10 Most Popular Chocolate Brands In The World 2020

Chocolates are always delicious and mouth watering. There is hardly any individual in the world who does not like chocolates. Chocolates are the symbol of love, friendship and happiness as they are widely used as gifts at various special occasions. No one can deny the importance of chocolates in our lives, they are sweet and delicious and with each bite they nourish our souls with sweetness and we enjoy their flavors fully. Everyone is interested to look for some delicious and fine quality chocolates in the market, but it seems quite difficult for them to choose the best one as wide varieties are available in the market. Every brand tries to compete with others in terms of quality and taste, so here we provide you a list of 10 Most Popular Chocolate Brands In The World 2020, these brands are good not only in terms of taste but also in terms of quality


10. Artisan du Chocolat

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 -

This brand has a French name but it is purely a British company located in London and is specialized in crafting luxurious and delectable chocolates through exceptional and innovative craftsmanship. It was founded in 1999 and currently it sells a huge variety of famous liquid salted caramels, filled chocolates, soft centered chocolates, bars and other confectionery items. Its chocolates are awesome in taste and texture and more than ten thousand chocolate bars are crafted in production unit on daily basis that is a tremendous amount indeed.


9. Amano

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Amano

Amano is a prestigious chocolate brand, located high in Wasatch Mountain range of Utah in the heart of the Rockies. According to this brand chocolate is their love and passion and they are highly dedicated to craft some of the world’s most delicious chocolates. The flavors of these chocolates are delectable, rich and complex and you can enjoy a variety of flavors among different chocolates. Amano’s chocolates are widely recognized in the world for their finest quality, healthy ingredients and superior taste and no doubt their chocolates are best in taste. This brand strives each day to make its chocolates even better so that people can enjoy exquisite chocolates.


8. Belcolade

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Belcolade

It is a real Belgium based chocolate brand that knows how to turn each and every chocolate experience into its distinct and wide range of flavors. Belcolade is widely known not only for its quality and taste but also for its efficient services towards customers. If you are in search of couverture chocolates then it is the only brand that offers high quality chocolates in the form of squares, discs, blocks, bars etc. Crafting real Belgian chocolates is really an art, first class cocoa are finely blended with pure cocoa butter in order to achieve delectable Belgian flavors. This brand uses the high quality ingredients, along with highest standards of quality control and traditional methods in designing its chocolates.


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7. Amedei

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Amedei


Amedei is a famous artisan chocolate crafting company based in Italy and is deliberated as one of the world’s finest chocolate producers. The chocolates of this brand are widely recognized in the world due to their smooth texture, finest quality and full bodied flavor. Amedei is the winner of numerous awards for chocolates in all over the world. Its product named Amedei Porcelana, is known as the most expensive chocolate of the world. You can have an amazing experience by having a magical bite of its excellent chocolates.


6. Barlovento

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Barlovento

Chocolates It is an artisan chocolate manufacturing company located in Oakland, California. Their caramels, truffles, bars and other chocolates are crafted with fresh and fine, local ingredients and 100% Venezuelan single origin chocolate as Venezuela is widely known to have the highest quality cocoa. They blend chocolate with butter and fresh cream to make their delicious truffles. Their handmade truffles are crafted in small quantity to guarantee their customers that they receive the fresh ones. Barlovento emphasizes on using less artificial colors and flavors in crafting its chocolates in order to provide fresh and healthy products to its customers.


5. Askinosie

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Askinosie

It is a chocolate manufacturing company located in Springfield, Missouri. The small bean-to-bar chocolates of this brand are manufactured with hundred percent identifiable, cocoa beans of single origin. This company is specialized in producing dark chocolates bars but its other products include white chocolate, dark milk chocolate crafted from natural cocoa powder, chocolate hazelnut and roasted cocoa. Askinosie was established by Shawn Askinosie in 2005 and has its own coffee bars and production units across America. Its chocolate bars are best for eating, cooking, baking and sharing as they contain natural and healthy ingredients.


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4. Australian Homemade

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Australian Homemade

You can give yourself an unforgettable experience of new and different taste by eating chocolates of this renowned brand. It is a Dutch chocolate brand, based in Veenendaal, Netherlands. It produces not only chocolates but also ice creams that are crafted by using pure and natural ingredients. The goal of this brand is to find finest quality of cocoa beans and transform them into superior chocolate. This brand has more than fifty stores found in Germany, Spain Belgium, Netherlands and the United States. It is widely known for its chocolates, ice creams and variety of delicious pastries.


3. Baci

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Baci

Baci is the most renowned brand of Perugina, a famous Italian chocolate and confectionery company located in Perugia, Italy. This company is specialized in producing chocolates as well as sweets but it is most famous for its chocolates Baci Perugina. This chocolate was first created by Perugina founder Luisa Spagnoli in 1922 as she was inspired by the passion of love and therefore named bacio that means kiss in Italian. These chocolates are filled with hazelnut and are wrapped in love note, these love notes are written in different languages like English, French, Italian, Greek etc and are reflection of emotions of love,friendship and care. Even hundred years after the foundation of company, its chocolates are still very delecious and their recepie is unchanged. Their silky dark chocolate contains an appetizing blend of hazelnut cream and chocolate and is extremely delectable.


2. Galaxy

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Galaxy

Galaxy is a renowned brand of milk chocolate, it is sold in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, India and Pakistan. In 2020, it was deliberated as the 2nd best selling chocolate bar in the United Kingdom, after Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate. It is also sold as Dove in many countries in all over the world and covers a broad range of products which include chocolate bars in caramel, milk chocolate, fruit and nut, cookie crumble, truffle, bubbles etc. This brand is widely known for its delicious, mouth watering chocolates, rich in hot cocoa and wrinkled milk, along with sweet taste and fruit ingredients. One who eats it falls in love with it.


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1. Kit Kat

Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2020 - Kit Kat

The most popular chocolate brand in 2020 is Kit Kat. Kit Kat chocolates are composed of thin crunchy wafer fingers that are coated with creamy milk chocolate. This brand was started by a confectionery company in 1935. It is known as one of the leading confectionery brands and also one of the world’s favorite chocolate biscuit bars. The each bar of Kit Kat comprises of 3 layers of wafers that are coated in an outer sophisticated layer of yummy chocolate. It is also available in other flavors like honey, fruits and caramels, the flavors are designed to attract younger buyers. The fascinating thing about this chocolate is that you can divide it into equal parts while sharing with your friends and loved ones.

This is a delicious chocolate that is mouth watering and you cannot resist yourself to eat it. Many assortments of kit Kat have existed and they come in a number of presentations with different nutritional values. It is a popular brand that designs variety of boxes with flavors, wrappers, hot chocolates, dark chocolates, milky chocolates and others. This brand is a favorite chocolate treat that delights its consumers all over the world. It’s delicious chocolate taste, lean wafer texture, novelty and variety of formats make it a perfect snack to be enjoyed and shared.

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