10 Most Weird Suicide Locations In The World

Life is a battle and every one has to fight its own battle. If we love the life given to us by God, then we will happily fight with any hurdle to survive. No doubt, life is not easy but to face every problem with courage is the true spirit and the one who commits suicide is a coward. Many people commit suicide due to different issues, it is a very hard decision but still people do it, some have financial issues, some have educational, others have marital or failing in love issues. But keep in mind these issues will be resolved but once the life is lost it can be regained. There are different suicide locations but in this list we give you information about the 10 most weird suicide locations in the world, where weird and coward people end their sorrowful lives.


10. Overtoun Bridge, Scotland

10 Most Weird Suicide Locations -

It is a small bridge in Milton, Scotland where canines come to end their life. From the previous fifty years, almost fifty dogs have ended their life by jumping from the exact point on this 100 years old bridge. All the deaths happened on clear and sunny days. Some things are beyond explanation and the same is true for this mysterious suicide spot.


9. Tuira Bridge, Oulu, Finland

10 Most Weird Suicide Locations - Tuira Bridge, Oulu, Finland

Tuira Bridge is a creepy suicide location that is situated in Oulu, Finland. It is a large bridge that is dangerously constructed and is a favorite spot for the individuals to commit suicide. As according to resources, until now more than 1200 individuals have lost their lives at this bridge.


8. The Angel Of  The Gap, Australia

10 Most Weird Suicide Locations - The angel of the Gap, Australia

The Gap is an ocean cliff in eastern Sydney, Australia and is a famous tourist destination, but it has gained fame due to suicides. This place is notorious for being a site where many individuals terminate their own lives. This suicide site was selected by Don Ritchie in 2000 for committing suicide. Don Ritchie called ‘the Angel of the Gap’ before his death in 2012, saved the lives of more than 160 people on this spot who tried to jump from it. However, many people have taken their lives at this weird suicide location.


7. The Subway System, London

10 Most Weird Suicide Locations - The subway system, London

London Underground or The Tube is no doubt the world’s most famous public transit system and has been a creepy suicide location since it opened in the 19th century. It is the place where the dead bodies are kept in small and large cupboards. It is also one of the world’s most probable places to witness a suicide. At this place the first suicide was committed by a mad man. 64%.of suicide attempts at the subway system are often made by the young men. In past the rate of suicide at this spot was low but now it has increased a lot as approximately 2000 people commit suicide here annually.


6. The Peaceful Forest, Japan

10 Most Weird Suicide Locations - he peaceful forest, Japan

The name of this forest is peaceful, but it is the largest suicide site in Japan. This forest named Aokigahara is a thirty square kilometer tract of woodland at the base of Mount Fuji. This spot has attained the nickname of “suicide forest” as numerous people attempted to kill themselves and many people discovered in various states of consciousness by police. The number of suicidal attempts has risen due to contraction of the Japan economy in more than thirty years. It is a lonely and deadly place to die, here the vegetation is so dense and it is very easy to vanish among the evergreens and never be seen again.


5. Eiffel Tower, France

10 Most Weird Suicide Locations - Eiffel tower, France

Eiffel Tower is an icon French ingenuity but it is also a famous suicide location. The French Government does not want to draw attention of the people to the Eiffel Tower as a suicide location therefore it is hard to find the exact numbers of suicides, but it is a reality that there are a lot of cases. It is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks but jumping from the Iron Lady is known as the third most famous means of suicide in France after poison and hanging. Instead of all the security measures that are taken to prevent individuals from committing suicide, they find a way to their will.


4. Golden Gate Bridge, America

10 Most Weird Suicide Locations -  Golden Gate Bridge, America

Golden Gate Bridge is a great tourist destination, it is the world’s most photographed bridge but is also the largest suicide location in America. It offers pedestrians a majestic view but it is probably an attractive suicide spot. Golden Gate Bridge is the world’s second most common suicide site. This bridge was opened in 1937 and since its opening, there have been over 1600 confirmed suicides. The bridge is fairly well protected, a steel safety net that should restrict the rest of suicide by collapsing slightly if someone was to fall in, making it hard for an individual to exit without assistance is under construction, but this project is delayed due to lack of funds.


3. Niagara Falls, America

10 Most Weird Suicide Locations - Niagara Falls, America

Niagara Falls is a beautiful and attractive tourist destination that offers numerous breathtaking views but this attractive place is a creepy suicide location where many individuals have lost their lives and are not discovered so far. This suicide place is also called as a suicide hub and it is considered that there is a suicide season that happens in late May after Memorial Day weekend.

Approximately twenty to twenty five decide to commit suicide at the Falls each year, making it the second most largest suicide location In the United States of America after the Golden Gate. According to estimation, between 1856 and 1995 there have been 2,780 known cases of suicide but in reality the number is much higher as many dead bodies are not discovered.


2. Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, China

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, China

It is a double decked road rail truss bridge spanning 4,588 meters in Nanjing, China. This bridge is heavily constructed and is known as the world’s most common suicide site with more than 2000 suicides recorded on the bridge. On this four miles long, legendary bridge of China, people day after day come to end their lives. The numbers of suicides might be terribly much larger, but the bridge’s operator named as Mr. Chen has saved the lives of more than 174 individuals. He spends all his free time by inspecting the bridge and wherever he sees a jumper he tries to stop him. Sometimes he wins in achieving his goal and sometimes fails and become the witness of such horrible death.


1. Mount Mihara, Japan

Mount Mihara, Japan -  Most Weird Suicide Location in teh world

Mount Mihara is an active volcano that is located on the Japanese island of Izu Oshima. It is the world’s most depressing volcano but this spot is the most romantic and weird suicide location in the world. This site became the suicide site in 1933, when a twenty one year old girl, Kiyoko Matsumoto, ended her life by throwing herself in the volcanic cavity of Mount Mihara. After her death this place became a new suicide spot.

In 1933, at least 944 individuals jumped into the crater and in the following year there 350 suicides and people would often come to this spot just to watch people committing suicide. Then the Mount Mihara suicide epidemic finished through increased security to prevent and prohibit suicides.

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