10 Most Popular Herbal Supplements For Men

People of today are finally acknowledging the fact that the humans of old times were better off using the herbal supplements rather than the chemicals and artificial substances. Health is a main issue for everyone and for men along with their health and hair it’s very important that their sexual activity remains active as well .With pharmaceutical companies introducing new medicines everyday still men are going for herbal supplements is because of their massive benefits in their health. Here are 10 Most popular herbal supplements for men.


10. Tribulus Fruit

Popular Herbal Supplements For Men -

The Tribulus Fruit if taken with proper diet and exercise is known to increase sperm count. Tribulus Fruit contains protodioscin which helps in the infertility of men and improves DHEA level as it has shown after studies that men suffering from erectile dysfunction have low levels of DHEA and protodioscin plays a vital role in enhancing them.




9. Advecia


Baldness is one of the major issues of men and has always been. But with the usage of all the hair gel and mousse used by men nowadays the process of hair fall has increased as compared to olden days. There is hair transplant and medicine available but after experiencing all of these expensive procedures people have come to the conclusion that herbal supplements are much safer and affordable as well. Advecia has been proved to be the best treatment for all type of baldness including the male pattern baldness. Its natural and herbal ingredient makes it the most popular herbal supplements as you won’t find these components in any other supplement. It is made from a combination of Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract and Saw Palmetto Berries and has to be used externally only.


8. Saffron


This expensive little herb has a lot to give if you are aware of its benefits. This has to be taken in small amounts so can’t be taken as an additional dose. In a research held in the University of Guleph regarding research of food it came forward that Saffron contains anti-oxidant features which are excellent for your health. One of the popular advantages of Saffron is that it can be used to increase your sexual drive. With modern science at its pace, there are thousands of medicines available in the market for sex drive but all comes with its side effects so herbal supplements are mostly used by men to avoid the


7. Berberine


For men looking for a herbal supplement for their diabetes Berberine has been proved to quite effective, as it regulates the sugar level in your blood. According to recent study, intake of 500 mg of Berberine twice a day functions as effectively as metformin in controlling your sugar level. It comes with some instructions and side effects which include low blood pressure thus, this herbal supplement is not suitable for people with low BP.


6. Melatonin


For men suffering from insomnia and are wise enough to not take sleeping pills in large doses Melatonin is the perfect herbal medicine for them. Along with giving you a sound sleep its advantage is that it comes with no side effects and is safe to use. It is named as melatonin as this hormone is already presents in our brain which helps us to sleep. It doesn’t have any harmful effects and is also known to improve your mood swings.


5. Korean Red Panax Ginseng

Korean Red Panax Ginseng

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction and less sexual desire, this herb has proved to cure them massively and above all with no major side effects. With its improvements it is not suitable for everyone for example for men suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and for those who have recently undergone a surgery, other than that this herb is safe to use. Studies have shown that Ginseng when tested on animals showed great results in curing erectile dysfunction but didn’t give much better results in humans but arouse of sexual desire was shown to give better results.


4. Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Another natural herb that every man should have in his diet is the Fish Oil. It is not important that you take it for a special purpose, it helps lessens the chances of getting cancer and prostate cancer as well. It is mainly used by men with heart diseases as Fish oil contains


3. Astringent Herbs or Tannins

Astringent Herbs or Tannins

Believe it or not men have the same skin issues as women and they are more worried than us. As women have so many make up products to hide their blemishes and pimples whereas men have nothing in particular. Tannins are known to be best for the treatment of acne due to its natural astringent characteristics. They are mostly known to tighten the skin, dry or lessen burning on face. Tannins are found in grape wine, tea, roses and oak bark. Perfect for a man’s skin this herb has gained its popularity over the years because of its advantages.


2. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort

For depression people mostly uses therapy sessions or meditation but there are herbal treatments as well. St. John’s Wort has been in the herbal community for years but its exact usage was unknown which is the treatment of depression. St. John’s Wort should only be taken after proper prescription of a doctor as if taken with other medicines it can have grave side effects.


1. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is known to be a cure for many diseases like cancer, anxiety, infections and some communal flu and migraines. The plant of Rhodiola Rosea is found growing in the regions of North America, Central Asia and Europe.

Rhodiola Rosea has been used as Chinese herbal medicines for years and the only treatment it has shown after experimentation is lessen the exhaustion. It has been proved that the usage of this natural herb after prescription is very good is reducing your tiredness along with stress and dejection. It is perfect for men who work extra hours in office or have a busy routine.



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