are simple but important medical techniques that should be known as these are mostly lives saving. Every one must be aware of such tips in order to prevent any harm and any serious complications.


10. In case of burn?

what can i do In case of burn

Injuries due to heat, steam, chemical, radiation are included in such categories. There are different degrees of burns first, second and third degrees depending on its severity. Treatment depends on the severity of burn, third degree burns are extremely terrible and require immediate hospital treatment. But before that some preventive measurements should be done like first of all remove the patient from the source of heat, remove the burnt clothing, run clean cool water over the wound, gently clean and dry the injured area


9. In case of shock?

In case of shock

A life threatening condition, that occurs if the person is not getting adequate blood circulation. Decreased oxygen supply or severe burns can be the two common causes. Its alarming signs are pale or grey colored face, fast breathing, yawning. If such signs are happening firstly, loose any tight clothing, lay the patient down and not to give anything to eat. Monitor the condition of the patient and call the ambulance. Not to leave the person alone till the arrival of emergency treatment.


8. In case of fits?

what can i do In case of fits

Fits are commonly called as seizures that cause involuntary movements in body followed by unconsciousness. Initial signs involve rigid body, rolling of eyes and staring expressions on the sufferer’s face. Firstly give a call to ambulance immediately and then protect the person from harming himself. Not to give them any stuff to eat or drink, not let them alone and wait till the ambulance arrives.


7. In case of an electric shock?

what can i do In case of an electric shock

Electric shock is the most severe accident that one can experience. It may be caused by touching any electrical equipment with wet hands or impaired wiring may also be a reason. There should be some precautions before using electricity equipments. It is a form of severe shock and if such accident occurs then immediately call the ambulance. Check the person that he should not be in contact with current source if he is so then don’t touch him, turn off the main switch immediately. Take the person away from source by some non conductive material. If the person asks water never ever give him as due to ionization he may face shock again.


6. In case of stopped breathing?

10 Most Important Life Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

The immediate response to such situation is to perform CPR that is Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. Check the person, if he is unconscious then call the ambulance before such procedure. Now take your one hand on the center of chest and the other one of the top. Then compress the chess with at least two chest compressions within a second. Then tilt the patients head back by putting your hand on his forehead, pinch his nose and blow in the mouth of person. Special care is needed while performing CPR of children under the age of one year. Use only two fingers instead of full hand.


5. In case of stroke?

what can i do In case of stroke

Stroke is an acute neurological disorder, in which there is rapid loss in brain function due to disrupted blood supply to it. It is also known as cerebrovascular accident but how to identify if some one is suffering from it? There are some FAST alarming signs like severe headache, loss of consciousness, difficulty in swallowing, sudden reduced, blurred or double vision in eyes. In such situation lay the person down with head and shoulder slightly elevated, keep the chin slightly extended. Immediately call an ambulance and do CPR if the person is not breathing appropriately and don’t allow him to move. These steps can be done before the arrival of medical treatment.


4. In case of heart attack ?

What to Do in Case of a Heart Attack

Heart is the pumping organ of the body and its illness can be lethal so what should to do if some one is suffering from heart attack. Quick treatment should be given as there are just few minutes, before it is too late. The first thing is to check the person if he has persistent pain in the chest that is spreading to his or her arms, neck, jaw, stomach or back. If this is true immediately call the ambulance and try to make person comfortably sit or lean against a wall. Ask for any medicine allergy specifically aspirin if not? Then give him 325mg aspirin to chew slowly. Never leave the person alone in such conditions until the ambulance is arrived.


3. In case of baby having choking throat?

what can i do In case of baby having choking throat

One of the very dangerous conditions is when a baby has choking throat and is unable to swallow. Babies can not speak so they are not able to tell their problems. So take an eye on the child never leave him alone. It is common at the age below one year as the baby is just experiencing how to chew and swallow. So any thing can go in wrong way and cause obstruction. If this happens with child then lay his head down and try to give some blows on back, check if something coming from mouth. Try your best to clear the blockage as the child is unable to breathe properly. If back blows are not effective then place two fingers in the middle of the chest of baby and press inward and outward. Continuously check if something coming from mouth till the ambulance approaches.


2. In case of asthma attack?

10 Most Important Life Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of airways, its symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. It is due to some environmental factors or heredity. Signs like difficulty in breathing, grey or blue coloring of lips or hand then the person is suffering from an asthmatic attack. Coughing can also be present and the best way to deal with such critical condition is make the person comfortably sit and let him to take puffs of his inhaler. If inhaler is not helping in resolving the symptoms till five minutes then immediately call the ambulance for help.


1. In case of severe bleeding?

what can i do In case of severe bleeding
Photo From: Center for Wilderness Safety

On of the most important life saving tip is how to stop bleeding? Continuous and severe bleeding may lead to infection and massive blood loss may lead to shock. So, immediate response should be given in such cases.

Wash your hand quickly in order to avoid any infection then inspect the wound, if something embedded in it remove it. They apply compression bandage on the wound or apply pressure with the help of clean cloth for almost fifteen minutes. Then bind the wound tightly but if still the bleeding is not stopped then call an ambulance and continuously keep applying the pressure on the wound.

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