10 Most Innovative & Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween 2020 is creeping up on us. You all must know it’s a holy event which now has almost become a traditional event celebrated on 31st October midnight in few countries as Ireland, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom. Some of famous Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, costume parties, bonfires, carvings pumpkins and watching horror movies. One of them is most interesting and favorite for all, THE COSTUME PARTIES. It is always difficult to come up with the innovative ideas for your Halloween costume. Remember one thing guys; Halloween doesn’t at all mean that you need to look scary and terrifying! You can think of your favorite movies, books, singers and bands, historical figures, TV celebrities, comic book characters, actor or actresses or anything you admire. Here we are helping you to choose unique, funniest, sexiest and coolest Halloween costume for 2020. Are you ready for 10 Most Innovative & Best Halloween Costume Ideas ? Here below they are.


10. T-Rex Dragon

T-Rex Dragon halloween costume

T-Rex dragon is based on the real life dinosaur. As we told above Halloween is not just about ghosts. You can have a T-Rex dragon costume if u really wants to look different. Make your costume green in color. If you would add proper details like small hands, big mouth, wings, sharp teeth, long tail in your costume it would be somewhat costly but would look real and happening. It is worth mentioning here that it is not just for a specific age group. Children, men even women can choose it for coming up Halloween.


9. Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper halloween costume 2020

The imperial storm troopers are fictional soldiers from Star Wars universe. They are the Empire Legions. This costume is very unique. Army men/women (not necessarily) can have this costume as it may be according to their taste. Little brave boys would definitely love to have this. Most important white and black always have an impression.


8. Don’t Walk Signal

Don't Walk Signal Halloween costume ideas 2020

Surprised to see don’t walk signal in the costumes list? Don’t be. It’s really a wonderful costume. The good thing about this costume is that two persons who want to stay together can have this costume (not necessarily couples). One would be a LED Walking person and other would be a Red LED hand. Isn’t it really happening?? Try this one and look unique.


7. Creepy Winged Raven

Creepy Winged Raven Halloween costume 2020

Ravens….. Birds of both life and death. Yes it’s true! You can be a Creepy winged raven on this Halloween. They are the most intelligent birds from the crow’s family. One benefit of creepy winged raven costume is that if you want to look uncommon and scary it would serve the purpose perfectly.


6. Chewbacca

Chewbacca Halloween costume

Chewbacca is a fictional character also known as chewie. Chewbacca is a Russian word meaning dog. Chewbacca is known for his strength and loyalty. He is unable to speak and has scary appearance. It has unique features and men women children all can have this costume. Try to make your costume fury and real. So are you going to be Chewbacca this Halloween???


5. Deluxe Flying Monkey

Deluxe Flying Monkey Halloween costume ideas

Love monkeys??? Here is a best Halloween costume for you then. Flying monkey costume is one the best Halloween costume for years. It comes in a complete package with fur monkey arms, tail, black wings, red vest, red hat, deluxe monkey mask and fur monkey feet. You would really be proud to be a monkey this Halloween.


4. Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay Costumes for 2020 Halloween

Cosplay costume is best for those who have skill to makeup. These costumes absolutely cover a wide range of animation and are famous for centuries. It is never possible to have a Halloween without any of such amazing amine. You could be a 300 Sparta, Assassin creed, Atlantic a Online, Batman The Dark Knight, Bayonetta, Bioshock-Big Daddy, Bleach and the never ending list goes on. You will look fabulous, vibrant and the best.


3. Zombie Soul Eater Doctor

Zombie Soul Eater Doctor costume

The person will adopt the bluish skin tone, eyes would lose pupils, veins would bleed red and nose will become flat and piggish. Mouth will widen, revealing the teeth. Hair will remain the same after adopting such makeover. Make your dress as fury as possible. And it should appear as you are dirty. You would look horribly unique especially with lil bit look like a doctor..


2. Headless Butler

Headless Butler , innovative Halloween costumes 2020

Headless butler is one of the most amazing and scary costume for Halloween. Your face is totally covered. And you would have a tray in your hand with a cut off head. Headless butler jacket, pants, vinyl head piece, inflatable shoulder components are its part. It is one of the creative ideas for you this Halloween. Try something new and different.


1. Pumpkin Costumes

Pumpkin Costumes for 2020 Halloween

Old but always admired. It is a traditional Halloween costume which can never lose its importance. It is a comical and striking idea and it stands among ghosts and ghouls in bright shade of orange like the most famous Halloween’s vegetable. The tradition of lightening and carving terrifying faces on pumpkin is to frighten off the evil spirits thought to roam on streets this night. There are hundreds of attractive and new styles in these costumes now a day. Halloween without pumpkin is not Halloween.

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